Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who hold responsible?

Financial crisis happen in past 2 years ago. Most of the government started some preventive policy to ensure future risk. But they have forget about those valuation corporation's mistake. If S & P never graded those bond as top level. It hard to be happen. Why such responsible been escape?

SC of USA should indicated which bonds graded by them was wrong. Those funds should charged them to recover some losess. Maybe the major sharesholder had overcome such problems and SC of USA pretended or maybe hard to disturb the rich man. USA take action on it will spoilt the image of capitalisation central in the world and indirectly tell entire world they are monopoly.

In the criminal act, one provision said that "if your had killed someone by way of received an instruction. The instructer also bear the same charged on murder."

On the those CDO and CDM issued by USA bank. Who gave them a green light to sell? Who guidance Greece used such technical to covered up loan? Why existing loan no repayment in time can be roll over?

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Blood

Few interview could not success. Feel disappointed and now think to borrow some money for daily expenses. How to use some excuse to borrow some money??? A funny thingy was yesterday someone called me ask me lend him some money. Six months no work, no one care about you but when thier need money times only can remember me. Funny!!!!!!!!!!

So far, new blood and youngers demanded in market. Boss look at my age, first impression is This man hard to control. In the shares investment, old bord better than new blood because the previous result and turnover give investors more confident on that company.

So, be a human being you are better be young. Be a thing you can be old and stable. So, if 3 years ago, you told someone lehman brother going to bankrupt soon. You might get blame and hate.

So, i have been classified that IPO is new blood. Right issue is old bird.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kick Off

Most of the analysis emphamsised on currency rate to replan your invstments portfolio. Currency war coming soon be a main role in every sector of the economic. No matter how strong the company, it should be able to sell its products in to entire world. Global demand affeted one company revenue and monopoly status. Competitors hard to compete if one company had achieved global status.

Kick off means starting a game, kick you off means kick you out of the game. Am I right? So, do investment must well know all currency movement in the world. Why Japan Yen move up, shares price drop? Why Malaysia riggit up, shares price up? These all question must have good reasons support only can allow you plan your next step of yours investment?

Shares Investment needs a lot of general knowledge to support your further action. Speculating shares price need 10 times of the general knowledge to hit and run. Are your ready on it?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad Attitude

I owned a very bad attitude, It was always followed me. Criticise people or matters do not care the current situation as well as do not care about own future. Like those day, I am using apply some jobs. In there, viewed some good post offered by Bursa. Of course, that give me chance to learn more about capitalised market development in Malaysia. On the same time, I had wrote some motes at here criticised Bursa did some mistake on Kenmark. The stupid attitude of me, maybe kill me to have any chance of interview.

Charactere/behaviour of one person always affected individual on investments. Some people gritty on high profit margin and some people like to earn fast money. Everyone should well know about his own ability to adjust it, otherwise this will brings bad impact on your normal life.

Like buy magnum or 4d number, if you spend all in money on one draw and finally the result does not suit yours number. You may suffer in your daily life requirements.

This day busy on apply jobs because my pocket is empty. Bad luck is until now, those employer did not interested to employ me. Maybe I am not Hamsun. Lucky still have some support from friends. They are appreciated my previous helpful on them. So, normal life still can survive. But I think they can't support me forever because they also hae limited sources in hand.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Down Trend?

Malaysia share market seems to be reach double top resistance. It could happen anytime on this month. If there is a case. Market index will fall down deeply.

World economic looking a new trend and those government mislead by in hand data. So, China based on that adjusted its RMB policy. Is it a right decision?

Some people thought shares should rebound soon after the world cup festival. That is not a good move because fundamental been affected by difference government policy with difference ideas.

After the world cup over, those Euro countries must come to facts and solve the loan problem again with limited bullet in hands. Economic and attitude of population still depend on government policy to support them with luxury life. If there is continuous, structure of democratic policy will go to end and finally country will control by army force again. The food and resources need to distribution by way of military requirement.

No short trading period of shares can be highlighted for contra game. I hope I am wrong with own thought but really hope have some new ideas to help our world continues peaceful.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

North Korea and China

In Malaysia, politician busy on topic of less than 2000 from 48(1) act. Yesterday, Chin and North Korea been brought entire attention on their countries. North Korea created a loss 7 ball to Portugal in World Cup and China started allow RMP move. These 2 action totally impact the sport and economic fundamental.

