Friday, December 31, 2010

New Job

Finally, get a new job. The paid not that good but it can minimise maintain back my life in normal. Start working few days, find a very odd environment has been arised in these industry. Last time, every one of junior must have strong basic of knowledge on such industry. But current market created those graudute no basic at all. How is the study environment they had it in the University. What is the lecturer guidance them? I really do not know.

Maybe the rapid changes environment requirement, it was indirectly compulsory them deliver fast and quick product to meet the market. Working people should aware that they should do the right job on such position. Not only obtain the beautiful title and high salary doing the lower ground job. So, that were created some jobs no people can work, and some jobs over supply.

The superior should well know the staff talent and allocate the suitable job for right person. Otherwise it would created inbalance system and evetually affected the organisation running smooth and well.

First day when I meet the junior and inform him should excuted some job before the date line. He was told him that is no his responsible plus tell him those assignment must completed by me.
Friendly speaking, that was made me angry. Means that he trying to allocate the assignment to him by his opinion. Further tell him, director never ask him to do such job. So, that is hot his responsible on that.

The entire department under my supervision but junior told me those jobs should completed by me. Further guide me I cannot assign him any jobs. So, finally when I asked him those jobs which one he can produce to me, That answeris , that is non one of those jobs he had experienced.

These attitude was make me understood, he coming here to enjoy the high title to upgrade the status but actually he did not know that is a basic of his position. Furthermore, he had claimed that typing work and data entry work enough to help me gain him to well know these industry. So, what can I say?

Obviously, no one happy stay one professional in his whole life. But as long as you use it as working instrument. At lease you should able to provide some basic things for company/employer. Assignment of job by head of department duty. Normally when I noted his earn so high pay, the task allocate should be more quality than others. Otherwise he can not show any good example to junior and also misuse company resources to employ a new and more quality staff.

I am always believed, guide junior earn more skills and help them growing up as strong as you. Finally the superior can earn more than loss. Because a wiser junior can direct you a new vision and new solution on the same problem. Please do not scare about youngest people replace you. That is not a good theory in life. So, open yours mind to teach and let them go back to same direction with you.

Talking about KLCE, those stocks registered high in year 2010. Are they can continue in 2011 perform as good as 2010. But base on my experience, the rollere coaster theory may arise in KLCE. Down about 300 points and up about 300 points from 1500. That is a big difference and so, the timing of in and out is very important.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Honest and disappointed

Plus's minority shareholder had set a double attitude on one same issue. If Plus increase the toll charges, they are angry. When some one offer better price to take offer the company, They are tell us, it should not sell it because that company every year given out the good dividend.Or that is too low on offer price because toll charges going to increase after the fifth year.

In Malaysia we can see so many of selfish people like that. They can earn happily although or actually kill someone bone or blood. Due to such attitude from them, corruption had happen in our surrounding almost 50 years. Just because of unfair agreement signed by government, entire population in the country must carry the burden more than 50 years. Like IPP project, we must pay unlimited money to satisfy the shareholders. Let us calculate the shareholders in the said companies. Maybe are about 300,ooo only. Compared with our population, they are 28 million. Because of 300,000 people , one year ours must bear about 29.7 billion. So, please ask yourself if you are the said company shareholders, how much dividend your are gaining on that investment?

Be a fair population in these country, your are helping poor people to take back their hard earn money from government. So, honestly ask yourself, are you feel disappointed on misuse of resources in the country?

Hence, scarify a little bit of 60 cents and allow us to see better way to get back population assets better than your are being any donation. Please do not think to earn few cents and eventually allow yours second generation suffer forever. Viewing better life environment in the future can save multi 60 cents rather than now your just can earn about extra 60 cents.

So, if I am minority shareholder in the said companies, (IPP or PLUS). I will demand an agenda to reject both offer and maybe request government or EPF take over the full exercise of acquisition. Refuse any public company or private equity offer. That is the right to help everyone enjoy the benefit.

Honestly, stock can only use for speculating. If holding long term, sometime the behind issue on the company may really sadness. Of course, business world should not attach any emotional. In my opinion, we earn money must feel happy. So, selection is actually control by you. Why you always refuse it?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Benefit & Interests

Who want to be 2nd class in the company? I am believe everyone wants to be head. Recently I had an interview and noted that someone started took leave after the new recruitment been advertise.
Is it good for corporation? Are you agree that it could help you gain some benefit by way of on-strike?

