Saturday, January 31, 2009


The economy shrank at its fastest pace in nearly 27 years in the fourth quarter, government data showed, sinking deeper into recession as consumers and business cut spending. ( News Fr CNBC)

The report from CNBC also highlighted USA GDP Falls 3.8 Percent.

Friday, January 30, 2009


UEMland had over bought at last 2 weeks. Today, it was finally hit as low as 74 cents. The strong supporting level at 74.5 became as history. So, this counter would not be given you any more profit. Please be careful!!!!

Today KLSE market perform mixed. But I am worry next week will be worst because of: -

a) Last hour trading on today, Resort world faced a heavy sell force.
b) IOI closed at lower altought it was hit the higher level of RM4, but closed at 3.92.
c) Some funds manager manipulated the future index by way of support some index link counter.

Based on the above, i am predict next week have a heavy adjustment on index. Please stay away for while!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lose money day

I had decided tomorrow out from market. This round i was lose about 2k. That formula i believe was not brought me a gain. It had help me minimise my lose.

When I was applied a formula if it did not contributed me anythings after 3 times. Usually, i will be decided quit for while.

Market seems like lost its momentum. I am worry it can continue on few weeks or 2 months. But it also has not show bad signal on any adjustment will comes. Honestly, I am prefer quit a while to identify more data first before any buying.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Open Low Closed High

KLSE 's market hit low at this morning due to bad news published on local chinese paper. ICELAND bankrupt is a old news, that country already seeking IMF rescue since Nov 2008. The government steped down due to conflict of politic parties. Another bad news is local paper help Pakatan party spread rumours "It will more local politician will jump out from BN."

The above bad news had reduced investors interest of buying in this morning despite of good news from external market. Our local paper sometime did a funny job, it would not observe certain issue on difference degree. It was always brought some negative issues/things and allowed few parties fighting. Recently the New ERA Institute and about the Penang state government funds allocation to Chinese association is a bad example. They could spend more than fews day to published such news.

As a reader, I was always in doubt how to find data to survive in this crisis but always disappointed. They only can given such historical news and afraid more people in this country.

At last, let us ignore such stupid news. Today market perform good at closing and I was bought in Ramunia and Ramunia-WA at 35 cents and 16 cents respectively. Because i am confident tonight EURO and USA will hit higher. I wish I am right!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Opening At World Market

Japan Nikkei opened at plus 200 points after celebrated Chinese New Year. It was mainly due to Euro bank shares price surge at yesterday night. Especially Barclays Bank surge almost 73%. That were indirect brought all Euro's major index up more than 3.5% each respectively.

I am believe the above good result 100% will spread over to Asia Pacific market open at positive position in these two days. That is super "Ang Pow" for investors.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A bad day for RAT Year

From the good open in the rat year. A lot people wish can earn some money, but financial crisis was happen in USA spoilted everybody dream. In the rat year, I was not earned enough cents from share investment. But i had been succeed escape from that crisis. Recently short up rally contributed me a little profit. I am hereby concluded it was a bad year for me.

Today, i had been cut lose my TWSCORP and lose about 1.5 cents per shares. But buy in again UEMland at 74.5 cents.

Equity market still perform badly at current situation but Malaysia market still can sustain a bit longer. But i am believe the heavy adjustment will coming soon.

By the way, Chinese New Year around the corner. This few days, just forget about the market and enjoy your holiday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today, We Earn some money

Today, We had managed earn some money from equity market. We bought in UEMland at 74 cents and run at 770 cents. We also bought in Equine at 36 and run at 37.5 cents. Of course we bought in with big volume, after minus the cost. We had few hundred ringgit profit.

Tomorrow, sapcres is my target. Because today it had finally created a strong based at 75 cents. Another good condition is sapcres-wa going to expired at this month and exercise price is 71 cents. If i am the company directors or maor sharesholder, I have to try to maintain shares price at higher level to encourage the minority interest excercise the conversation. But, please remember shares price movement does not 100% related to this issue. This theory only can apply to specific counter only.

