Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Market Search new direction

KLSE Market index was hit new high on today morning. After that due to few reasons affected, so that closed at low. It has shown negative in the next day. Whoever playing contra will facing some lose. External market also gave negative although DJ index was hit higher on yesterday. The big funds manager playing a game to bet USD up in the coming day. So that they transfer back some funds and buy own country shares.

That is a bad scenario for others equity market. Investors ind doubt why DJ was hit higher but our stocks keep on adjusting to lower. Why Why Why

Please do not panic so soon. Because they may not right at this round. If this is a third or forth round of the betting. It will cause more worries. Now, everything just test on. It may not come true.

Sell penny stocks immediately in the next morning, Wait the bad news absorbed until next signal of rally appears.

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