Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Income Tax

Now, every one do not worry about the distribution of 500 & 250 from government. Because the officer said they won't use such data to take action, they will forward such things to police.  So, population of Malaysia enjoy another benefit again....

In order to support the good news, share market already stood firm at 1650 above. Further more such distribution can give more support of the demand of shares. Other than this, some still got some bonus to buy more shares.

So, newspaper and media nothing more can claim government not good as well as everybody just waiting the money to spend off. Not much time to worry this and that. IRB staffs/worker carried more task because on the same time of waiting money & bonus. They also need to prepare more documents to analysis but this activities is make everybody happy. So, they also joyful together.

If you tell IRB, surrounding you got so many non tax file people but very rich. They only said, please provide information on that. They will investigate on that. But referring the history record they only noted 300 above people not open the tax file.

Like inflation rate always keep at low percentage and criminal offence always improve. But the actual facts, you neighbour always said someone get robbery or you teh tarik just increase 20 cents a cup.