As at today, I am still holding TWSCORP and hopefully tomorrow it can be given me some profit.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lose money day

As a shares speculator, every time when market have a heavy adjustment. Definitely has some stock left behind in hand and need to cut lose. It had given a warning, market sentiment very weak. After year 1997, I had been known how to escape it to minimise the lose.

Today, I am trying to against my theory again. I had been bought in TWSCORP at 36cents, Equien at 36 cents. Maybe this few week earn some money and my mind encouraging me play again.

had above decision because of: -
a) This 2 counter had been adjusted more than 20% from the top.
b) As a guide for me whether should continue playing or quit.

Of course, this round I won't select any stock from 2nd page top volume stock. It can help me easy cut lose to minimise the lose.

At last, I hope investors please do not believe the OBAMA effect can help you earn money from equity market. That is dangerous excuse!


As a normal investor, usually trying to maximum the profit and minimise the loss. Today market adjusted another 10 to 11 points totally hurt a lot of people. But equity market is cruelly game, it must have some people is a winner or loser.

KLSE ‘s market seems like very easy infected and influence by external issue because, we are: -

a) Not a Development country
b) Government policy does not have effective and efficiency.
c) National Commodities Company’s shares playing a major role on KLSE index.

So, in KLSE equity market you are always can see the movement of stock very funny. Like: -

a) Other countries index had been touched the new high level, KLSE index down.
b) Other countries index had been hit historical level, but KLSE index maintained.

Please do not apply same skill/theory at development market in KLSE market. It could be brought you confuse.

On current market situation, we should avoid buy in any share but certain counter already adjusted more than 20% from recent higher price. Hence, it would give you some profit margin for day trading, i.e. TWSCORP, UEMLAND and EQUINE.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Remember this stock? It was hit to 46 cents on last week but had made a consolidated last few days. Now, it was came back again 37 cents. If you wants to try your luck again. You can buy in , but please remember the profit margin is small.

The heavy adjustment on second line stock totally affected index turn down and touch 890 points again. It is a dangerous level, if it can not sustain or have a strong support. Market will hit down to 800 points.

Euro market open at strong and hopefully it could given some good news to help Asia Pacific has a good closing for year of RAT.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


After the second line counter given a good profit on last 3 weeks ago. That is almost end of the rally. Of course, that were attractive and excited on those day. But if you continue playing the said counter, I am worry it may hurt your again.

KLSE index heavy weight counter in the coming week will contribute more profit than penny stock. So, the funny show perform in the equity market. Index up but no profit for second and third line stock.

It seems like these rally is almost over and index will searching the support level again after Chinese New Year festival.

I am not going to recommend any stocks at beginning of next week, unless the data/info in the market perform outstanding. Friendly speaking, I was quit after taken the profit of Ramunia-WA at 17 cents.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Speculating Counter on today

Today early morning session, Ramunia had hit 35.5 cents. That is unusual move, as i was mentioned before, if the counter broke the resistance level. It would given you a surprising up move.
In order to earn some profit, I had decided buy in Ramunia-WA at 14cent. KlSE index did not perform well in this morning but second and third line counter still provide some good profit for short term buying.
I am also believe although the market index will not break new level but market momentum still strong for day trade. Hope you are chose the right counter to earn some money from that.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A bad day/An opportunity day

Yesterday FTEC (UK index) slump about 5%. It was given a fears again into equity market. So, Asia Pacific leader Hang Seng index also slump more than 5%. Hang Seng easily hit down below 13,200 points in the whole day but finally pull back above 13,280 points. It was a good news and indicate market tomorrow will rebound.

If you are dare to buying some share at today. Especially in the afternoon session, I am believe you can collect some Chinese New Year ang Pow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A good day For day trader

KLSE equity market in the morning session given a bad move to everyone. But, in the afternoon hot volume counter given a fantastic profit for day trader.

Yesterday, my question was highlighted Why MRCB did not hit down to 81.5 cents although the index perform badly. So, market already provide the answer, it is because the sell force has been well absorbed by market. I do not wondering tomorrow these counter will hit until 93 cents. But, please remember taken the profit immediately unless it has special announcement on it.

I am predict market still has buying interest because of: -
a) Predict government will reduce the BLR more than 0.5%. Due to these reason, Financial stock does not perform well as index.
b) The new stimulated economic plan will announce and given a good support to contruction and property sector.

