Monday, July 23, 2012

Is it needed Monopoly?

Why monopoly is not good? Government always claim that we should control some resources to ensure the supply is enough. But such mind set has been bring some one can indirect control the government to adopt a good policy.
Like Wall street Financial people created a giant bond to threat government. So, the liabilities be population burden. So a lot excuse to rescue and then make a lot of unfair policy for them continue the monopoly.
In the Asean countries, we can see Power, water supply, wheat, sugar and oil control by few big tycoon. So, if the government lose the election, then this become a threat to all. Recently we could see a joke happen in State of Selangor, Malaysia. A full water cannot supply to user. Why this can happen?
The monopoly system stop good people can adopt a good system for population. So, state government should use in hand resources to take over the company. As a population, I think no one will blame the government use more than normal price to buy the shares from open market. It does not care your are from which politic parties. Every one in the state will benefit on that, at least stop some one earn higher salary and do nothing. 
Of course, such buying stake activities should follow by some ideal system, like all population staying in the state should own some controlling stake to ensure that, which is no one monopoly. State government should pass over such shares to all population by way of equal. No one is more than 5%. Maybe should consider, in the water bill charge another RM1 per month as share buying. maximum up to 1,000. Who do not paying bill can buying at 1 per month per share from government, maximum also 1,000.
If the system is work, then should apply to other type of resources. Then, the sharing resources become fair and discourage some business earn the extra from national. So, the minority riches cannot use our funds to expand the business, buy so many assets in the oversea for planning their own family migration.
We can see a group of company, from guarantee of supply electric to Tenaga already accumulated the cash in hand more than 12 billion. Then they are not shameful tell reporter they are very smart to do business in Malaysia. Not only one, that is few of them.
So, are you think the monopoly is necessary?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is it a qualify auditor?

How to read annual report? A lot of professional said read annual report help you select a good stock. You can find a company holding a lot of cash in hand or maybe find them whether is over borrowings. So, every one become a qualify auditor.
In my stupid opinion, how to value a company must refer the business whether is monopoly or selling the sole idea for people life. If someone create such a company, the value at least 50 time of P/E because that will not ahead by anyone. Furthermore I also must determine whether the business gain any pioneer status because that is not easy to step in by any new competitor. Normally, the company also can be valued higher and gain finance institution lend money to support the business. If the said business easily build up by cash, that this business become valueless. Like development of houses business, that is easy build up by cash. So, the offer price cannot set higher in the IPO. Banker also not easy finance big amount for the project.

Currently a lot of company management like to join in to bond market to call up additional funds for business and they also like to issue Islamic bonds to call up the working capital. How many people can tell me that KLSE's listed company already issued how many trillion of Islamic bonds? How many can sustain the repayment by such borrowing? Is it Central bank has been set a rules and regulation to control it? Is it auditors can summary the details and compile it as data base for reference. Such warning note should be highlighted into report. Not like someone said so, only read the report figure and comment something in the newspaper with no sense.
So, to be qualify as auditor not only must know the annual report. He/she also must well know the necessary or unnecessary thingy in the business. Not only claim someone borrow money, he also must know the repayment ability as well as the business in the company whether can last long or sustain.

Friday, July 20, 2012

How to be a good investors?

Some people thought read the company annual report, attend the AGM. It can be a good investors. If your are one of them, I could said that you are waiting the fruits drop from a tree, like a farmer employed few foreign worker to plant for you. You are just sitting there and do nothing people.

In my mind, shareholders or investors should be well know every business transaction in the company. He/she should be able inform the directors about their view on every project in the AGM. Of course such activities would be not encourage by management because they wanna to end the meeting in time.

So, as a management level should encourage putting a suggestion box in the meeting for future reference. It should a guidance to improve quality of investors in the company. The door gift for investors should awarded to such a good and quality investors.

Sometime the management will say, that is not necessary because our management people all capable than investors. That is a selfish thinking of them. The value or quality of investors upgraded actually is indirectly help company improve the company image. Rather than now most of the investors just aiming for gift given during the meeting time.

That is easily allow management allocate more funds of the company for self benefit and allow company facing the high risk on every investment. Simple like buy a luxury car cost about 800k per unit for director's used. In the AGM, the door gift maybe just cost about RM100k only. So, which one is more important? 

The quality investors bring healthy of culture to the company. Not only the company the benefit as well as the employee/staff also can proud of it. So, if you are the investors, Do you still care about voucher of 50 butt or company can registered as top 100 in the world. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012




Why Cyber limit down? Why AT up? Why Mtronic down? Is it a person manipulated the price? Is it so called investment risk? Is it no better way as investors? Is it you have mislead by media? Is it government really useless to set up a proper system?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big deal or small deal?

In order to ensure every transaction into proper manner. We should aware third party opinions is important. So, the criticise by anyone it can be solved easily. No one is happy when certain deal drop by a mouth.

A tycoon now manipulated some deal in the market. It seem like use public money to control a company. All fellow who follow his stocks get struck. So, how to defensive your hard earn money drop into their hand.

Actually when you are involved into his game which was controlled by him. You should aware that is a loss game. Not even a cent you can take away from that. 

A big deal like Talam restructuring case like into trouble because of politic. A simple deal like this already observing by SC, Bursa, FIC and shareholders as well as bankers. From that if any deal scan through by such authority department also can drop because of someone said fishies. So what we can trust?     

I do not who is the big beneficiaries? But obviously is banker( those listed company also). Because all money go to them to settled the outstanding loans. Who is controlled the bank???? Is it KWSP & LTAT. KWAP, Tabung Haji or Khazanah Holdings all involved into that?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

兰花 Vs 木兰花



当冬天里"木兰花"开时,那冰冷的风, 白雪纷飞,那时很想问一问, 那时的妳,究竟在何方?

Sunday, July 8, 2012


入梦-------曾经可以入梦, 为何今夜难眠. 难解,难解. 期待下次的偶遇。不知道几时,不期求未来,只云现在。那桃花盛开时,或是向日葵朝阳时,这都令人忘怀。伊人何在, 芳踪隐然。心离身,痛悲惨。

Friday, July 6, 2012

Why should said that?

A politic talking a listed company in front of media. From his comments, we could noted actually he is lack of knowledge of corporate exercise. Very simple is if some one owe your some money, now he is trying to exchange his property with you at market value of 10% premium or discount. So, the price of purchase higher than loan amount, definitely we should pay the balance of the purchase price. That will bring 3 advantages :-

a) The loan has been settled
b) The property not use by loan borrower for other purposes.
c) Stop others creditors applied the court injunction on the piece of properties.

The settlement between the owner and lender. If this deal done by private company maybe we can say a lot of issues has been covered. For the listed company, I do believed and trusted the deal has been obtained approval from authority. the politician forgotten, most of the authority department is under their party. So, if he claimed such deal was wrong, he should bring back to his party and government to query them. That's also mean the authority never carry their duty in the proper manner.