Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today I went to one securities firm and started bullshit at there. Haha. Because the firm bought a 40 inches LCD and fixed at trading hall. I do like a new things and commented should install another 2 units more at there. One for local market top 20 volume stocks and another one for world market indices.

I have make some imagination if one day there can full occupant by people and I am sitting in front of monitor screen and scream UP! UP! UP!. Behind people also follow my tune and excited on every share we had bought. Remember there was happen in year 2003. That time really crazy and excited. One of my friend just told me. He could not believe every day he wake up. He had earned about 300k per day. So, would it be repeat again in the future?

Today, penny stocks continues shut up with ignoring the deficit of index. But I have play Gpacket_WA and had earn little bit. So, I assume tomorrow I am intend to play REDTONE and GHLSYS to try my luck. Are you agree??????



65% return YTD check out all my trades.

Share Journey said...

Sound exciting!

Still learning...