Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today I went to one securities firm and started bullshit at there. Haha. Because the firm bought a 40 inches LCD and fixed at trading hall. I do like a new things and commented should install another 2 units more at there. One for local market top 20 volume stocks and another one for world market indices.

I have make some imagination if one day there can full occupant by people and I am sitting in front of monitor screen and scream UP! UP! UP!. Behind people also follow my tune and excited on every share we had bought. Remember there was happen in year 2003. That time really crazy and excited. One of my friend just told me. He could not believe every day he wake up. He had earned about 300k per day. So, would it be repeat again in the future?

Today, penny stocks continues shut up with ignoring the deficit of index. But I have play Gpacket_WA and had earn little bit. So, I assume tomorrow I am intend to play REDTONE and GHLSYS to try my luck. Are you agree??????

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Who is winner? Today equity market climbed up difficult. But penny stocks enjoying some minor profit on that. The stabilize of the index give penny stocks a good chance to move. So that player ignore good stocks and earned some fast money.

Currency rate still registered weaken against USD but it has totally ignore by speculating. This is misleading and if it is continues about month then it will happen again big adjustment in the coming days. Hopefully there is not happen.

Blue chip should be able perform some rally and better in this coming days. Otherwise, it would not unable market steady and break new high record. Penny stocks has been monopoly in those days, Should taken some rest and reflect more on fundamental value. So, penny stocks next move will be better and stable.

As a speculator, I do like penny stocks move it faster and strong. But i couldn't ignore the facts and major direction of economic derived from blue chips. If blue chips continues hang it at this level. Speculating become harmful and meaningless. Finally I will facing big losses.

Monday, December 28, 2009

US Break 10500

US DJ break 10500 points on last Friday. It had help Asia Pacific change the direction, from adjustment turn to up trend again in this morning. There was not surprise Malaysia also follow such trend. Success stand above 1272 points.

Most of penny stocks come back at lower and give some profit to short term player. I am busy on packaging my stuff at office. This week is my last week in the company. So, do not aware anything was happen in this morning.

I am prefer buying GENS-CI to GENS - C3. Not only there are cheap and also is time for them enjoying the opening ceremony of new casino at Singapore. My funds all have been locked by some penny stocks and could not realise it to buy the above stocks. I do have some motiviation and agree that I am induce by them at this trading price.

Hopefully tomorrow market still positive and allow me sell my in hand stupid stocks. Otherwise I could not enjoy this rally again. There is " No money no talk".

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Warning

Yesterday last hours of trading, Asian market have some bad news. That was happen at Indonesia. The rate of currency sudden bang down sharply and make some panic selling on equity. After that Central bank of Indonesia step in and support. So that the adjustment did not continue at this morning.

By this outstanding movement. Normally was tested by some group. They used it as guidance to aim for future plans. It will happen again and similarly Central bank will support. So that they know central bank support level and next round will double of bomb to hit down.

They have a enough funds in hand because they have easy money support by USA and Euro low interest policy. Especially Federal reserve been printed more more note in the market to easy pressure of financial crisis.

I am predict most probably the next economic bomb crisis start from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. So, the hawk will start testing whole regional countries and check the support level of individual central bank. When they find it, the bomb will double on short period of time. It makes no one central bank chance the policy to protect that.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Week for Rest

Certain people have certain plan on his holiday. Equity market 's fund manager always choose holiday on last week of the year. So, before that period comes. They have plan it in advance.

"Interesting" and "Funny" is Malaysian people still trust on windows dressing on last day. Actually professional trader can choose any day for book closure. If they can make money on certain day. Actually they had meet the target requirement and choose it as profit taking day.

On holdings stocks in hand. They also do not mind on little adjustment because it will help them gain more when they used it as comparison.

So, carefull think about it before any action on it because of these stupid window dressing.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not Easy Quit

If you are under employed, definite you are easy to quit it. But if you likes certain game, you may not so easy quit from that. Life is bore, 99% people searching some meaning of their life. Of course, everybody aware he/she will die. So they are still enjoy the human life and ignore the bad issue.

They are chasing somethings meaningless in their life. So, to create it as history for the coming generation have easy life. They do not like their present life. They trying change it.

In the mind equity market do not solely give me some pocket money. It also teach me some theory and meaning of life. It is comprising a lot of meaning and guide me some lesson how to handle it. That is cost if i am lose. That is profit if i am gain. Dual way also benefit me. Currently market faced some adjustment. Similar you are some time you are live in the low tide. But time is going on, one day the good things will come to you again.

Just patient and take care of you health. It will help you enjoy the funs.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I did some mistake

Last week, I was bought in DSCoil and Harvest -WA. I had did a very serious mistake. I have elaborated that to some of my friends. Unfortunely they were not cut lose at early stage. So finally they have been lose heavily.

Something I have confident but final result was disappointed. Is it my mistake? Overall performance on equity market at Asia regional was done at negative. There were further brought it into Malaysia.

What I am doing now? I should sell Asia currency and buy USD to earn some money. Seems like USD may closed higher in the coming days. Am I correct at this time? In the equity investment was trained me be brave and understanding meaning of life. There is hardly read from book. Sometime althought the theory was there, But hardly to understand it. What is the things I suppose to guidance my friends? I do not know yet. Just waits.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

One step mistake

Sometime in ours life, we have did a lot of mistake. Just because of one step or maybe a thought. Investments bring a lot of guidance to you. So that your are learn more before your further move or a single step.

Last week I was bought in few counters but most of them given me a nightmate. So that the money for settlement is big and make me in trouble now. I was bought in DSCoil and Harvest-WA. The adjustment is little but I am bought in by big volume. So, lose a lot of money.

Another 2 weeks times, I am a free man because of retrenchment. Working in my life is bore. I will be rest for while and do nothing. Just a dream maybe a rich man employed me be a adviser to him and pay me some percentage of the profit. So that can settle my daily expenses and fulfil my basic lifestyle requirement.

Dream can make me lazy and Is it my another step of mistake. I do not know. Hopefully is not.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Currency drop

Recently, Malaysia note traded at low against USD. With the more funds out from Malaysia by sell force of foreigner. Equity market have to face some adjustment. The new IPO did not help buying interest and further assist cashflow in the market lose faster.

In order to maintained such level, everyone busy at media promote KLCE market. But the more effort bring more negative effects. Last 2 days, at shares firm I did recommended the new IPO. But the price rally stopped at 80cents. My own opinion told me, this share been cornered by a group. So that the new issue shares are limited.
The specific group use the small liquidation shares in the open market and tried hard push this shares gain about 50 to 60 cents per share. Is there any good rally on today. Yet to know. If there is a case, please chase it after it has break the level of 91.5 cents. DSCSOL (0152)
Currency note has been drop 3 days, please careful on strength of USD before put in more funds into equity market

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A day without index

Yesterday we had a day without index. If you have holding a lot of future index contract. You may afraid and worry. Speculating has this problem because too many uncertainty.

Yesterday I was pick harvest_WA to play. But the result of it was disappointed. I am foresee AWC and Gpacket today have little small adjustment on it. Please ignore this stocks.

Jerneh -WA moves similar with previous 3A trend. Seems like non stop rally. As usual Malaysia market lose its direction again. KLCI follow other market to trade.

I am careful on USD and Japanese Yen trading trend. If anything unusual move, that is a signal of adjustment. Resources war carry on in world. So that Oil and Gold and others commodities always have some surprise and make the stocks move wildly. Either up or down heavily.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hard to be

Hard to be a good man. Hard to be a good investor. Sometime you are planning to buy cheaper than people. So, you hope some lose and sell to it or maybe during heavy adjustment time you go in and buy. That is a time definite someone feel sad and sell to you.

The 2 difference things not in level. So, if you wants to be good man, you maybe feel to be a good investors. Is it the above theory correct?

No, as a speculators never hope people sell cheap to me. Because I am buying during the up rally . So that I am always be a good man. Buy high and sell high.

I have never wait those stocks face heavy adjustment time jump in and buy. I am waiting when the rally going to start only start buying. Tomorrow I have choose buying in Harvest _WA. Do you want to follow me jump in together????

Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 Million

In Malaysia, statistic showed 2 Million people have been migrated to oversea. If they stay at here, hawker at daily can do extra 2 million people business. If they use mobile phone at RM1 per day, that company would registered extra 2 million dollar turnover per day. The effect is big and long term basic.

Now, Jerneh was changed hand. I think soon Mr KOK may announced his have been migrated too.So, the number one riches man title in Malaysia should changed hand. Maybe he had done it but Government Malaysia refuse to declared that. Otherwise the equity market will face bad effect.

There is a step, First was PPB, second was Sugar business, Third was Insurance. Forth is ?????????. Maybe shang or Maybulk???? Who knows? These is a bad signal and red alert to malaysia equity market. No one interested to own company registered at here. Number two was dislisting his business before. Now transfer out good prospect at India and Indonesia business and listed again. Is it cheating us again?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 days Rally ( Over)????

After Dubai Financial problems been absorbed by market. There were a small rally again for KLCI as well as those penny stocks with good for day trading. I am here need to watched out again because that is technical playing and wont last long. So, if you were took profit on that. Please take a rest.

Dubai Financing problems will create some trap: -
a) USD agianst with Japan Yen shut up soon.
b) Petrol and gold price must have adjustment because speculator need to repay USD to cover the leverage.
c) Some deal in international lapse
d) No more incentive from government can help financial market.
e) More debts will created to cover the existing outstanding loans.

The above scenario anytime can happen and World Factory like India, China and Brazil economic will face bad impact. Finally they had to close some factories to slow down the supply.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Closed For KLCI

Must be Crazy, Market was closed at negative. I am here said that "Good Closed". The impact was there but finally stood at 1250, when compared with others this is the best scenario. My friend 3 days ago bought in REDTONE at 28 cents, but today he had managed sold at 32 cents. There is better than nothing.

Index dropped due to international market brought uncertain. But USD still weak help DUBAI has a good chance pay little to settle the outstanding loan. So, today we should focus on currency rate. IF USD against Japan stronger. It will brings more fear. So that this morning my post at here was mentioned the currency and told your are not so worries on such adjustment.

Everything is risk if your are not knowledge on that. Every game should have its own game rule and regulation. So, more knowledge do not bring you in hazard and bring you riches. But help you reduce yours game risk.

Worst? No !!!!!

KLCI followed last Friday trend. So, there was a little adjustment on it. The important timing is on 3.30pm to 4.30pm. If it continue made heavy adjustment worst than morning session. It can be serious and will break 1,200 points.

I am not so worry about equity market. The worst scenario is USD shut up and Japan Yen collapse. If there is happen in the coming days. The rally of stock seem like ended.

Investors should not worry about that. Because the adjustment just reflect some one did not fulfilled the due debt. The worst economic situation yet to arrive. I am predict the EASTEN Countries will giving another bad impact. That is the time you should sell everything and quit immediately.

As I was mentioned here, Earn money should realise it, use it and enjoy it. If you never spend it, please do not dream it the wealth can bring you happiness.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

No Head Fly

A Fly with no head flying into equity market made a dumpling reaction. Investors did not care the price and through it out and sell. Dubai World default on repayment due debt in the coming day had made panic and surprise.

Equity market waits this bomb to burst been long time. So, it easily broke it and burn it down. Especially those has believed economic been recover and turn Fixed Deposit into equity market to earn better and fast return. It was give a warning to those dream in the air. Now , they like a Fly without head flying into air. Every where they run and packing and bang it. They used abnormal run and escape this price adjustment Tsunami.

Seem like you plant a tree behind your house. Now, some one steal at yesterday night with the matured fruit. How sad is it? Sad SAD SAAAAD.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Take a break and enjoy my life. I am going to retrench by company. Its seem like a bad news. On the other hand, it could be a good news. Because after my school time, I had never enjoy my life. Family need support and so I was always be working until today.

Investment or speculating is a long journey game. So, I must know how to take a rest and continues again in the coming days. In my experience if you can stay away for while. Everything become easy and understand.

Yesterday I was in one shop with some investors. Some one said please do not buy anymore. Another one said, we should tried. Which one is correct?

That should have any good answer on above question. Because in the down turn market, if you can select a good one. You should able earn some money. So that some one said this is luck.

So, you and me maybe is one of them. But listening a good advice to avoid the heavy adjustment may help you know more about the facts. So, relax help you calm down and think yours next step how to move. Your personal alert better than advice because your are the unique one in the world.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Affin-WC give me good profit on today rally. It was successful broke the 35cents and stood above the level. Tomorrow is another rally for this stock. On my own principle I had sold out at today and took the profit.

Market run at such way made a lot of people confused. Some stocks down heavily and broke most of its supported level. Investors could not believed it and tried hard on averaging. But the result is disappointed.

Market searching the good news support. But most of the countries central bank give a strong warning on properties bumble. Usually such warns does not affect the actually situation but just created another hidden hazzel behind.

If you are a small player. Of course affect your plans to make more money. But usually i am prefer get out from that. Not playing won't lose.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Most of the government preparing and adopting some new policy to prevent US dollar goin inside their countries. It is a difficult task. Because as a developing country, encourage Foreign Direct Investment come in to help development is not easy.

The hot money aim for fast return. They do not care how much you are suffering after they are withdraw after the rally. So, equity investment now as a casino. Hit and run. Speculator like me , do welcome such money. Because I can follow the boat and earn some little money for my life.

That may cause people blame me. Long term investors claimed I am gritty, but they may have forgotten. They also used others people hand to help them earn some profit. The difference between me and them is, they have need more time than me.

Time and Gpacket can not give us anymore money on coming days. So that we should choose GHLSYS or Affic_WC to enjoy this game. Please do not think smart and convert your money to others type of currency because you are spend money using RM. It does not affect your future life although the USD collapse.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nothing more

Equity market hard to predict now. So I am hard to select a good return stocks to buy in. I am afraid, so that I am be stayed away for while.

These two days DJ registered negative and seems like has a small little adjustment. It can try hit down and challenge again 10,000 points. Who has make some money should be able have a good holiday with his family.

Gpacket hit down heavily and Time not more support in KLSE market. Gold continues give good profit to holder. These all because of weaken of USDollar.

Hope there is nothing more bad news to hit down market badly. But USD down trend should have its limit. So, the "U" is coming soon.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 Million dollar

A guy told me he need 2 million dollar. So that he can do a lot of plans. Baiscally that is needed by most of ordinary people. Some people used small capital and invest into equity. Hoping in one day he have own such big sum.
Actually a lot of people do not know what is the meaning of money. Like when you was born, god has been give you a pair of hand, pair of eye and others organ. If some one misused it be bad. Finally he wouldl suffer in his entire life.
So, money seems your hand. If you are not really know how to manipulate it. You may in trouble.
Today morning maxis was listed at KLSE and give some gain to minority interest. If you are believe money should spend it rather than keep it. Please sell it now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Market Search new direction

KLSE Market index was hit new high on today morning. After that due to few reasons affected, so that closed at low. It has shown negative in the next day. Whoever playing contra will facing some lose. External market also gave negative although DJ index was hit higher on yesterday. The big funds manager playing a game to bet USD up in the coming day. So that they transfer back some funds and buy own country shares.

That is a bad scenario for others equity market. Investors ind doubt why DJ was hit higher but our stocks keep on adjusting to lower. Why Why Why

Please do not panic so soon. Because they may not right at this round. If this is a third or forth round of the betting. It will cause more worries. Now, everything just test on. It may not come true.

Sell penny stocks immediately in the next morning, Wait the bad news absorbed until next signal of rally appears.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New High at Future Index

Overall performance in KLSE now become sensitive. A deal yet to confirm, media wrote an article and made some assumption. It can easily hit higher price. BEA in Hong Kong last week had fluctuation of the trading price and some transaction unusual. It was allow media wrote such wrong article to push the price up. Actually now one been commented on such deal. Just rumors.

Malaysia market used such news created another story and so that Affin become a super star in KLSE equity market. It was help future index hit high and closed at high. Hopefully no bad news at DJ. Otherwise all people will burn badly.

In order be a influence people in this world, you must know how to create story. Please media and reporter beautify your activities. Otherwise they can manipulate some false news become true. So that some good writer can manipulate some news and sell it to earn big money.