RMP rise up bring goods price higher and inflation accumalating in these year. US will happy because China reserve in hand with USD currency will automatic devalue. But finally they need to pay more to acquire china's products. So, who is the winner in these day we do not know yet.

North Korea football team pushed up by media named it as "Secret Team". The Asian bookies used this excuse to create lower odd for betting.

The Asia Twin brothers mislead by someone and showing a good show but What I see they finally lose the adventage in both rally. Of course, the football match result only need 90 minutes. It was the true and difference skill.

In the economic fundamental value, China needs to learn more and the result will show only in 10 years. What is the final results?

I have make some assumptions on that:-
a) China Porperty value will collapse
b) China cut off/suspend public listed company in China trading in HK market.
c) US tell China should cancel off all the USD bonds in hand to help them teo restructing the economic.
d) All China companies buying controlling bid in Oversea suspended by China Government due to laundry money affected RMB lose the invalid status.

Sport game excited on certain period of time and faster given you and me a final result. A development of one countries needs a decade or century to built it up. So, hardly tell you I am right or wrong.

Malaysia lose a lot of things because we are enjoying some assets from grand grand parent. So, because of that, a simple law need spend about a week to argue. If we do respected law, we should not listen someone to tell us. We should bring that into proceeding of debate in Parliment to define the meaning. So such law can be solved by one or 2 person thought or mouths. Last time, we had a bad case named it "lingam" CD. That is because our law identified/controlled by one person and he was brought Malaysian Nation loss proper education in good system.

On such situation and laws manipulated by one group of people. So, what shares we should buy now?

I am advise we should sell shares until next year June. Any reinstate or rebuilt your funds can be start on after that period of time.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Too Late

An article wrote in the newspaper about Kenmark's case. It was claimed Bursa and SC took action too late. I do agree on that. Like last week at here, I was wrote few comments at here. So, what is the right move?

Malaysia bursa regulations and SC Act being provided some preventive on certain unusual transactions but usually hardly to execute it because the power of execution belonging to others enforcement teams. That is a big gap and weakness point.

You are always could read some news in the paper. Some offer by politician to people being hold for few years be no answer as well as no execution. Our government body created so many department to help reduce the unemployment rate. So, this way help country indirectly kick out some talent people and migrate to oversea because of feel frustration on that. Inquality employment created the low standard of performance, they are not even or ever understanding on certain act and issue, so that no action being taken by our lovely government servants who holding on such big power.

So, although the action be taken by SC or Bursa but we always feel that is a "show" only. How many percent can be succeed on the action". It was always query by Malaysian citizen. When a case be taken off due to criminal, normally good chance of charge on it. It was rare be happen the case can be lose, but it has been always happen in Malaysia. Why? Refer back on past few years example like Suremax, Omega and Fountain, Autoway or Union Paper case have gave you clear answer on it and being tell you the guidance. Are you hear those cases now? Can you show me how many people or directors being charged into jail? or maybe you should ask where is the case? When you brought this question to our beloved Minister? He will answer you " let me check first" or "I have to ask my Directors Secreatary of department" or "We do not have any good evident on that case". That was a big pain on most of the faithful investors.

Our Malaysia lawyers happy on that, the delay of case help them earn extra. If we have a law enforce it every criminal/civil case have to fix a certain period for finalizing. I think everyone will feel fair and safe. Otherwise finally like a rich man being built a highway or luxury house but forgotten to use it. When he was died, three word will follow him forever. There is "Waste", "Waste' and "Waste".

Enforcement teams never care about it because they are not understand of the seriously of the case. On this issue, bursa and SC being took action. Normally commercial crime division of the police department should use initiative to prevent some important documents be destroy to help this action can be succeed. So, investors will feel happy and confident on that. Because every single cents earn is legal and fair.

