Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Record

KLCI index break 1231 and about 10 points in the first session. I am holding Time and Frontkn now. It was gave me a good profit. Now I am selected Frontkn again and this morning was bought in with big volume again.

It is hard to see any adjustment on penny stocks. So, My plan is increase volume on certain counter which I have been monitor it long time. I am waiting Frontkn break 28 cents and will consider buy in again at this level.

No others bad news and the rally because derived from who interested buy in IPO on Maxis. So, they used it at now and try to earn some money because subscribe the said share. A lot of corporate exercise bring another good effect to all funders. They manipulate it with those news and turn it be good incentive on specific counter. So, join in these party must be careful than normal.

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