So, how many analyst report can trust? How many can tell yours a true?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hard to be a human. An ordinary people in the world needs some excited in our life and also need some expectation to continues our journey. If you do not have any interested game to relax yours mind, it hard to be human.

Some people choose equity market as playing ground. Some people choose a sport game to enjoy and relax. But ultimate target is win. GHLSYS in KLSE still trying hard to meet its target of 70 cents. But others penny stocks faced heavy force selling. So, it has stop GHLsys climb another higher level. But it was broke 56.5 cents and touched 575 cents high. It was a good signal because had broke the strong resistance.

Hard for me earn some money and lose a lot of money playing the 4D game. Now, must save some money for retrenchment. But seems like hard to achieve.

Friday, November 13, 2009

No news is Good news

After few days adjustment on penny stocks in KLSE equity market. Today we can see some technical rebound. Is there any signal to continue the said rally. My opinion is there is not confirm yet.
Some time you are feel uncomfortable because of approaching you money. Is there more money br happy? or No money is happy? Actually the answer is, not money cause you unhappy. There is you self thinking affected you step to go.
Like you bought a share and aim it for 30 cents gain but finally it was stopped at gain 15 cents only. So, what you are expected did not come true. Is there the shares cause you have such problem? No, definitely not. You have set wrong target on it. That is yours problem.
Lityan give 39 cents gain. Time give 3.5 cents at morning session. So, what is yours target? Use some experince from you past trading record better than obtain advice from you friends.
Last few days purposely not posted any article at here because "No news is good news."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Opened with high price and closed at low. That was XDL move in this morning. Actually tried my best to wrote this counter at morning, but faced problem on the internet. Consider cut it as our local advertisement. Cut it immediately.

Gpacket used the good strategy because the CEO was ex CEO of TM net. So, he well know the complaints about the services. Hard to recommend shares to buy in the next day. Because the coming due day on debt of FED should settle in these two months are big sum.

If FED do buy buy back the debts, means the financial of Bank strong in USA. So, the USD currency will shut up substantially. It will affected the funds manager sell off immediately and pay back the loan.

XDL worst on next day and affected MSport have big adjustment. Carefull

Monday, November 9, 2009


Tomorrow is my harvest day. Msport give me a lot of profit and enough for me spending and enjoy in a month. Of course, if can earn more than that. I will more happy. But speculating always attach with high risk. Run and sell off immediately is my plan.

Equity market and Commodities rally because of: -

1) Some funds used Aus note and Japan note as collateral borrow USD.
2) The USD registered weak and they use it into speculating at equity and commodities.
3) No signal of recovery.So, they plans hit and run.
4) No other choice after the financial crisis. They use the same tactic as previous.

If any one the currency note face a big adjustment. Equity and Commodities market will collapse within a day. So, carefull on this penny stocks rally.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Next Week

In our life there are a lot of next weeks. If wants to predict the future movement on certain day. It will brings you unhappy. As a player in the market, we should happy what we have earned. Not wasting time to identify the future. The prediction of future task is GOD's job, is not human duty.

A lot of analysis felt unhappy on penny stocks rally because they are emphasis to study valuable stocks. But small market like Malaysia, that is not easy to buy in because those stocks being control by certain group. Analyst did not happy because they can't earn anything from that.

The USD devalue and low interest policy by FED of USA give chance to some people borrow money from that and invest into commodities and equities. They further predict USD can drop further and so they can pay lower on their borrowings.

So, anytime USD up. It will brings panic and disaster again to them. So, carefully watching the trend on USD may help you reduce yours risk on investments. Next week, if index has adjustment heavy, it will affected the penny stocks move. So, just wait and patient before jump in buy anything on that.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday afternoon meet an old lady. Talk to her about shares investment. She was quitely listening what I am said to her. She is simple and nice. After while, I am hardly recommend bought in GHLsys at 475 cents. She was smile and kept silent.

Later on, I asked to leave because another meeting waiting for me. Suddenly, I found her took her handphone and called her driver to pick her. I am surprising and asked the security guard. They told She is a Datuk wife and is a big investor in equity market. Before she left, she silent told me I am right on price prediction on GHLsys. She hold a lot and target price is about 70 cents.

I am shameful and is a good lesson to me. Please do not simply show myself as good player in front of stranger. Maybe some one is better than me.

KLSE penny stocks controlling the momentum of trading now. So, although there is a minor adustment on index. It does not hit down the trend unless the volume regsitered lower than yesterday. If the lower volume continue about one week, that maybe over bought and going to has some adjustment on penny stocks.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My plans

If I am holding Time, Ramunia Wa and Gpacket Wa, I will sell it now. After that buy in Msport and YTLE for day trading or contra play. US and Asia Pacific market seem like found the support at last week after an adjustment. That is not confirm yet.
In order to indentify it. The currency rate and Australia interest rate movement have some indication. There were highlighted market going to create another bumber of economic. It is derive from quantity or quality of the product. Hard to has answer yet.
KLCI after a short rally on yesterday. Today consoliadted at this level because the good news all depends on Oversea market.
Short trading players have some dream, tomorrow is next penny stock counter start the rally. So, one day the holding stocks in hand may be a superstar. Balancing or diversify of the investment on penny stocks become important or playing a main role in current situation of KLCE equity market.
So, are you lucky enough????

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Some how felt a little disappointed on yesterday KLSE moves. It did not give a very good closed as well as did not sustain the price same as Monday. Princess was made a note at chatbox and also disappointed some reader at here. It was created more disappointed.

KLSE actually did not stable because of: -

a) Funds divert to purchase Maxis
b) Malaysia note against USD drop.
c) EPF continues sell off banking stocks

Some counter especially those penny stocks control by certain group of people and manipulated it. They used people imagination to monitor the price. I have been lose it when I bought in Notion. Of course that would not worst as my own imagination because I had made some gain from Time to cover the losses. Market still ruinning until finally seeking its direction. Soon we can see world market have a big adjustment and totally impact the current economic fundamental. Some one need government help again.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In the chat box, some people thought I am princessXinyun. Princess is my friend, if you wants to know her, please visit her blog at here.

However market penny stocks give a lot of surprise to everyone. Of course as an investor, the main topic should be blue chip. I think I am speculator, more interested on invest fast return stocks. I am still remember I am hardly recommend Time on 2 weeks ago. I bought it and sold at 2 weeks ago Friday, the main reason because I was worries about the index adjustment affected the rally. Although I am sucessful escape from the index adjustment but lose it to gain more. Luckly last week friday I had reinstate the stock and enjoy today its rally.

Yesterday, I had sold it and bought a lot of Notion. Because last minute this counter was stood above 555. This is my resistance level. If it broke these level. The 70 cents target easy to meet soon. Hope your are enjoy the penny stocks rally but this all subject to DJ do not have any big adustment.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Unusual trading in KLSE

This morning the KLCI down because of DJ Friday trend. This means market does not has anymore good incentive. But those penny stocks despite the negative trading of KLCI member and continue give more profit to trader.

After lityan release the PN4 and hit up about 120%. So, others bad companies also hope by investors can achieve the same trend of Lityan. They chase such stocks and finally pull up some speculating stocks move wild.
Time subsequently had registered the higher price than Timecom. It was reflected valuation on it has been chnaged. Notion tried again 54 cents and if this counter can close above 56 cents. My prediction of 70 cents on this counter soonest can achieve.
Another bad thing is DJ seems like continue registere lower at tonight. I hope it can sustain at this level, otherwise anytime we can see drop about 350 points in one of the trading day. So, on such day, people would name it again as "black".

Saturday, October 31, 2009

US and Euro Drop (about 2.8%)

After the recovery of 3rd quarter of GDP report registered 3.5%. US market had a good rally on Thursday. It could not stand long and continues its rally on Friday. After absorbed the positive news. There is no more hope for investors. They had started worry the positive could not stand it at this level as well as do not give any better result on the coming quarter. They started sell off.

In the event of speculating, that become worst and challenge. Hardly to predict the external issue affected the rally. Because every purchase depend on several issues. Like badly economic report and over purchase in certain market. Speculators must careful external factor impact on internal market. Every good news in country/domestic may erase by heavy adjustment on others countries.