When one company start growing up, management requires the volume and quality of job must be in proper. Otherwise, they will feel loss control. So, as a quality staffs we should support the new recruitment to assist company continue growth to meet the market requirement.

If system remain unchanged on new expanding. The existing system be encumbrance. So, staffs feel tired and boring. The incentive awarded to specific person/individual become intransparency. Management can not know what is the right decision on daily operation.

The right person should recruit in and existing staffs should learn absorb the new idea. In KLSE, a lot of company still applying old idea with their business. So, HR Department simply reject quality person with own interest. The top management fear to meet new business and do not have any new ideas to grab more business.

So, finally just wait at there to meet the crisis arrival. Scary to compare because of bad quality of skill. Worry the recruitment because of new staff gain better salary. So, covered up all infomartion to care about own interests.

Monday, December 13, 2010

In town

Whole day travelled in town. Along the travelling see a lot of changes. After my surgeon operation, today was me stepped my foot in KL. Although my injured part on my brain. But I am lucky enough recovered very fast.

The new development of housing and new development of infrastructure full string along the road. Maybe if I am still staying at home, one day i will miss the direction. In year 2010, some good news bring our shares market index shut to new high. I can say that I was missed the boat. Because my prediction on KLCI is negative and good for short selling on future index year. So, If I am a fund manager i will lose heavily on that.

I was predict correct on Gold price can hit up to 1300 but wrongly predict on KLSE index. QE2 policy in federal reserve of USA give me a shock and so make me wrong prediction on future index.

Honestly I am not 100% wrong because after I was noted some cash flow were jumped into ASEAN Countries. I did recommended bought in properties sector shares. So, the losses can be recovered.

What is yours planning in next year? Are you ready a big funds to jump into the super bull market in Malaysia. The volatile of shares price excited and will me can't sleep proper in year of 2011.

In centre of town make me felt tasteless, because hot weather bring me uncomfortable. Maybe too long period never step into capital market or maybe last 8 months I living as Communist style. So, if today I wanna to buy a share. Which counter I should buy? TMC or MRCB????? Let me study first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where are you staying?

In town centre, or village? Everyone need a bed and space for relaxing after the hard working day. Normally we are separating the our working place with relaxing place. So, we must have a rest place after the office hours.

A lot of people come from difference town need to rent a room or house. After they have saving enough money, they will buy a house. A developer use this trend to build up the house to sell. Some others use this as excuse to speculating as high class investment. Despite Government trying hard to impose some regulation to provide some place for poor people. But in our associate already indirectly classified someone is high class or some group is low class.

Perhap everyone prefer be a high class people. but I am believe their life is tough and lose direction. The basic need turn to luxury and bind themself as an animal to work hard on that. In the 20 century, the western countries purpose as welfare countries to allow people enjoying their life after retirement but there are suffering in this century. After a decade, old people take over the suffer from someone. Who created such fault and let them suffer?

Remember our old generation always told us. Our grand grand father plants a tree, next generation enjoy the fruits. Is that a correct economic theory? This theory always make me confuse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A poor father and a rich yougest. That is a trend. As as today we still beleive it. Now, can we change it ?????

Soon we can see a group of youngest can't staying in KL centre, they are trying move back to hometown to stay. A faster inflation force them back and the war will start between the brother s and sisters. They are fighting be nominated in his/her father's will. Are you may become one of them?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

High Income

High income should not means you are earning high salary and believe it that is rich. In my mind, high income should be able to classify that you can receive any amount but can enjoy low cost on yours daily expenses. Like Hong Kong, you must pay 4 to 5k to rent a room and the ordinary worker just received about 8k monthly salary, that is meaningless.

High income means you necessary daily requirement represented on your monthly salary lower than 20%. The balance of it can use to improve your current life style. Most of people use the extra income to buy luxury item for enjoyment. But if you can use it as investment to improve you income, that we can say one day you may rich.

Just read an article said, if you buy a car as own use. That is liabilities not asset. I do agree that because car must paying road tax, maintenance, toll and petrol. It become another instrument help you and me spend money. It is not a asset.

So, I wish at here one day if my monthly salary touch 10k, hopefully the teh tarik not like HK sell at 15 per cup.

A dream be high income people attach with high expenses. environment . Finally you are getting zero. You retirement date is null. Similar like if one day index break 2,000 points, your holding in hand shares still worth about 2.00 as at points of 1200. So, do you happy on that.