Due to the above assumption, if MRCB can touch 93cents. WCT wouldn't left below 1.30 and Gamuda will hit 2.20. So, i am insist buying in WCT-WB and hope to gain some profit.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who is number one?

Who is champion? Who is number one? For me, that is not important. But today at the chat box, one guy name Edmundtts and another one name Martin wants to be number one. Why they have to chose my blog here as fighting ground? Surprise and wonder?

By the way, today market was performed badly. I believed a lot of investors had a worry about tomorrow market. Is it index will continue adjust below 900 points?

Some data misleading me. So, I couldn't had any conclusion. Let me tell you, what are the data have confuse me: -

1) Last week market index also hit this level but that day MRCB price touch 81.5. Today, MRCB lower price done was 82.5.
2) Last week IOIcorp touch 3.88 but today hit below 3.80.

It had given all the negative data but the second and third line stock maintained at comfortable level. Of course, I am still holding WCT-WB at 21 cents to wait it given me some profit. But I had set the cut lose price at 18.5 and hope it would not disappointed me.

At last, hope the 2 above number one gentlement looking another fighting ground to continue their war. We are not interesting about who is number one. We are only care about our stocks in hand do not performing badly in the coming days. That is enough.

A number one Financial blog by Edmundtt

To: Mr Edmundtt,
"In the first place, i cant' believe people will having interest to read your blog. Otherwise,You should be spend more time to entertain those people which is interested your so call No 1 financial blog. Furthermore,you had purposely reject those negative comment and only allow those favourable comment visible in your blog. So, Is it this is a meaning of so called number one financial blog??????"
In my opinion,if a person said he is a number one financial writer. He should not be free and care about people's article. But I think he will spend more time to analyst more financial data to guide people in the better way of investment strategy to achieve the maximum gain.
Furthermore, as a genius of investor in the equity market. He had accumulated a lot of wealth from the market. So, he should be able to donate some of his profit and spend some of his free time to the charity association instead of finding trouble in the cyber world.
I am lucky enough you surname did not have any direct or indirect related to me. Otherwise i will feel shameful in front of my nation.

Crave some Gain from KLSE 's stock

As usual, KLSE not allow to do sell short on individual stock. So, Malaysian investors aim for share price up only can gain some profit. Be a winner, must study hard on every step of price and analyst careful on volume traded on everyday.

Like yesterday movement of shares price, give a lot of implication it would be dropped. But finally well absorb has been happen and maintain some price at higher level.

So, if today market can run more than 20 points, I wouldn't surprised. There is a good support at every level of each individual shares. Especially those shares trade in active at first volume page.

So, if you had some idea on individual counter could bring you a small gain, Please buy in immediately. I am still recommend buy in WCT and WCT-WB for short term basic.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Last week, WCT faced a cancellation of contra at Middle East. It was cost about 1.3-billion contract sum. This news totally impacts the share price for WCT. First day hit the limit down and second day hit low to 92.5 cents.

After the said adjustment it would given WCT looking its reasonable price to consolidate. Referred the Friday afternoon session at KLSE equity market. The overall performance of KLSE was maintained at 910 above. The traded results shown, it was had some buying interest at property sector.

In the current bad economic sentiment, my employee had decided reduce the bonus rate. So, in order to gain some profit to level up my personal bonus at this year. I have buying WCT-WB at 21 cents. Target price set at 30 cents for short term trading.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Avoid to do any "short" position on future index at coming week

That is dangerous for you continue playing the "short" at KLSE index at next week. I loved KLSE's today performance. It was created a strong base at 910.

The properties counter performing well in the second shift. I do believe the up trend will continue in the coming week. If KLSE index break 937, I would not surprise.

Of course, before reading any data on Monday, there is no recommendation any individual stock for you to pick. I will try reading and analyst it in the morning and trying it post at here as soon as possible for yours reference. But, I beleive TWSCORP would not disappointed you in the monday morning.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trend of index and individual counter price did not matched reasonable

By right KLSE equity market had an adjustment on today is good for long term. But, a lot of index link counters did not follow the down turn step. Most of them still higher than estimated. It would be affected next up rally stop by these resistance.
An Example is : - MRCB should go back to 785 while index stood at 910 points. So, if index hit up trend again these counter would not giving you any good profit.