Gpacket in the Malaysia market continues its rally. Every adjustment give an opportunity to buy in and sell it at better price. But it can be last in the coming weeks. On this rally, I had never gain but has been sold everything on the last friday. Now, just a observer.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Penny Stocks Rally

When yesterday night DJ index hit up 199points. Help KLCI open at good but in the evening only gain minor. After 4 days adjustment, that is some good sign on that. So, penny stocks start move wildly and give good return to player.

Holder may scare because last 4 days hit them badly. Maybe holder claimed or blame themselves why never take profit in last friday. So, they won't buy in and may stay away watch these penny stocks rally. So, who is playing?

I guess most of the player are day trader. Because they take profit fast and cut lose also within a day. If you are holder, this morning was a good chance to lock up yours profit.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Better or Worst

No one have good scanner to obtain the accurate prediction on daily move of the shares price in the equity market. I am always wrong. The wrong projection on it did not kill me but bring some hazard in my life.

Recently my immediate boss received a lot of complaint on me. He personally does not happy on that and told me I did such things are trying adopt some inrespect on him. Some how, that was wrong prediction on me. Similar like me predict a share movement. Actually my intention is allow him to select a best worker for him. I do not want to holding such documents as weapon. Surrender out the documents give him a good opportunity make a good decision.

So, in the shares market. You must know to release some stocks in hand. It just give you a new bargain power to select some stocks. If you are always holding some stocks with negative return. Finally you can only someone enjoy the good return and you are sitting behind have some regret and feel sadness.

No more Positive

After DJ closed at down about 119 points on yesterday. Equity market in the world mostly starting their down trend. Malaysia market news now focus to politic and budget 2010. The Malaysia notes stronger and foreign funds bought in equity market not more give any incentive on it.

Now, starting a heavy adjustment on every day until it can obatian some support. Yesterday in Malaysia market GPacket -WA started with good and finally closed at gain 1 cent. So, that is a signal of adjustment on this stock.

The recent hottise penny stocks give everyone a good return but now, most of them under consolidation.

A man who walking on the street could found some valuable things. But is it can absorbed or use it for long period of time. Its hard to estimated. Like, you bought it a valuable stocks at cuurent price with current good status of the company. But that is no guarantee in the future.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DJ better

DJ opened at negative and sucessful stood above yesterday. It was up about 14 points. Malaysia Market still remain negative with volume traded at penny stocks. So, if you have choose the lucky penny stocks, you are still gain.

Wilson Tan stocks yesterday gave investors some festival angpow. Such angpow deliver after Deepavali and Hari Raya. Based the move analysis, if BJcorp-LC does not hit down below 53.5, it may hit until 60.

Remember, last time it was gave big return in Year 2006 and 2007. So, after rest about a year, maybe it has some activities.

Stocks price always create surprise. Some face bankruptcy and forever disappear. Some climb to another better position and give super gain to long term supporter. No investors, is supporter.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DJ Fall down

DJ index opened good and closed at down about 104 points. It will giving Asia Pacific pressure on today. Sometime what you have expect does not happen. So, re planing your investment is become necessary.

Malaysia market trading at 16 P/E ratio. That is too high and Budget 2010 do not give any good news on it. So, it hard to reduce the overall earning power of corporation. Shares market hard to predict its move, you only can use in hand extra money to play. Otherwise, although you have collect at lower but you necessity in yours life force you sell cheap to someone.

Notion can not run as my expectation because the penny stock in the market start fall down. No incentive and no special news can help individual stock move. DBE and TPC become a killing weapon to everybody. Mtronic will go back as sleeping snake.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't Worry

Today,Asia market mostly registered positive. It has give some confident to Euro and DJ. So, the opening give a good rally. (DJ up 54points).

Malaysia market reflected the budget issues. Because cutting the development cost and reduce income tax given to rich man group. Most of the lower income population can see can not enjoy it. The deficit of GDP also mislead because never took in the extra spending of financial crisis.

GHLsys today run wildly mainly due to some good news going to announce. Because it has broke 2 level resistance and going to start unlimited rally. A lot of people now talking another story about 3A, they predict this share can reach RM4.

Friendly speaking, I am concentrate buying buying 4D number. Because it would not cost me more than 20 per day. If I jump in buy shares, maybe my per day cost need about RM120.00. That is not easy to earn.

Now days, I also found our banking try to promote private management of you in hand funds. Actually if they have such skill, they rather earn for their own. Instead of promote to you and earn the small peanut.

Because they can manipulate some resources in hand and not allow people easy to join in. Like today DIGI share, they control it tide and offer the selling price higher. So, they need some funds to pay their in hand due expenses. If your are rich enough and keep money in you saving book, they will start convince you join into party. So, think twice before you step in.

Money is earn for spend, is not earn for keep. Otherwise, when you are bye bye. It will create another problems to your next generation. So, don't worry if you do not have more money. Please worry on if you can't understand the meaning of life.

3A, DBE & TPC.........

I am predict the above mentioned stocks face heavy adjustment on today. Mtronic also can't escape from that. It should be break 10cents and go back to 6 cents again.

After announced Budget 2010. Nothing more news for development, those stocks like MRCB and UEMland may lead the market penny stocks go back to original level. Those who read my post here may hate me, finally no click ADS for me. (HHHHAAAAA).

Index will trying maintain at this level but finally will adjust 30 to 50 points lower. So, whoever have collect a lot of penny stocks may a bit panic. Because it seems like hard to recover back although market will come back after the adjustment.

Asia pacific still manipulate by currency and china issues. But slowly another news will divert everyone attention.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Details and Understand

I was remember when I study my course. I can't differentiate the chargeable income and taxable income. Today a lot people thought may enjoy yesterday budget Income tax proposed reduce 1%. Basically you should earn more than 120,000 per month and your relief is less than 20,000 only can enjoy the above proposal.

As a market player, we should more concern on development cost for every sector. So, you can calculate the public listed can enjoy how much on the proposed budget. The reducing of development cost means that infra and contruction company earn less and follow by affected the financing services.

Based on the above, we should reallocate our investment for 1 year plan. A lot of people also mislead by deficit did not increased promptly because government never taken in the stimulate plan cost in to the said budget. It cost about 150 billion and ignore it by this budget.

The details of budget should careful analysis. please do not influnce by head line of newspaper.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Market with Budget

Today, Najib (PM of Malaysia) announced budget 2010. He had proposed increased personal relief 1000 to 9,000. Reduce income tax for personal 1% to 26%.

He had gave everybody a angpow. But you must have earning power only can enjoy it. Those money save would not direct inject into share market. But long term give people have more spending power. Furthermore, he also give a personal tax 15% to whom is working at Iskandar Economic Zone.

Some stock/ company can use it to attract some skill people interested working at there. Recently, I have face some problem on my career. Above incentive I have to say I may not enjoy it.

Refer to market today performance, some people hate Axiata in the 2 years time call for 2 times right issue. It was shown steel money with unlimited before give you any confident or any benefit. Market price reflected negative indicate people hate it.

Next week, adjustment will fast and heavy. Hope I am wrong.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I need a lot of dreams, hope it can help me know better about equity market. When childhood time, I have no dream. Because a normal life did not required. Now I really need some dreams to bring up my confident.

Yesterday night, Euro and DJ perform badly. So, today it will give Asia Pacific countries do not continue the rally. As normal, I had cut my stocks in hand. Now need to settle the debts.

Which counter is the best choice on today? Is it Mtronic can rebound? Is it yesterday I cut those stocks today better? Is it DBE and TPC come back to higher price? Is it Genting and CIMB lead the market index hit higher?

Above question all need my dreams give me some guide. But that is so sorry. My dreams did not told me anything about that. Hence, need to come back to fact and study again.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad on Penny Stocks

Those day market's penny stocks give me a good return. especially 3A started its run and followed by Time. So, others stocks also follow the trend and registered high price. But, these few days some stocks face heavy adjustment from the top. Followed by Mtronic has some bad news brought another impact to those penny stocks.

