Sunday, September 13, 2009


When your are using Google search on my nick name. You could found my blog at here. But if you using MSN's bing serach machine, it might need more time to find my blog.

Now I am be friend with equityname. Because last time I was wrongly misuse the google ads and clicks the ads by my own. Now I am published advertisement from Google ads under his account.

I am believe a lot of people wondering how come I never place any stock at here as recommendation. Friendly speaking, I am still looking some funds and plans for future. Because I am soon be unemployed and must have some steady income to maintain my family daily expenses.

Depends on blog ads can not earn much for normal living cost. My record is 5 months only earn less than RM100. Not even enough for me pay monthly telephone and net fees. So, writing blog here only for entertainment. Malaysian said " Cannot CARI MAKAN"

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