Thursday, October 29, 2009

No more Positive

After DJ closed at down about 119 points on yesterday. Equity market in the world mostly starting their down trend. Malaysia market news now focus to politic and budget 2010. The Malaysia notes stronger and foreign funds bought in equity market not more give any incentive on it.

Now, starting a heavy adjustment on every day until it can obatian some support. Yesterday in Malaysia market GPacket -WA started with good and finally closed at gain 1 cent. So, that is a signal of adjustment on this stock.

The recent hottise penny stocks give everyone a good return but now, most of them under consolidation.

A man who walking on the street could found some valuable things. But is it can absorbed or use it for long period of time. Its hard to estimated. Like, you bought it a valuable stocks at cuurent price with current good status of the company. But that is no guarantee in the future.

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