On the above, you should well know what is the meaning of Slogan of "Malaysia boleh". It has been created fantastic, miracle and wonderful again. This is a big reason of Foreign Direct Investment run again.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

GOOD AcTion Taken BY Bursa & SC

Eventually, Bursa and SC had took action to look after the balance of trading in KLSE. Not success yet but preventing some steal out some funds and transfer to oversea. In Kenmark case, obviously some one loss control of forced sell by bankers trying to grab some money for own use. They are tried hard to earn it for maintain their own assets in hand. Not responsible to public.

I am here not to tell businessman can't earn money but since your are selected public shareholders joining you together. at least you should have little bit responsible. I am also not claimed that every business must success. But at least dare to take it and meet it.

I was involved a business in the past ten years ao. That's a good lesson to me. Finally, my partner play me out and joined someone corner me in bad situaation. But I have to feced it and settle it. At lease I won't corn anybody money with done the bad transaction. All losses being recorded in book.

Shares investment holder should understood one theory. People hard in his life built up his business. When he has plan to offer out some stake to public. Of course, that is not 100% gain business. Some advantages being took off by major shareholders. But at lease do not misued the funds collected from public. Loss business in the unforseen circumatantes is normal, that is your risk and major shareholders should dare to share this kind of risk together.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Borrowing money

I had a bad experience on borrowing. Either lend out or lend in. A lot of people claimed that gambling brought the loan shark into the picture. Why we got loan shark? If there is a case, why our authority never take action. Like today, police enforcement can well know about your transaction in bank with won some money from shares investment. Why they are not capable to attract the same info from bank?

I am believed in the record of transaction, they easily capture such evident to charge them. If we compared with those years, most of the transacion by oral basic. That was hard to be.

Some one told me, gamble can created a lot of illegal activities. Due to that, we should ban it. If one day one fellow buy shares used loan shark money. can we base on this to prevent shares investment? If one day loan shark think to lend you some money to purchase shares, I think you will accept it immediately especially that time your are faced a big loss on big adjustment.

Shares Investment brings benefit as well as also can bring some negative issue. Depend on individual how to adjust it and most important is the attitute on approaching the lose and gain. Similar some one have some stupid idea to play a game, he should not pull gang of people join him because that is out of control.

That's the reason Why last week I was so angry on Bursa and SC approachment on Kenmark issue? Because they were never took some action to prevent someone grab the big money on that. When the company was broke, the trading of shares became unfair to ordinary people and it was brought certain advantages to whoever have inside info, it was brings him standing ahead to control the trading.

This case told me, I am very busy body to interrup some one steal money from public without using a knife. But if I didn't made a warning on that, I think i might feel guilty forever.

Bad thing on me is , pocket money left few hundred only and on this point of time, I have still success gain any new offer to work. BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup effects

World Cup in this month brings everybody attention on it. If you based on the history record, it was showed that in the special season. Most of the market in the world shown declined. It was an alert on that but can not 100% trusted.

Now, the sport game attracted a lot of big corporations invest on it. The more commercial issue attached on it. The more artificial issue inside the game. People would claimed those company lost the advertisement right in that game as second class corporation. It will affect those corporation lost big contract or less people buying thier products in the future.

Come back to shares investment. Which shares or corporate we should invest after these World Cup festival? In Malaysia, your are lose this opportunities on that because most of the companies listed in Bursa not yet qualify yet. So, go back to Malaysia Fundamental issue is more realistic. Just like our politician now busy on topic of legalise on Football betting Lincese. That is not big deal. As I also mentioned before, not one force another one used in hand knife to kill people. But you are cannot stop people to use as equipment to carry on yours normal life. They are not busy to help develop more international company. They are just happy someone put them in world number ten but never study why we lose some previlage status in the past 20 years. So, everyone knows Malaysia export talent people and import low class resident to help developing our country. Our media also happy on that and continues support them to write such stupid topic to bring or divert attention of most of the ordinary people. Like our sugar license issue, showing a good show "A pirate of the carabean fight with the theft." Why they never think about how to improve our education system ot transportation systme to improve our quality of life? Why they are not bring people attention on someone trying continues claim 67% of our income?

