Thursday, April 30, 2009

SanBumi, MKland and Johan

Today KLSE equity market perform good and steady. Mainly due to DJ and HK given a positive signal of economic data. After a short rally in the morning. Now, my holding in hand are: -Sanbumi, Mkland and Johan.

Maybe there would not given you a good profit as others, but those stocks would not hit badly. The strong support at 1 or 2 cents difference can sustain if market face any heavy adjustment in any time. While market reached closing of first session, some stocks at main page lose strengh to continue their rally.
Please avoid buying in main page stocks in the second session. The super hero hidden behind and it could given you a best profit. Of course that is difficult task for everyone.

Lioncorp, LionDiv, Resort CI and MKland

Yesterday evening most of my stocks had been recovered from bottom. From paper lose about 10k come back to lose about 3k. That was unexpected because usually a deep down hardly recover soon as yesterday. It had indirect told me market still strong and buying interest still exist in the market.

I would not surprise my holding stocks would contributing some profit to me at today. KLSE equity market started from yesterday as a base again. Hence, it would giving investors a surprise again. Short seller in future market all faced a big problem on recovery back the lose. In view of minimise you risk on tomorrow rally, please concentrate playing those counter which display/stood at first 2 volume page. There have about 40 counters for you to select and play contra.

After this round adjustments I believe investors would not simply through the stocks on any adjustment. So, it will give you a chance find more support level data on every counter.

Why a lot of investors prefer sell off when market had an adjustment on yesterday morning. Because they selfish, they prefer someone took his stocks to absorbed the lose. They would not think others people situation, they just care about themself.

As I always mentioned at here, equity market would not cheat faithful and sincere heard people, there always telling the true to you and me. But most of the investors use imagination as well as selfish attitude to approach the deal. So, finally they had suffer the final pain.

A good example like last fews year ago, Tranmil from 16 drop to 5 butt, those selfish people claimed that Robert Kok bought in at 6 butt per shares. So, they bought in at 5 butt is better than Robert Kok, but the final results this people suffer the heavy lose but Robert Kok still is a riches man in Malaysia.

This story telling you, if you always think about bad things apply to people, at last you are the one who sufffer more. So, as a speculators or trader. Please do not apply bad thinking in you mind. If yours attitude is positive, everythings in front of you is positive and clear.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MKLand, Resort, Ramunia WA and LionCorp

As per yesterday analyst, KLSE equity market moved as my predicted. Resort finally stood back at 2.30 and others stocks recovered from lose. I had never sold any stocks in these morning and waits market coming back to 978 points. If market touching back 978 points level. These round market should be able break 1000 points.

I am buying Ramunia – WA at 37 and Lion Corp at 345 and further bought in Resort – CI at 6.5 cents. Because the first session UEMLand closed at day high and believed it has a rally in the coming afternoon. It would help all penny stock coming back again and registered a high price as per last Friday.
For external market, DJ finally drift at 7,900 to 8100. It was indicated the next rally will start from that. If DJ can hit above 8,100 at coming 2 weeks. HK will go to 17,000.

Blink or Blind

Sometime I am aware that be a speculator, we should dare buy in at market during adjustment. Like yesterday while I bought in. The low price keep up appearing in front of you. In you mind, the loses accumulated bigger and biggest. Furthermore you credit limit became smallest and smallest. It is brings you blink you head and feel like sudden blind.

As usual, deal has been done. You have not choice and must be patient wait the final result registered on it. Why I wants to against the odd. There are few reasons: -

a) I was selected those stocks recently did not perform bullist and ignore last few days hot stock. Because I found such stocks in the morning registered low volume and those stocks at afternoon get badly hit down by high volume.So, I select ECM and DRBHICOM, last few days low volume and active.
b) Resort CI recently hit to 10 cents and yesterday closed at 7 cents. It had adjusted about 30% while compared its mother counter Resort only reduce about 10%. Chance of win biggest.
c) Selected MK land because it is a index link counter and totally did not match with index rally as well as did not perform while penny stocks rally.

Maybe I am wrong predict the above said stocks at this period of time. Maybe today I will see there are have some better improvement. So, this is a good guidance for me to understand more. Like previous stocks had mentioned at my previous post SAAG, Lion div, time and Lionind, Gamuda, WCT and Ramunia. Actually i had been spend 2 months watching them and was tested buying them at Jan and FEB 09. Finally, there also never made me disappointed.