Refer to yesterday of my future contract, it was given me a substantial profit in this morning. Of course, I weren’t allowed this gain leaving from my hand. So, I have been closed deal at 12.30noon.

After that, I prefer to stay away awhile and waiting another indicator shown in the market. By the way, if you want to try you luck on today, Please buy in TWSCorp. Maybe it could be given you some profits in the 3 days time.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Short KLSE Furture Index at 935

After review the market transaction on first session, I am decide to sell 2 future contract at 935 points. Because i was found that: -

a) Commerce (1023) second time touched at 7.15.
b) Genting and resort did not follow today index up together.
c) Market 2nd time open at jump start 7 points (1st time at monday open at 901, jump start 7 points at open).

I was also noted that transaction volume reduce heavily at 2nd pages of top volume. It would giving me an idea to sell short at future index.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

KLSE has been shown Bad Indicator at today

Market played a good show at today. It was made fears in the morning and given some profit to day trade player. Of course, certain counter still given some good contra gain for speculating. Based on today traded volume and price, it was given a bad signal, index would not performing well in the coming day. Normal circumstances, it would not giving you a substantial profit in the coming day and index adjustment will fall down in the range of 20 points. If investors selected the wrong counter in Monday, it will brings suffer and some worries.

As per tips given at here on last Friday and Monday, likes IOICorp, Resort ,MRCB, UEMLand and Time had provided a good profit to followers. So, today If you succeed taken profit. Please stay away for while to avoid the above said impact.

Market will hit down close to 900 points. I am waiting another group of supporter step in at this level. Otherwise, market will hit back to 860 points, it will totally spoilt all the confidence of supporter. If KLSE index would hit as low to 860 points, market will continue perform bad in the coming 3 months.

In fact, I do not like to make such prediction because sometime equities market would not follows you thought to perform. But I hope the above idea could help someone understand more about our market. The above data only is a guidance to assist you invests in the market more carefully.

KLSE Index maintain at this Level

KLSE index were maintained at this level but 2moro the profit taking on second and third liner counter. It wouldn't be surprised 2moro KLSE index up few points, but number of loser more than gainer.

Since yesterday if you had bought in MRCB, Time and UEMland at per my recommended at afternoon. Please take the profit and enjoy you chinese new year.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Buy in

Please buy in : -

a) MRCB - estimate will touch 86 cents
b) Time - estimate will touch 17 cents
c) UEM Land - estimate will touch 69 cents.

Please do not use " Hold Strategy" to save you capital if market turn down at this level. The above counter only can give you to recover or minimise you previous investment's loss.

Good Luck.....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Economic Impact

In year 2009, the economic in entire world will register badly. Equity market always run in advance about six month.

Although most of the countries inject in heavy funds into the finance sectors to increase the turnover of demand but seems like does not brings any effect.

The liquidity would brings a bad effect, if it does not work proper. Likes: -

a) Inflation
b) Devalue of local currency
c) Trade deficit continue

So, this year you maybe can see equities market contribute an investors some gain but economic still bad in all sector of business.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Good opening day

KLSE equities market performance well in opening day. In my point of view, after broke the 881 points. It could be hit as high as 920 points in this month.

In this particular month, I am selected the counter to buy in are: -
a) Time
b) IOICorp
c) Resort

International market still volatile by: -

a) Crude Oil will touch at USD70 again.
b) USD in currency market would seeks heavy adjustment and touch hit history low against Japanese Yen (Estimate that is about 50 yen :USD1)
c) Korean’s currency (Won) will also hit history low.

My own strategy is every down adjustment about 30 to 50 points in KLSE’s equity market, I will buy in and hold about 3 weeks. In this year, I have set the index move around at 756 to 998 points.

Hence, in order to enjoy your trading. Please consider avoid buy in Company would declared high dividend counter to save your capital. Use such capital to maximum your trading gain, there is more reliable in year 2009.

If you still holding “Short” position in future market. March contract should giving some profit but others month become uncertain.