Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2 days Rally ( Over)????

After Dubai Financial problems been absorbed by market. There were a small rally again for KLCI as well as those penny stocks with good for day trading. I am here need to watched out again because that is technical playing and wont last long. So, if you were took profit on that. Please take a rest.

Dubai Financing problems will create some trap: -
a) USD agianst with Japan Yen shut up soon.
b) Petrol and gold price must have adjustment because speculator need to repay USD to cover the leverage.
c) Some deal in international lapse
d) No more incentive from government can help financial market.
e) More debts will created to cover the existing outstanding loans.

The above scenario anytime can happen and World Factory like India, China and Brazil economic will face bad impact. Finally they had to close some factories to slow down the supply.

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