Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Injured due to accident, recovered 90%.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A person

Sorry my friend. Still learning and trying hard improve my "Rojak English". The last article did some ammendment, Feel free read again. 100 times apology............................

An individual/a person, a family, a society and then a nation. That's a foundation of one country's economic. Without these circle or lose of any important part, that may spoilt certain things.

A country grouped by people who have variety of thinking, education, difference environment and background. Hence, all is difference entity. Hardly to join up together.

The difference while apply by the above relationship chart. Automatic created an economic activities in the country. A power, motion or propulsion of economic bring population enjoy better resources from the earth.

So, a person should not pass negative minded to another. A person should not lie to people. A person should not have greedy attitude to control or monopoly earth resources.

Now, stock market have such giant company monopoly certain sources and information. Do they happy grab human resources to satisfying certain people? I hate such GLC because they are totally spoilt the natural of human being relationship chart. They had created a topic and used an excuse to monopoly. It is a myth? One day, I believe the myth tale will burst.

How come some specific fund control certain GLC listed companies always can give good dividend? Although that giant company had announced a bad result. Funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sudden died

Almost sudden died on last sunday. A car banged me heavily and I was uncousious immediately. While wake up I was in the hospital wad.

These day was deal with the car driver, She is a young lady and keep on told me she do not have money. But I am quite surprising in their family, they all owned more than three car. Finally she told me she felt wronged on this matter of the accident.

This is not a incident, that's real accident. Because it was happend in the middle of the roundabout. I was drove a bike inside the roundabout and a car suddenly come out from my left side of road and then banged me. She had never stopped her car when reached the road of the roundabout. I think no one expect her came out. I am believe those drive who have good attitude should not did such action as her.

Funny was, she told me I should not claimed as victim. otherwise she would feel wronged. How come I can not introduced myself is a "victim". What did she mean?

So, Please tell me " What is meaning of wronged" Is it I should died on these accident only can help her not feel wronged? or I should erase all my memories with zero claim on medical expenses only can help her feel comfortable.

How come those day young teenage have such thinking? Is it means that certify "a killer should feel wronged with unsuccessful task"? Does he/she can use this feeling aply from court as their defending reason?

Maybe this is a new generation's world, Maybe that is a new guide for me to trade stock. MAYBE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I have most probably sudden died. That's finally give me a new lesson to undeerstand more on youngest. The meaning of wronged interpreted by youngest is " You must silently kill by me, otherwise they will feel wronged" or " If youngest make a mistake, please do not tell them, just walk out with silent"

Thats a total differencely world I and youngest. In my own dictionary, "Wronged" means I did right thing but someone mark as negative on it.

How come so much of difference ?????????? Is it I had so outdate? or ,Maybe I was step into Alien's atmosphere?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why they are fighthing?

In Malaysia, those day got 2 politic parties' leaders fight on one issue. They are childhood talk in Facebook and fighting in Twitter. That's make ordinary people felt funny. Actually in current situation, they should try hard to develop our country economic. Is not just wasting so much time on writing note in Twitter to fight each other.

Yesterday PM of Malaysia mentioned he do not want ALIBABA. That;s wrong and misleading. Other group of Malaysian respect the constitution of law and allow some group sitting there with no contribution on effort and then sharing the profit. This is requested by them until today. Furthermore now asking for more because they are 67% of total population in Malaysia.

The NEP and past 50 years Malaysian Project have been created a group of people demand and waiting for distribution of Grandfather Assets. No one create ALIBABA. Just because some one monopoly some jobs with no knowledge do handle it. So that assignment some one to take over. They are happy on such monopoly. So, PM should stop such special allocation and should base on merit and ability of people for awarding such jobs or projects. That's only can forever eliminating such culture. That's no our fault. Is BN Fault? Go back to Cabinet and tell yours people stop such policy immediately. No people interested on Slogan in front of media with no action been taken.

If the policy been amended, we can see such open minded can invite/attract some high technology step in to Malaysia and allow Malaysian have a chance to improve and learn the High quality of skill. So that the high income of population can be achieved. Otherwise, that is another Slogan only.

Share investment become a good game if ignore some bad attitude like ,: Someone always enjoy free sharing of people effort with zero contribution. Pending some projects with a reason is no enough qouta. or pending certain project for approval in 15 years because of individual feel not happy. System delay with no such policy. Thats bad attidtude should be erase it immediately to meet the change.

So, Please our beloved YB should spend more time on that instead of like kids fight in the ground. Otherwise, one day the vote will drop into sea with feeling of sadness.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can't sleep

Wanted to sleep early, but fail. My mind just think about tomorrow market. Is it can buy some Bolton to keep? Is it can buy equin to speculate?

Wonder a article in paper said still can purchase some China RMB to invest. There is no more good margin on that. The outflow of foreign fund is big and starting transfer to Asean countries. Why still recommended to Buy RMB. Wonder and Surprise.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A serenity life

Wants to build or develop a serenity home not that easy. Be a humble man also not that easy. Buy shares brings me unreasonable and need to against some negative trend. Somehow a lot of people were commented you did wrong on specific one. So that kind of pressure bring your hard to serenity and brings it back home be harmony.

Your mind all stuck by fluctuation of the shares price, follow by the action in crazy. Just telling your are a story, recently a man who stay in my village strike a jackpot about 10 million ringgit. I do not know how his cool down to accept the fortune but a bit respect him so calm and steady.

Shares price brings one person wealth up and down. So that riches man always said he was never buy share and hold some valuable properties and now be a multi millionaire.

So, if you wants to have a serenity life. pls forget the share investment in yours life.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Who will benefit?

Soon, we can see national election being call in Malaysia. The recent activities done by politician showned some signal, Furthermore little bit of pressure on treasury of government force them call on it. If i am not mistaken, the general election date most probably plan held on end of these year.

So, a high risk of flutuation of stock price and big impact on those speculator in these coming 3 months. if you do not have any holding power to hold it more than 4-6 months. You better stay away from market.

The good price offering by properties must support by stable politic in the nation. If the high price of properties can shut up better than impact of unstable politic. The hazzle be less and profit of properties will sustain.

Every single impact all inter related and cannot be ignore by your own judgement. So, run fast with hit the specific one with big volume and aim for earn marginal profit bring more advantages.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


As I was mentioned in the recently post at here. China changed its currency brings more advantages to Asean. Total amount of FDI about 1 trillion going to transfer here. Who has holding a properties in good location will earn double from existing value.

Those who not have any properties in hand should select some properties and keep it until next year for the rally. My current financial situation turn bad, so that hard to take some money enjoy this rally.

If I am a developer, I will lauch project in year 2011 but delay the booking in advance. After six months only start the collection together with fixed the selling price. Potential purchaser happy to chase it at high price becuase the demand is hot.

Developer should collecting some land from now to enjoy the benefit of appreciation of the value. Accounting rule FRS139 helping them earn extra on that and valuation of the company will enhance. So, public listed company which aggressive buying land in the day, there is a good investment stock.