So that football gambling license if everyone thinks that is bad game, I think they should suggest cancel the football game in the world? Perhaps that is the ultimate solution to stop everyone continue blame each others. If there is a case, maybe one day we should cancel or bar someone to watch TV. Or maybe finally we will blame why we got electricty supply. That is cute and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Share market could not performance well by the above issues. Because the basic needs of the people totally ignore by certain group of people. especially they are holding a big power on that. If they are continues playing such game, finally most of the resources spend on that to support them. When one day Malaysian short of resources, maybe we have to survive like past 20 years ago. On that time, we should name ourselve is "NATION" or "SAKAI" again. That is a time we should more understand what is the meaning of "NATION". So, whoever need 67% of it should name it as " NATI". that is represented about 67% of word of Nation. The balance of it should name it as "ON". HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


NEM- New Ecocomic Module. It was proposed by government before the announcement of Tenth Malasysia Project. If both are the same idea. Today, we can noot see 10th Malasysia Project announced by Government on last week. That was mislead you have a dream but covered up by others policies. It was showed Politician ideas do not execute it or support by government servants. You can have yours own idea but my execution is important than everything. Those people indirect tell you" If you are wants me carry on the jobs. Please follow my guidance"

Malaysian aim for better prospect eventually burst it in last week. 5 years one projects. 10 projects need 50 years. 50 years must donate 30% to someone. That is equivalent to 1500%. Just ask everyone of you, can your can multiple your assets in 50 years at 1500%?

10th Malaysia Project is continues inform and remind you. "We do not have 30% although past 50years you have delivered so much. So, please continue support me and feed me anothers 5 years more. "

So, subsidy being cut off is a new trend and we can't escape it. Economic growing up need all nationality cooperate together. If one team of manpower with 30% of people do not need to work and compulsory paying them salary and bonus. That will pull back all effort spended. Finally, Government needs double up to print more loan/bond to support new projects as well as to support the old overdue bond's interest. We can't redeem it when due date is coming. They need to Roll over again the loan to beautify the bad status. So, one day we must face our currency devalue again in the international market.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lose Controlling

Some one fears lose control on one company. So, he need to purchase back all the shares from forced selling by bankers. The fluatuation on the shares price bring more chance for speculating. But always remember that is a game for hit and run. Not hold for few weeks or few months.

Speculating should have substancial reason on certain topic or stories to support. Otherwise it can be turn down fast and authorities will step in for trading. It will brings you pay unnecessary cost on that.

Also remember, that company not belongs to you as far as it has been listed in public. Although your are controlled it on this time. One day its should be control by someone else. Enjoy the game and taste the sweet in time before you missed it or lose it.

Today read nanyang press, a financial planner was wrote a article to talk about poor or not enough money to spend. Now days, insurance broker named it as financial planner, they could tell you should plan ahead your money when you was young. But, most of them has been created a better prospects on your life. Everyone life carry on the difference journey, why we want to force someone to follow. That is not life, that is systematic or automachine.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

White Nut Business (Kacang Puteh)

In Malaysia, there was a businees called kacang puteh. The nut been boiled at wok and sell at 10 or 20 cents. Last time when we went to cinema watched movie. There was ours tippes. So that, if your are a business man usually introduced own business to friends always said that is Kacang puteh business, means small business or small marginal profit business.

Before the Peanut business one day be growth it to big business or before it has been listed at Public. So, in order to avoid people attention and share the profit from same business, business man always keep low profile on it.

Shares Investment is not peanut business. Based on the fees incurred, the capital in hand and knowledge you should have it. 100% or 1000 times higher than peanut business. Now if you wants to join peanut business also difficult because the high demand of commodities brings commodities future market more attractive than shares. if reger that, you can see Coco's price recently been shut up 300% is a good example.

So, where to find a small or peanut business to start your dreams. That is difficult. Now, your only can sell innoviative or ideal design to bring some attention. Otherwise, cost of maintain already can kill you before your dreams come true.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Distribution of Nation Assets

A man who lead a party, tell Malaysia' nation, they should eligible to 67% assets based on the percentage of total population. I do agree that but should they agree that there is once in his life time and there is end and final payment. If they want take it away 67% of Assets. So that the liabilities of 362 billion, they also bear it as same as 67% on it. on these solution, I am beleive everyone will happy give them such percentage. Maybe more also can be done.

