Thursday, June 27, 2013


Why ETITECH step into such situation? In the company history, company done a lot of corporate exercise. Varies times of bonus and splitting as well as special allotment. Yesterday found that the payment transaction had against the rules of listing requirement. Actually, the good management can help to solve such problems. If they spend so much of money, how come never apply some risk management onto that???

No doubt, a lot of company also have such problems. Because in the balancing of internal out of functioning well. In the corporate, sales & marketing must be always optimistic and admin & accounts dept always pessimistic. So, the BOD members should stop sales & marketing apply the marketing wish or wording into company. Like example, provided sales targeted data as guide for management or on going deal as actual sales. Sales return never report highlighted into the report. Because such unsure data mislead the management to improve or setting some preventing system for analyzing of market trend or consumers' needs.On the other hand, admin & accounts dept also should not sp pessimistic in all times, they should based on collected actual info for reporting purposes. If some history data shown bad, it does not shown bad will continue in the future. So, review and monitoring the existing system is compulsory and must be in proper manner to identify which has been absolute with unreasonable applying. So, the action must be taken up immediately to delete it and then ensure the data collected in the reasonable way.

I do believe, if the staffs do not ignore the complex mission in hand and try hard to complete it. Most of the issues can be solved. Etitech also can do that if they wanna to do so. So, as an investors support them by way of purchase their shares and give them some times to rectify it accordingly   


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family's Business

Sometime when we joined a company with so many of relative working inside. What is the situation? Can you tell me you can perform as normal? I do not think so? It would happen all time in your career.
You may noted someone low ability than you but can carry the high post with high salary.
You can found someone can apply unusual attitude than normal.
You may criticizes by someone with unreasonable.
You may competence with shadow.

Most of the listed company also faced such difficulties. 3rd generation come with high post with same education background or maybe holding the same qualification. Recently we can see some stock price start come down heavily because of appointed the new CEO elected by family. Of course someone is perform better than normal, but more than 70% worst than ordinary people. That's also applied to those company link company, holding such post because of politician background. That is another way of assignment from family or relative....

The story will continue......

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sharing the loss

Now, is time to sharing the loss. 3 countries in the Asean registered heavy loss in the pass 2 days. Someone sharing the profit and someone sharing the loss.

Why IT can sell the stake 10 billion?? Why whatapps so hot in the market? Why people not chasing the food and beverage but chasing the innovation product?