Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I did some mistake

Last week, I was bought in DSCoil and Harvest -WA. I had did a very serious mistake. I have elaborated that to some of my friends. Unfortunely they were not cut lose at early stage. So finally they have been lose heavily.

Something I have confident but final result was disappointed. Is it my mistake? Overall performance on equity market at Asia regional was done at negative. There were further brought it into Malaysia.

What I am doing now? I should sell Asia currency and buy USD to earn some money. Seems like USD may closed higher in the coming days. Am I correct at this time? In the equity investment was trained me be brave and understanding meaning of life. There is hardly read from book. Sometime althought the theory was there, But hardly to understand it. What is the things I suppose to guidance my friends? I do not know yet. Just waits.

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Unknown said...

Quit this game. The market is not for the majority of us. It's the suckers game. You continue to get even and at the same time you find yourselves getting sunk deeper and deeper.