Actually people who capable is scare to deliver such plan "distribution of assets." to someone grity and useless. People scare those incaple people continously unlimited demand on it. if there is one in our life time only. Most of the people happy on such plan. That stupid policy been cheated us more than 20years. Today tell you a project is 5 years to entitle 30%. Tomorrow tell you and me, another 20 years to go. No one wants to carry such responsible on his life time.

Like your grandfather already given you his assets to you when he was pass away. There is no more ssecond chance. They have a atttude is, "Every time he has spended all the money. He should eligible come back again and demand it again on the smae percentage". So that no one will happy. In this world, 67% plus 67% is more than 100. So that the extra difference from where to get it for them???? It can not be happen also is impossible.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rig and Tumultuous

Share market be tumultuous started in May this year. Becuase during a past 10years, most of the countries government tried hard satisfy own nation by way of over spending. When your earning 2k per months, and your spending or payment per month more than that. One day you may suffer. Now most of teenage leaving from school, first step is buy a new car. He calculated every month instalment about 500 should be able to cover up by his monthly salary. But forgetten take maintenance and others expenses into the budget. Like petrol, breakdown cost, parking and insurance.

On the same time, he asked about 9 years instalment scheme. He also forget his may retrench by company during his employment. So, bind it first as life expenses without any future consideration. Some more Government encourage them spend ahead by way of various type of subsidy. Thus, eventually or maybe one day they suffer by lose in career bring together with high debts. That is nothing to worry because in hand vote be a bargin power to threathen government and claimed support him in such normal life is duty of government Actualy, that is not normal life when your are born and that is not normal in life's entitlement I have named it that is luxury.

On these, maybe someone claimed me "outdate". But friendly speaking, under my past 20 years working experience in high post, I have never use any car to buy/earn any respect from staffs and management. I am still can handler all company affairs in proper way. So, My vehicle is motor bike, because I am not over paid by my employment. Although I am not rich but my stomach always full in time in my life.

What is poor? In my unstanding on that, "Poor means that you have only enough money to purchase a food for lunch but no more balance for coming dinner, and not capable to earn for that, that is poor." Poor is not equal to you can't buy IPAD, IPHONE or Mobile Phone. But most of the young teenages said that is necessary.and classify it "I am POOR". Without mobile phone in hand means lose his/her's life. Without car tell you I can't survive. Is that poor????

When the wrong interpretion on that, desire rig your minds and tell your step to died corner. So, every insufficient supply to yours needs created tumultuous. So that shares market be tumultuous faster than your minds. Because your needs being controlling you in time. Easy influnce by small matter with small issue.

When your are doing a survey on the road, you could found that more than 50% driver income below 2k. After minus the normal life requirement, they have zero balance in hand. So, are they qualify be a owner of car? So, individual problem suddenly group up together as social problem. Finally, they easily influnce by cutting any subsidy from government althought cutting is necessary.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Tips

No tips to buy any stocks is a good sign. Why? That's mean your are now can close your eye and pick it. As you wish as you can.

No tips mean everyone fear and do not wants to buy. So, you can have some better offer.

Warren Buffet very lucky own a long life. Otherwise when cococola price shut up times. he has been pass away. Today some one could be replaced him.

Warren Buffet lucky during his set up the investment portfolio he was never faced short of cash to enjoy his normal life. Otherwise, he must sell it off for living.

Warren Buffet have enough money during his sick time and never fall serious illness. Otherwise, he must sell off his holding stocks to pay doctor fees. So, be a second Warren Buffet, first condition is you must have long life in your journey. Not like those people said, you must pick the shares under his theory.


Recently, PPB Group been sold out the sugar business because they are knowing this business hard to expanded due to attached with population daily needs. The income was restricted increase promptly due to social pressure. That is good move and good decision.

I do agreed that Minister applying the license on that. We seems to be must have license to drive a car. It is helping us know better where the subsidy scheme more transparent on that.

So far, this license is need to apply once in yours life time. Why so many business refuse to accept it? Did them have any behind agenda we do not aware?

Maybe they are helping population to obtain the sugar easily? But today the department been sold at public and seems like did not shown any short of demand on that. Why ??????