My stocks in hand now start lose money but I have decided cut it immediately in this morning. My hope and wish would not happen. So, i have to admitted I am lose.

Market waiting another good news to support at this level. Otherwise, not only penny stocks would have bad adjustment as well as KLCI index member also affected. So, better take a rest first to avoid bigger lose.

My stocks In Hand

My stocks in hand faced a pressure to have some adjustment. Like Frontkn, Time and Notion. No only my stocks face an adjustment, I am believe tomorrow if DBE, TPC and Mtronic could not pull back at positive with high volume. Most of the penny stocks will lose heavily.

Another 2 more days, Malaysia going to announce Budget 2010. If oversea market a bit drift. Index link counter also have some minor adjustment. All good news been well absorbed and bad news will appearing soon.

Yesterday, I did not expected Mtronic could move like that. It was terrible done within a hour. All level broke in one day. Hopefully a new super star appear to rescue us in the coming days. A lot of people asked me to comment 3A. I just wanna to said at here,. While 3A was hit 1.70. The group have made 3 times of his capital. Some holders or some have internal sources people made about 8 times of the capital. What are you expect to earn at this level. Just forget about it if you has miss this boat.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad move For Mtronic

I am still remember my post on last friday was Mtronic. I was recommended sold it at 14.5. But yesterday and today morning hit above that level. I am believe a lot of people would blame me if they follow my post at here.

When this afternoon session opened, this share hit by sell volume. Within 25 minutes it was done at 14.5 cents, followed by another hald and hour. The lower is 12.5cents. That is big adjustment and dangerous.

Please avoid this counter temporary and wait the support of 10 cents can sustain or not. Otherwise it can be hit down as low as 6 cents. Overall market still stable by rally on blue chip. If those pennu stocks can not recover in this afternoon, Please stay away for while.

Be careful.

Monday, October 19, 2009


1263 not lucky number for you to buy Sport Toto special draw at tomorrow. That is a new record at KLCI. The penny stocks are the main actor in Malaysia equity market. Most of the volume done stocks hit high record. If you ask me, which one i bought in at today. That is Notion.

Notion previously has some corporate exercise. The proposed exercise was 5 shares merge into one. After that the par value per share is 50cents each and market price assume at 50 cents at now, after the exercise the cost price is 2.50. In the market rumous, that can reach 3.50.

So, assume that is another 20 gain for me to earn. Market seem strong and steady. No signal of adjustment but try to avoid those stocks previous was gave you high gain. Choose another stocks to play is ideal plan.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Black or White

Normally, if equity market was happen a bad adjustment. Investors will name it Black Monday or Black Friday. I do not know what is the real meaning of it. But since I am be a speculator in one day and lose on that day, everyday for me is black day.

White knight usually named for those who can help one company escape from bankruptcy. In the market hardly see people so sincere. Because in the business world, limited resources will distributed among businessman. So, one fellow step down mean you will capture more resources in hand.

Coming Monday, we can see a little adjustment on specific stocks. But some stocks will take over the rally and give you a surprise. Are you ready to fight for it?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


This morning post a note at here did discuss about Pbbank. I think some of reader misunderstand I did a recommendation on it. Actually, I am suppose to give some alert to reader, please watch up and update the latest information about this counter. Some bad news have been confirmed and going to impact this counter share price.

KLSE equity market did a well closed and break the strong resistance 1253. The penny stocks still giving us some profit. The volume done steady and some outstanding stocks (previously never moved) been start chasing back to match with current rally. Although the regional market closed at negative but it won't stop KLSE penny stocks continues registered its higher price.

A bad news from DJ, the index open with negative and it was lose about 106 points in the beginning stage. Next week, we can see the market moving volatile and some stocks give you feel panic. But if you have enough experience, we should understand that is giving you some true data and provide you has a ground to study more about each counter activities.

Friday, October 16, 2009


This morning with some friends talking about shares. So, a friend was told us a bad news in Public bank. Actually I do not aware is there would have any bad effect on its share price. So, just be carefull if you have own some stocks in hand.
Pbank is a good performing finance stocks. Everybody would said if you hold it more than 20 years with 1,000 shares. You are now closed to be one of the millionaire. But please do not forgot, the funder been spend his own life time to manage it.
Pbank be one of the stable performing bank in the Asean. So, people like it and hold it to enjoy the bonus as well as its dividend.
As i was mentioned, no one corporate in one century can escape the disaster. It have good time and also have its bad time. Please using your intelligent brain to define it what you should do in the coming impact. Plese thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I have not mistaken, I have been recommended bought in MTronic at about 10 cents. The target price should be 15cents. Today, market price for this counter almost touch it. Now, is time to sell your stock. Because, once a stock reach or close to target price. You should grab it and temporary forget about it.

Equity market today open high and closed at low. That is a bad signal shown market rally need to take a rest. There is no significant heavy adjustment but chase higher price at coming days be yours burden. I do not know need how many days to rest for equity market. Please play your familiar stocks in order to help avoid the heavy lose.

US open weak but no heavy adjustment at yesterday night. Hopefuly USD continues its adjustment to lower and brings commodities continues the up rally. Malaysia and Indonesia equity market will enjoy the benefit on it.

My Blog not so good as reader commented especially English is "Rojak" (mixed until people not easy understand). So, hopefully your are not angry on me if your are not understand. Hate me or like me just clicks the ads by Google. HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA.

I am still holding 0128 and Time. So, maybe I also need to consider to take profit.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Equity market in entire world registered positive signal. Especially US market have open good and continues registered higher. It will given us a confident on tomorrow speculating.

I am interesting buy in at day trade now. Frontkn(0128) finally closed 245. If today market open, it has increase the volume. Seems like everything under control and start its rally soon.

My target is about 12cents from 24. Time succeed break 38cents on yesterday and my target close to it, that is 42 cents.

Market have ignore USD weak and fund buying commodities to reduce the lose on USD. Gold should be able touch 1,300 in this year end. Of course, most the data shown positive but we should aware any impact from natural. Everything should badly hit, that is including current rally on equity market. Please plan have some funds in hand to settle the lose. Otherwise, everything like a dream, easy come easy go.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Record

KLCI index break 1231 and about 10 points in the first session. I am holding Time and Frontkn now. It was gave me a good profit. Now I am selected Frontkn again and this morning was bought in with big volume again.

It is hard to see any adjustment on penny stocks. So, My plan is increase volume on certain counter which I have been monitor it long time. I am waiting Frontkn break 28 cents and will consider buy in again at this level.

No others bad news and the rally because derived from who interested buy in IPO on Maxis. So, they used it at now and try to earn some money because subscribe the said share. A lot of corporate exercise bring another good effect to all funders. They manipulate it with those news and turn it be good incentive on specific counter. So, join in these party must be careful than normal.

At last, just wanna to remind readers again. Please do not forget click click on ads by Google at here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Up 440 down 245

Now, fund manager and government link company shareholders monitoring the index is the major task in equity market. They do not want to lose customers from international market. Every equity market up percentage better than KLCI.

Love Malaysia not depend on one slogan. They should more care about the population daily living cost and earning power. Talking about Plus (listed at KLCI Board). They have been calculated the cost and estimated required about 18 billion ringgit Malaysia. So, if they can always launch a new unit trust fund and guarantee high yield. How come they never think to take this asset as collateral and issue bond to support the deal.

So, On these issue, we should understand they being give such excuse to ignore it and more care about related parties interest. Equity market do not wants such private asset listed to wasting population money. Equity market needs a geniuse created a new idea or new technology to help world more beautiful.

Next year, I wish I can see some new IT launch. It may brings us have better hope on our economic and help people have better life.

Up 440 and down 245 gave a signal to speculators can play another 4 more days in KLCI market. Those IT stocks continue be a major actors in top volume page. Evey cents up bring us happy and excited. Still pick Time and Frontkn as priority stocks.


Some penny stocks started its rally with volume. Despite of KLCI index run at negative. We can speculate at Time, Mtronic and Fronknt. A good return and gain percentage better than index link stocks.

Unexpected interesting stock stood at above 1.10 like 3A. Unbelievable Mtronic hit above 10 cents. Those penny stock achieve better rally than others. Of course, there is only apply for short term. Finance stocks did not stable as last week, because there been run ahead than index.