So, high income should established by every population must believe effort, innovation, fair, contribution and hard working. If someone still waiting Grandfather distribution of assets or a partial people still believe the assets still belonging to them. The high income of population just a dream or one day, you can see in our city full of high rise building but the neighbour is grouping by poor association society. Inbalance extremely so it does not bring everyone happy.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


vise China was created the bubble very fast if one day burst, the speculating money cost about 1,000 billion USD will run to Asean country. The money must place some where. I just wonder the Asean can absorb how many percent on that. If Malaysia market can absorb one percent. It is represent about 100 billion USD.

The stocks market can up about 800 points. Properties market up about 50%. Actually those funds has been plan something. Because in year 97 and 98, the same crisis was happen in Asean, now is china.

Most of the people tell us a lot of business man invest in China. Actually they are not invest, they are utilised some resources at there, especially the manpower/labour cost. They destruct the market in progressive way, they push the normal market price into jumping step. From step by step push to run by run or grabbing style.

The strong economic should create by government. It should be from ground to high. If government interfere that, the result is rich become riches. Poor become worst. But usually government only listen the rich man comment and advise. So, the rich man follow his own agenda to maximum their profit instead of take care of lower ground people. The fundamental does not change, the difference of amount on spending and salary can create a big hole and distance. Finally demand of necessity things become difficult. So, if the government want to help people, it should assist ordinary population stand on cement ground. That is no bubble and can be last long of stable.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Investment shares must have some skill to do it. So, do you want to copy someone skill as guidance. A lot of investment theory books hot sale in the book shop. Hence, the published and the writer earn a lot of money from that. So, before you earn any money from market, they have been rich.

Refer back all riches man in the world, they do not want to copy from others. They had created, new idea of trading and make a new things for sell, they also develop own way of trading. At last, they are succeed.

So, if you have mixed up the few master's theory and create a new style of investment. In future you may become a riches man. If you had copy someone skill or only listen from analyst report ,the best result is only can survive with normal. Because good things already using for their own and you are only can receiving the secondary information. Of course, copy means minimise the risk but all conditions must be 100% same as creator. If one of condition does not same, you may lose everything.

Examp;e like, you must invest the same amount of money and same stock as creator. You must always update the some information as him. You behavior and character must be same as him.

Can you do that??????????????????

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Why people rejected my job application? People commented the interviewer too choosy. But in my opinion, they maybe did a good decision although my application does not success.

If I sit the position of them I would not select a person who carry the sickness can join into the company. Because I hold a responsibility to company, that is pay the amount to get a good condition thing. I am not a boss and the salary is not paying by me. So, I must ensure the new employee should capable to work.

I am a person who just taking a surgeon operation on brain. So, not one can guarantee the side effects do not happen on my body in the short period of time. So, I am not angry at all for the failure of interview. Because I am not even can give more evident to proof myself in the good condition to work. As well as doctor also can't give me any report to proof I will not have any bad effect on my body because my injury part is a main operating system of the body. Hence, i personally must continues suffering on that.

Malaysia legal system will kill everyone suffering on accident. The procedure of claiming of insurance must go through a lot of procedure. If both parties do not agree the settlement amount, the legal action at least must take 3 years or maybe more.

Law does not set time limit for final judgement as well as also do not limit the attendant times for every case on each party . So, lawyer playing on delay activities to help someone and on the same time allow the defaulter enjoy the happiness. On the others hand, victim must suffer on paying extra money to pay the higher lawyer fees.

My own idea is, Parliament people should table a new law to cover such loophole to prevent the serious case/criminal case delay by unnecessary delay and faster obtain the final decision from the court.

If our law have provide such efficiency, our ETP or NEM can be success in short period of time. No one wasting time to attend the court and foreign investors dare to through money to invest at here.

I believe that time market index can shut up to 5000. That is not a bullshit because transfer the money in and out from Malaysia will faster 3 times than now. Confident build up because of investment of everyone is protected. Foreigner and nation will trust law can help them recover back the money from any illegal way.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Do you Like North Korea's Bomb SK

Investors worries about NK's Bomb. But that is your opportunity to pick cheap share. North Korea is not a big issue. The big problem is USA involved into these war.

Of course China and Russia not allow USA involve into the war between NK and SK. Because it will automatic open a door to their enemy easy planning set a army force stage nearby their country.

Shares investors worry this and worry that may cause you loss some golden opportunity. In my view, those bad news was published into media all is not a problem. Crisis cannot be detected in advance. It will suddenly appear and no one will noted it was accumulating. So, those news is someone purposely created to monopoly.

So every adjustment open a door for you step into the game. Please do not miss it.