Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My stocks In Hand

My stocks in hand faced a pressure to have some adjustment. Like Frontkn, Time and Notion. No only my stocks face an adjustment, I am believe tomorrow if DBE, TPC and Mtronic could not pull back at positive with high volume. Most of the penny stocks will lose heavily.

Another 2 more days, Malaysia going to announce Budget 2010. If oversea market a bit drift. Index link counter also have some minor adjustment. All good news been well absorbed and bad news will appearing soon.

Yesterday, I did not expected Mtronic could move like that. It was terrible done within a hour. All level broke in one day. Hopefully a new super star appear to rescue us in the coming days. A lot of people asked me to comment 3A. I just wanna to said at here,. While 3A was hit 1.70. The group have made 3 times of his capital. Some holders or some have internal sources people made about 8 times of the capital. What are you expect to earn at this level. Just forget about it if you has miss this boat.

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