In the share investment, this brings another impact on that. If basic life created more problem by politician show or politician agenda or maybe a group of people self desire. So, the confident to purchase on shares will lose. The power of spending will lose. The time consuming to buy daily necessity will increase.

So, the external issue plus internal issue bring market uncertain. Especially recently the big trust funds being launch and the capital should looking a place to park on that. So, why the capital of trust funds go????

One of the country, if you bought their government unit trusts. You are always tasting a good return. Because if you are referring past performance of them, there all registered profit and gain. Not even or ever lose in the past 20 years. That is funny and incredible good results. Although in year 1997 and 1998, they still can made money. If I am not mistaken, That is derived from way of subsidy. That have been ignored MASB rules as well as totally against the FRS139. They also never refer made any specific provision or public ruling to adopt the annual accounts. But if you are asking them to make a declaration on investment portfolio, you can easily found that in the list of investments of them, some company been misplaced in the past 10 years. How can they turn it to profit? That have easy way to cover it up, just stamp a word on that as" Confidential or Government Confidential Document". So, in the life you and me should pretend as "You are not allow to know, Your are not allow to discuss and also cannot be tell our are well know."

Some more most of the rich population not interested on that, because they have been enjoy such benefits. That is a theory of them more money made more more money. They further claimed that your are jealous and asked you "Why we should stop that good subsidy or good return?". Finally you be like a busy body on that issue because your are stopping people earn big money.

But they are not aware that is your grandfathers' assets but delivering to you annually by cutting as small piece. Big piece have been go to specific one and your are only getting some balance of that.

So that, I have a dream. Please them be my master to guide me buy shares. I do not mind pay the higher fees on that. So, I also can open a trust funds and tell them I can average paid out the dividend more than 20% per annum to the holders.

If shares market always have such people inside to trade. That is not easy for you to well know the country's economic real situation. Because everything been covered up by few hands in one time.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sell , Sell and Sell

Sell products easy but select a good prduct is hard. Bursa Malaysia finally had obtained some support from MSWG to clarify they did well in Kenmark case. I have never claimed they are not doing well on imposed the act but felt disappointed they always late apply such rule to maintain fair trading.

In this case , reporter said these company with in hand cash about 2miilion but also have outstanding loan registered at about 100 milion and media report also highlighted they have never short paid any bills and been paid the debt in time. Why EON bank have such right to take over the management? Who did wrong on this case? Why employee cannot continue the operation in their duties? Is it someone use this as an execuse to take the big benefit from these transaction by way of spreading such bad rumous?

So, in order have some clear and fair identify report on the above issue. WhyBursa never stop the trading of shares immediately and rejected someone obviously step in to interven? Why allowed the shares price shut down to 6 cents and up 400% in one and half days with big transactions. Who should hold such responsible on those people been force selling by margin call?

I am believe it is a dangerous game in shares investment. and whoever buy stocks should bear own risk. But, If someone use the bankers' loans to manipulated Kenmark's shares price with the same banker who was did forced selling to others customers. Why they are not giving a chance to existing shareholders to buy more to average down the shares price? Why must give to someone who is new holders in these company? Is it someonehave more power and status than others. So, all these query depend by Bursa and SC to clarify it. Ordinary people not right and no way to obtain such information. MACC should open a file to investigate these case to maintain the fair trading in bursa.

Now, subsidy issue be hot topic in Malaysia. Some commentted still need such support and some said should delete it. Actually recall back some history in others country. A leaders said, "if most of the benefit only go to specific someone to enjoy it, I have rather do not wants to impose it or cancel it. That is a indirect way to ignore corruption."
I do agree that. Because if one government collect the tax and won't benefit to population for developing the country, It is better cancel it. If most of the population cannot enjoy fairly on the subsidy scheme, it is better do not impose it.

As we aware, most of the susidy benefit been go to specific one . We as an ordinary people always hear and see from media only, we have never 100% tated it in our life. Why we want to support have such subsidy in our society? Similar like a cup of tea, business man used subsidy support to lower down the cost of sale but ours must use market value to purchase it. It was created multi gain to businessman. So, if sugar one kg up 10cents, a cup of tea also up 10cents. What is ours benefits??? That is zero and never enjoy it at all.