On the same time, new IPO of Maxis and new bond issued by Genting absorbed some funds from money market. After the foreign funds earn some gain, the said funds will subscribe such excersixe immediately. So, the impact on profit taking on penny stocks are heavy.

Time & Mtronic

Last week Thursday, I did recommended Time at here. That previous price was 34 and closed at 32.5. I thought there was my mistake. But the support 32.5 was confirmed and yesterday Time hit up again and touched 37.

It was told us, you should believed the data in front of you. No matter you have to measure or guess. It does not work if you are lose confident at its support level.

Today, I am here recommend Mtronic. It was stood at 5 to 6 cents about 2 years. Finally yesterday it had broke the strong resistance 10 cents. Normally, it will run up to 30% from this level. But due to its price cost cheap an easy to buy in at volume. It does not surprise can hit to 15 cents.

However, the demand show strong and it must at sleep about 3 days at that level. So, patient yourselves and collect these stock at about 10 cents. You should able taste the sweet.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Why I am at here talks about politic? Because the developing country need some stable only can deliver the good economic fundamental. On 10 Oct and 11 Oct, the 2 results at peninsular land of Malaysia have deliver a big impact. It was succeed created a difference meaning to our nation.

Equity market easy accept such news and divert you and me step into wrong direction. So, I must use some word to deliver some right direction for you and me to understand it before make any decision on ours investments.

The two results did not reflected the people needs. The two results only spread out some information in Barisan national only. So, i concluded that is internal action. Especially MCA result, there is some one use EGM to manipulate certain power. They use national resources to accumulated own interest. The Agenda truely informed everybody. That is nothing related our life in our future.

Equity market have certain stocks also monopoly by group of people monitor its price and volume. So, the unlimited positive up trend continues happen in everyday. But finally the stock go to hell. They concentrate monitor price up dan down, and forgot the needs of corporate. Of course, some positive signal or gain deliver to market. But that is wrong information for long term.

Speculating needs such info, but you must enoy benefit and run. I am hate by people on such transaction but I am not creator. I am trying capture some resources belong to social to diversify it. Hence, I am live without their support. I am also can dare to tell them, I am not afraid to critizied on every single bad issue.

An Unstable Politic

They said one of major party in Malaysia lose 2 leaders in one day brings good to Chinese society in Malaysia. It could bring new things into population of Malaysia. There are not surprise, most of them have such comment. Because they do not aware the system of politic in Malaysia.

The group of delegated leader also do not care about population of Malaysian. They are just looking who can delivery benefit to them. When you are analysis the people of opponent party. You could found most of them are previously kick off by National Election. They lose their post with lose their benefit in the same time.

If really need a good leader, they should randomly allow ordinary people situated at various village have 30% vote right to elect their leader. Like today pick KL area ordinary people or maybe next should be Johar Baru ordinary people. Otherwise, those leader just transfer the power to their sons or next generation as their right. Or older people just not allow skillful or capable people step into be a member in the party. Finally, they are playing a dirty game as well as claim national resources for own interest.

The bad politic policy/resolution brings bad impact is deep and forever. They have only one way to go. That is dissolve the party immediately. An equity market given us a good lesson, if one day the industrial lose the earning power. It should be dissolve it or close shop forever.

The shares allow ordinary people kick off some bad things, although there is a game for riches people. But consumer have such right to deny it in the others market. So, riches people playing game among themselves but they do have give some respect to ordinary people.

Today, Regional market fails to sustain and have minor adjustment. Because investors realise the USD drop means entire world need to settle the debts for USA. They start worry.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


In this world, some people grouping themselves together play a game. Usually they are not allow others stranger step in or join in. They are trying monopoly some social resources and play their game.

Politician form a party and group them together. Every step their move on, just used some beautiful word covered it and cheat ordinary people. On the same time, they ask for support by way of give them some power. Finally, they manipulate the national resources for self interest. Every toxic they brought in to social, they do not care. So, they fight among into party to grab more power. One day they lose but they won't admit. Finally the unlimited desire of him destroy the humanity necessity in the world.

A group of riches man, created a equity market and Financial equipment. They did the same things as politician. When one day broke the resistance line or some equipment out of control. They need ordinary people pay for them. They are not shamfull and continue monopoly because we need them be our good example or guide. But the end result is, they are the only one in the world.

A distraction human being brings distraction direction. So, in order play the smart game. Speculating help you and me in some times realise you still have some better character of human being. You stop and move again. You stop because you are think twice before move forward.

Good news From DJ

DJ index finally broke the strong resistance level at last Friday. It had stood above 9800, there is 14 months high. It was continue give a good signal after its break that level.

Stimulated plans rescue the big tycoon and they continue enjoying the rally. However, some people still need seeking a job to survive. The volume of money circular at high level people and not even allow some middle range people taste it.

Unfortunately we are in the middle range group. We are suffering the inflation and hard earn money not enough to pay debt.

Refer to KLSE and Singapoer equity market. Both are enjoying gain of strong currency and return on investment become attractive. But base of economic did not follow the current situation. So, people working for survive. It could not allow you and me relax on every second or minute.

Perhaps we should able ignore such pressure but every step you move, the cost of survive is running.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mixed move at Asia Pacific

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Is you Lucky day

Is it today is yours lucky day? Some how got investors like to say buying share depend on fate. If you are lucky enough, you may enjoy the gain. Yesterday I was here said Time will give you a good return if you bought in at 34. Seems like I was wrong because the closed price stood 32.5. Today opening price also bad although the market up about 6 points.

Market still give you a good reason to hold yours in hand stock. Previous projection on down trend seems was wrong. Of course that is no god playing share in the market but character of human being totally reflected in there, that is uncertain, uncountable and unforeseeable.

At now, I am still hardly recommend Time good buy for short term. Because as I was said, there is sustain at 32.5. If there is no any adjustment or close below this level. There is a good support. So, next level should be 38cents.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today market continues its rally and stood above 1220. It was given chance to speculators play contra and earn some money. Market hard to press down in coming five days. Because good factors from: -

a) USD weak
b) Australia currency strong
c) Currncy trader buying asia pacific note and hidden at equity market for short term.

Due to that, Time previously was stopped at 32 and yesterday breaks its resistance. Although today have some profit taking but still stood above 34 cents. That is a good chance for you buy in and enjoys its rally. I am predict the minimum profit from this level should have 12cents. So buy in at 34 and propose sell it at 445.

Overall market steady and do not touch those HA stocks at now. Maybe buy in such HA stocks next week. It will help you enjoy the adjustments.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GLC Company

Bursa Malaysia index rose 5.88 points to close at 1218.61 points, tracking gains on Wall Street and regional markets.

Second line of GLC company gave a fantastic move. First time, The Time hit above 32.5 cents. Tomorrow it has another rally if regional or world market sustain. Continue buy in those speculators stock to enjoy these short rally.

You can choose buying Emico, Datprep and Frontkn. There may be give you some pocket money.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


If one day yours in hand stock bought in 25cents and now registered at 95 cents. What is yours feeling? Equity market create a dream for you to achieve. That is not so easy task. Maybe you could ask you father and lend you about 100k and select 10 stocks. After several years time. You may has a chance. That is possible. On the other hand, that's possible you in hand stocks all registered lower than you cost. No risk No gain.
Yesterday I was read an article in the newspaper. The writer said in the month of Sept 09. Not only was a anniversary for Financial Crisis. It also a 10 years anniversary for a book. The title of the book named Dow 36,000. Wrote by two gentlemen, they are James Glassman and Kevin Hassett. It was hard sale in USA and be a top sale book in that year.
Create a dream, people would like you. Spoilt a dream, people will hate you. So, maybe in the shares trading firm, you must select a good stock to recommend. Otherwise, you may criticised by everyone. Make a dream in you room and tell everybody, you may get famous.

Does It Work?

If Government Stimulated Plan work, I think most of people now busy on fill application form to apply a new job. At current status, you could found some game which need high capital run its rally. Others economic activities slowly dry off.

So, that's mean the said flow from government only reach high range level. Middle range people still suffering. Because their income just enough to pay daily expenses because of invisible inflation. Our government do not feel it, because most of their expenses support by allowances. Hence, if you go to them and ask much he should spend on his daily expenses. The answer maybe is Zero.