So, whoever critizies the license for controlling items actually should asked himself. Is he been enjoy big profit by others way? If not, Why he is now cornerring ordinary population to fight with minister with puprosely make sugar supply in shortage. That is totally unfair to us.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Tycoon control all benefits

Kenmark gave a chance to some riches man. They had used this opportunity to corner the shares and make a big gain on that. This is all SC fault becuase if there take action suspended the trading immediately, that were not happen.

So, whoever sold it out during the down trend had sufferred the big lose. It was created the unfair trading circumtance in this case. Law should imposed that the management been took over by lender or BOD members lose the controlling with big outstanding loan, That should immediately suspend until the new proposal been adopted. New holders should deal with major shareholder directly follow by immediately announcement instead of grab all minority benefit with unusual trading. After all excersive been closed deal and done , thats's only allow the said company to re open trading again in the public market.

Otherwise, some big tycoon use this opportunity to collect and manipulate the price. Bankers lose by margin call, minor shareholders confuse by all transaction.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Independent Director

Listed company have many of independent directors. No one know were they have any ablities? That is waste company paid some fees to them. Some more quota tell us should follow specific guideline to appoint them. It is brings company in dangerous with inablities.

So, if one of the independent director in the directors' meeting, keep on telling executive directors stop doing illegal transaction. The result brings him in the next AGM will not be re appoint by major shareholders who normally is that executie director. Hence, independent directors usually keep silent on all trasaction in the company although they are knowing some bad things inside the company. That is bad culture in most of the listed company.

So, one company having a big loan with bank by inadequate business, normally the interest payable easily highlighted in the statement as well as in the cash book of company. SC and Bursa should imposed a new law to bind public listed company, "If one company failed paying minimum interest on certain loan. Bankers or lender compulsory own a right to make a statement/announcement in bursa. That will force some executive directors hold a responsible to report to BOD's members and indirectly bring independent directors must have certain responsible on that. Otherwise independent directors always like a toys and in function all the time in the company. Not like now, all of them used the best excuse is "I do not aware!!!!" and easily avoid all responsible.

If one day, rule allow minority interest appoint new independent director in to company. That is best because he will not worry any reappointment subject to one or two person's wish. Because minority will happy he/she carry the watch dog job to look after company's interest. So, we hope SC should change rule and law to allow 10% minimum stakeholders have right to appoint 2 or three independent directors in every public listed company and major shareholders rights on such agenda of appointment of independent directors should recorded as "void and zero". So, although fees of directors maybe higher than normal but that is valueable.

Are You Trying to Bully Me???

A politician told media reporter, Everyone now trying hard to bully him because he had appointed his son be Deputy Minister. In fact, if someone bully me as such way. I do not mind. He was gave several reasons told reporter. Such appointment is correct and fair. Whoever criticizer on it that bring discrimination on him or has attach some specific agenda.

If the explanation acceptable by above reasons. That is because in that society have no more capable or suitable person. So, he is no choice and force to do such way. But referring on it, someone have good experience been kick off by this restructuring of cabinet. So, is that someone really want to bully him?? That is big big question.

On the some time, that person who holding big funds/power in hand and can receive good benefit from ordinary people telling us his is getting bully by us. That is ridiculous. He should tell us he has such power to do that without any reference. Maybe more reasonable and acceptable.

Use population funds to appoint someone his like it. That is misuse of power and indirect telling us, "we are all stupid". Please do not forget, appointment on him just a group of people. That is not enough and unofficial. He has not certifying by population of Malaysia. Please be careful on his word before made such comments. If he feel confident on such appointment. He should ask that person resign the Parliament seat and face a challenge against. He should able to understand "Is that people really want to bully him?" No only him, all cabinet's minister should go arround Malaysia and obtain such certificate to approve. No like now, one person say so and keep on telling us " He has done the correct choice". That is bully us and waste nationality resources by unreasonable way. Some more ask us should accept it by way of silent. That is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That above case told us, Malaysia now stepping into unreasonable corner. So that SC and Bursa allow Kenmark continue trading although well know that is bankrupt. The earning and business of Kenmark is negative. So allow its can continue trading indirectly encourage investors collect rubbish in hand. So, how to attract good investors put more confident on Malaysia market.