So, equity market just give you a dream and its dream you never enjoy it at all. Some people may say, he had invest some government mutual funds. Please do not forget. During bad times, you had advance it. So any high yield or high return derived from current market, you are not 100% eligible.

Monday, October 5, 2009

E & O (Malaysia Main Board Share)

E & O principle activities are developments company. It hold a development land mostly situated at Penang Island. Before the crisis, it had hit RM5 and above. After that in last year, the price drop about 50 cents only.

This year its has a long rally since March 2009. Until last week, the stock maintain at RM1.50. When 2 days time, it drop more than 20 cents per share. Because one of the major shareholder, Goldman Sach believe the equity market trend going to have bad adjustment. Although they might plans hold these share as long term basic but They 100% believe market force can not against it.

Maybe they are planning sell it now and buy back later. So, what is your idea on your holding? As far as I concern, market should have an adjustment in these year is better. Otherwise, next year everyone will suffer again on trading of shares.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What You want?

A friend bought GHLsys at 24 cents with volume, Recently he had make some money at this stock. Because he has believe if the said stock break the support level, the rally is over.

I will respect him on this deal, In the road of investments, you should know What is your need? or what you want? That is no easy because we are human being. Gritty is inside our mind.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Any Advantages

Currently our social life more concern about earning money than everything. Some one knowing the game rule manipulate it to have more support. Which is politician also use it as weapon to divert population attention on bad things. Hence, shares market become more complicated and more attractive.

Recently, the Naza group plan to take over Jetson to reduce their business risk because in the year of 2010. AP permit for car may abolished by government. So, they aim to acquire a listed company to minimise their investment risk.

Investors do not know what is they planning. Just follow the news and chase the higher price to join the game. So, finally after the unsuccessful deal announced in today, the said shares price drop heavy. Who is earn more much than investors? Who is obtain more advantages on it?

Any penalty will impose on the news creator?


Sorry, due to some funny people playing politic in the office. I have no time write my opinion at here. If you are feel free, please visit my friend. Thanks

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yesterday, I mean Wednesday DJ perform uncertainty because it had broke 9,800 in the morning session. After few hours trading, it was suddenly came down and closed at negative. Thursday, the same scenario repeat again. It was uptrend at morning but after that come down to about 114points. But after Obama announced provide a new vancancy but 5 billion. It had succeed reduce the losses. Closed negative about 29 points.

I am believe Asia Pacific will follow the step and the vision on the next month of equity market turn black. So, time to readjust your portfolio and minimise yours in hand stock. Until the next signal has arrive in the market.

3A does not give you more profit in the coming 2 weeks. What is the support? If I am right to select the support level. I will choose 73cents. Of courrse, I am not the said group to monitor it up or down. Just Guess!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Recently Nasdaq at USA gave profit better than DJ. In the current economic situation, financial equipment seems like go to history. So, if we some new idea or IT delivery to market, I think this is positive to help us have a better future.

If most of the rescue from government had step into end. The new IT may help us see another new century or new rally for new economic. So, invest into IT stocks is a good choice.

I do not know why, GHLSYS started its rally from 23 cents. Although in between the shares coming down after a short rally. But its always has a good support from resistance level. Like broke 28 cents and when it was came down, it was stood at 26. After broke 30 cents and hit 38 cents and during adjustment it was sucessful stood at 33.5 cents.

Every adjustment would not broke the previous starting point. It was shown good signal. At last, I was found 3A going down trend and although that is technical rebound but better stay away from this counter.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Projected Wrong

Today, the adjustment had arrived KLSE. But there are 2 counters given some profit, 3A and Jadi. In the discussion, I had commented 3A going back to 80 and Jadi would closed better than 22. The final result shown I was wrong.

Why I have been made such comment? Because base on the volume done up to 3pm. The Jadi is better than 3A. There are same group of people monitor it. In the bad market, normally hold the lowest cost stocks easy than high cost counter. This is normal circumstances.

I am believe there are several reasons behind make my prediction wrong: -

a) Most of the 3A shares under control.
b) There are not very sure the major shareholder intention of Jadi.
c) The margin account not ready yet for Jadi.
d) No support/specific news to allow them created for Jadi.

By the way, just be careful trade on this 2 counters. Because the funds might pull back by bank if the market continue adjust down in the coming months.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

300 Million.

In your bank account balance showed 300 million. Do you feel enough? If you are ask me the same question. I am really in doubt.

In fact, if I have such money. I will plan to use 50% of the funds to control one listed company and well structure it. It is a base for me to acquire and take over more company. That is my investment vehicle.

3, 30 or 300 million that is a lot of difference. Some people while trying at Jackpot to win 3 miilion .They have always said, I will be enjoy my peaceful life in the future. Obviously, they do not aware inside their mind, what is their requirement?

Some people use the money buy a shop lot or a house. But if he/she choose a high range property. Finally they are still working for bank and If they do not plan well. The end result is broke.

Buying shares similar like your own some money in hand. You should able know what is exactly what you want it. Otherwise, the assets be come as yours long term liabilities.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Jadi & 3A (Listed at KLSE)

3A started its rally from 34 cents. It has not turn down anymore after this level. Jadi started the rally from 15 cents. Why I have selected this 2 counters be my today post?

Because, as your are noted I am happy walk around the shares firm. Today, in the shares firm has one good player talks about 3A and told us the major shareholders been accumulated more than 55% of total paid up. Other related parties also control some stake. He further told me the new factory situated at China started operating and contributed about 3 times better turnover than last year. The result will announce at next month and projected price maybe can reach 1.00.

At last, he ask my advice. My answer is simple, if everything is correct and factory in the first year running at 100% production capacity. It could be happen. But, I am just wondering how is going to absorb the capital expenditure and initial expenditure about 150 million. ( Factory investments cost about 150 million).

In this case, recall my memory about Fountain and Suremax. These 2 stocks initially given a lot of good news and stood at high price for long period. Finally the result is dilisting at KLSE. Personally, I do not like such stocks because there are monopoly by someone and allow certain people happy on that.

Last, they also told me, another stock going to move higher. That is Jadi. Is it true? Please keep your eye on. I really do not know.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


After reading a post from equity . Got a very bad feeling because as an ordinary people. We are always face such treatment. No matter your are hard working or not. Someone always have better benefit or privilege than you. If your are outstanding one, you should able to use in hand resources to create your world.

Like the founder of Google or Microsoft. They own a specific skill created some super equipment in your life. You need the said skill day by day to enjoy a better facilities.

In the equity market, how to create some super skill like Google or Microsoft? First, there is no such things be happen. Because there is a place for rich people to corn someone. If one day you found it, maybe you has been created a new play ground for rich people and such place provided better return or fast money.

You only can brave to buy in equity market. Use certain specific thought and specific money to enjoy the game. Please do not listen such stupid comment. Just Like: -

a) IF 20 years ago you bought in the said share or
b) IF 20 years ago bought in and hold until today.

Not to said that is impossible but it must be followed a lot of specific condition. Otherwise such stocks you bought just parking in your hand for 20 years and before you sold it and grab the profit. You been pass away. Of course, it has a success case in the world. Now he is number 2 riches man in the world. Name Warren Buffet.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Move on Genting

As I said on yesterday, if someone continue promote the shares. The specific counter definite have some activities going to happen.

If your are reading newspaper everyday. You should able know how to identify the real news and bad news. Use it as your speculate weapon and earn some money. A kopitiam's topic and gossip must be brings you in to bad situation. Until one day, your are not able to know what is exactly happen in the world.

A fact now in front of you and me. A big funds know how to cover themselve and made a specific topic attract your attention. In the begin state, usually news in the common area give you some sweet and honey. But your are standing under the sky. So, finally the rain and sun melt it easily. All yours effort will go by a day.

Which is Next????? E&O or Latexx????

Negative become Positive

Good turn to Bad or Positive turn to Negative . It was happen everyday in the world. But buying shares should learn Negative become Positive opinion. So, it was made people crazy on it until you can't stop the induce and take out all your money from bank to join in the game.

Just like a lady, when she was young it make you crazy on her. Finally brought her to your bed room and follow by married with her. If I am not mistaken. In year 2007, most of the paper continue recommend a stock from Malaysia Market. That is KNM and Gamuda. Your are easily obtained such data of these two counter. But finally after 2008, there is hardly see such report.

Now, Genting and IJM become a superstar in local newspaper. What would think about them? So, imagine your are be superstar in one day and dream it. Maybe you have learn something about that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holiday Brings Uncertain

Holiday in the country brings your investments be unsafe. Why? People selected the stocks always created a mind. It was always reminded you are in the long term strategy. One day, if some bad issue happen in the oversea countries. They are forgotten the strategy. Afraid and bad thinking start accumulated in their mind and while market open, they did one way , that is sell.

So, speculator always must learn how to control the self emotion. Today, Hong Kong and Shanghai perform different. One is up and the other one is down. It seems like future market better in the US DJ.

If KLSE equity market tomorrow open. What should you do? Haha. Take profit and run if your stocks have been earn 2 times or more than 80% yield from beginning of the year.

Monday, September 21, 2009

8 Counter Contributed 80% gain

In Malaysia market, many of stocks gave more than 80% yield to investors. Those specialist used it as advertisement to promote their funds. Some others just tell you last few months he had selected such counter and make so much of money.

Actually, if they have such skills they have earn enough and no need allow people aware it. So, the corn case always created while your are trusting them. People have been used simple way to attract people attention. Too complex method brings people doubt and scare.

Today Malaysia market closed because of celebrating of HariRaya. Hong Kong, Shanghai and Euro do not follow. At this time, Euro market perform badly and hope can recover while it close. Malaysia should not have any surprise to continue the rally because the funds almost finished utilised by government.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not Feeling Well

These 2 days not feeling well, In my memory, long time not been sick. Now fall sick seriously and not even can do anything. However, thanks to who name it as google ask visitors click ads at here. Its does not earn much but just showing some appreciation on my post at here.

Market has been reach another level. It seems like not one can stop the up trend. If there is not adjustment at this year. Everybody will suffer in next year. Equity and others resources may not give any gain in the coming year. Because most of the good effects have been reflected in this year.

If you used mathematic to calculate the trend and based on chat. It did not show you anything on current status. You have used others method to identify the equity market. That maybe using the cashflow in the market more easy to know it better.

After an heavy adjustment on last year. Government pump in a lot of cash into market but it was only gave to those powerful people. Ordinary people could not enjoy it and taste it. So, if certain group of people misuse the said funds, market will go to one way direction and not created a good base for future. Finally everybody will suffer for it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dry up your brain and pocket money

Buy equity sometime brings feel dry up your brain and pocket money. The pressure hit you badly and brings more more disappointed in your life.

There is game can cause you regretted forever. If your are playing pick a 4d number game. That night you should be able know the draw result. Share would not give you spot results and it will badly hit down because of other external factors.

Some people hate playing shares because it will cause you feel uncomfortable daily. One day you still hold it in hand, the final result still uncertain. Some people like it because it will brings you a dream. The price today negative does not means forever remain. It can be anytime hit higher than you holding cost. This is a dreams. So, if you have such plans, means you are holding a dream. The dream may come true.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Strengh of Ringgit Note

Recently Currency Malaysia Ringgit stronger against USD, it brings foreign investors earn more than what they have been expected from equity.

The USD note drop bring Oil, Gold, Oil palm and others natural resources hit higher price in the future market. That is why I have been predicted the gold price will hit to 1300. That is possible.

USD dollar toward to lower brings no reason for klse equity market have any adjustment because our main index counter main business are selling natural resources. Its help those company have better performance in the coming season. The profit can registered better than previous.
At the end of day, KLSE was hit above 1220 and closed at high. It will continue the rally until it has found an excuse of adjustment. Good effect of strengh of Ringgit Malaysia.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good money with Msport

Msport recently hit down 49.5 cents, This counter after listed never gave any profit because one of major sell off. Today this share finally hii up with high volume. This is a good chance for you do some short term speculating on it.

Those people who select KNM will give another bad return on next day. Of course tomorrow it would not be same as my prediction. But just trade it careful on this counter.

After a short break, E & O going to start its rally again. If you have holding power on any heavy adjustment. This is a good choice. The festival soon arrive in the few days time. Malaysia should have some good news on that to match with the good day.

As a human being, others matter also important in your life. Just take this game as entertainment. You may really have joyful on it

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good day with Good Money

Today, Jetson-wA given a surprise move. It was give a profit about 20cents per share. My friend has some tips and bought in yesterday. He has earn about 20k.

So, when the above case happen on you. You are happy and hope for another round to earn the same money by one deal. As i am aware, that is difficult and may not happen again.

The above said stocks not 100% match with the fundamental value and recently It was jump out from 10 cents. The rally is long and been hit up more than 500%. It is unusual run and unlimited move under the normal bid.

Hard Earn Money

Hard earned money, If you read my chat box at here. You are aware 14 articles in the 14 days only can earn 5.75. Bad return with hard work.

In the equity market, within a second you can earn more than 500 if the said shares you bought in up about 5cents with 100 lots. (100,000 shares). Sometime you will felt unfair and disappointed. Would you be stop me write a note and post it at here.

Today in the company, I had scold someone because she has not any authorization but insist that I must forward the documents. Actually she had against the act. As an accountant, we should know the ethic and not even can forced any one disclosed the information. So, I have classified her never brought her brain to the office or maybe forgotten fix it up proper.

In this case, I found that someone is grity on power. Actually company already give a notice to me must go. Soon, she will control. Nothing she is worry unless you are not confident.

In the shares market, a lot of investors have such attitude and finally those investors registered unlimited lose. You must know how to hold it when necessary. You also must know release it when necessary. You must be patient on waiting.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Miss the boat

During the rally in the equity market. Sometime we will miss the boat. A rally can be last for 3 years and could be only 3 weeks. Such period we should have some reasons can not join in the party.

Now, a lot of people start asking me. Why market rally can stop? They felt regret in the early stage was sold everything. Because in year 2008, most of the stocks registered loss and this year in a chance for them recover some loss.

They are brings such uncomfortable if rally continue. Who know market rally can be higher than what we are expect? Control the bad emotion now brings you steady and calm.

In the game, we should know stay away and replan our step on our life journey. Instead of concentrate one way, if anything bad brought inside on only game. You may forever regret. This week KLSE do not give you profit as well as the future index market. Gold has been broke 1006, and anytime can see it will touch 1300. This is bad signal for equity market.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


When your are using Google search on my nick name. You could found my blog at here. But if you using MSN's bing serach machine, it might need more time to find my blog.

Now I am be friend with equityname. Because last time I was wrongly misuse the google ads and clicks the ads by my own. Now I am published advertisement from Google ads under his account.

I am believe a lot of people wondering how come I never place any stock at here as recommendation. Friendly speaking, I am still looking some funds and plans for future. Because I am soon be unemployed and must have some steady income to maintain my family daily expenses.

Depends on blog ads can not earn much for normal living cost. My record is 5 months only earn less than RM100. Not even enough for me pay monthly telephone and net fees. So, writing blog here only for entertainment. Malaysian said " Cannot CARI MAKAN"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Behind the fact

Everyday we must meet a lot of people. Sometime you do not know every word you had speak might hurt someone. Every person carry a difference emotion on everyday. So, how to define it and make it as easy and happy ending.

That is impossible for everyone changing in every minute to meet all people. Similar you are investing in the equity market. Every deal comprising with difference opinion of people. Some one would like to sell and someone may like to hold or buy in.

Every price done at every second included difference opinion. Some time your are outsider of such deal. But someone pull in join into said deal.

Tell you a story, Recently my employment going soon terminated but some how have some busy people would like to threathen me in advance and giving some indirect warning. Although she/he is a outsider. Of course my post carried with strong power on execution of company matters. So, maybe someone aim it for so long and now could not wait the final result and so, decided take action in advance to manipulate and control on it.

So, as a small society consist of many people differnce thinking. I do believed equity market consist of multi million or billion wealth. The dirty way of deal more than everyone imagination.