After this note, I am fully understand me is not blink and blind. So, MKLand GO! Resort CI GO! DRBHICOM GO!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today most of stocks I bought in registered low and lose. In view of the performance, KLSE equity market hit down badly. It was hit down more points than yesterday. Normally it should be classified it would not coming back so soon.

But I had noted Resort is better than KLCI, yesterday it hit down about 17 cents but today only 8 cents. It is a good indicator it soon be recover. DRBHicom also did the same move as Resort. Market have long time searching an excuse to made an adjustment. So, FLU from Mexico is a good excuse for it as a bad news and just easy absorbed by market.

Please do not forget, one factors would not hit down market for long period. So, you can see market will easy recover from that. Technically, analyst had an excuse again market will coming down becuase it was broke 980 and 970 in one day. But market will not listen analyst advice all the time, that history had been proven that.

So, my lost today accumulated at RM10k. Hope can be reduce by my own thought/own wish .Of course, Market also would not listen my advice come back again but as a speculator, certain risk we should bear it and take it. " No Choice".

My stock in hand are: - MKLand, DRBHICOM, RESORT - CI and ECM.

ECM, MkLand and DRBhcom

Refer this morning transaction of KLSE equity market, it has been stood at stable and steady. Today government link stocks, MRCB and UEMland performing well. There did not gave you a lot of profit but registered at positive level. This is a signal of confidant.

Some hot stocks/high volume stocks have been kicked out from top volume. In my opinion, that is good and healthy. A steady market should be able allow most of the stocks enjoying the rally. Otherwise, market will not last long.

So, in order to follow KLSE’s step. Today I had bought in ECM, MKLand and DRBhicom. This 3 stocks never appearing in the front page in the past 3 weeks. If you analyst details of these stocks, you could found unusual movement was happen in this morning.

Another stocks you should take it as you guidance, that is Resort. Yesterday Resort hit down to 2.38 and today touched 2.33. If it closed price could hold above these level in the afternoon session. Chance of market recovery is good and positive. Please try bet again on Ressort–CI.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad Signal Appear!!!!

At 4pm, Resort and Uemland get hit down badly, especially Resort had hit below 2.40. This signal informed me market had an adjustment badly in the next morning.

I have no choice must quickly cut lose on Time at 15. I do not wants against the odd. Normally if market can continue the rally, some speculator stocks should be able closed off high. But equine and Rcecap finally turn it to off low and clean up all the profit at about 4.30pm. This is another bad indicator for me.

Furthermore a lot of holders had mentioned market later will recover back. This is another bad signal. Market should not listen you instruction to go up or down. It had its own rule to move. So, please rest 3 days and stop trading at this period of time. Until next good signal highlighted from positive data only start trading again.

Watch Up and Be careful!!!

Do you Feel Tired?

Before KLSE equity market open at this morning, Do you feel tire? If you feel tired and nervous on you holding stocks. You must be panic trading on this morning. The volatile of stocks price in this morning plus index hit down 16 points gave you panic and worries.

I am lucky enough never do any purchase contract in the first hour. Just given an instruction sale off Tebrau and SAAG - WA.

I am waiting until 11am bought in Time at 15.5. Why I did that? Because this is unusual movement of its stock price although market had faced heavy adjustment at this period of time. Furthermore, recently YTLE had launched the Wimax product and it would required infrastructure of Timecom support it. If YTLE could hit 60 cents, Timecom should be able touch 45 cents. So, Time and Timecom are best selection stocks on today.

KLSE market hit down mainly due to external issue. So, after an adjustment was happen on today, I should be able know what is next step of KLSE. I am waiting the signal.

On my opinion, market just required a rest. If you can hold one or two days, maybe you could earned little. But that is a final rally for KLSE equity market. So, if you never hold any stocks in hand, please go for holiday and spend some money for you life.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Hot day

Weather in KL hot and even know some country badly touched 51 C. As a speculator, Just wants KLSE equity market stay hot as weather. I am predict market next week still hot but speculator should careful while market volume reach 2.4 billion. That is a bad signal if Monday reach that high volume level. If market volume day by day increase about 5% better than last day. I should say that is healthy and steady.

After read some news from paper, I was found analyst still negative and claimed that market should have an adjustment soon. So, if these news continue i will continue playing. I am just waiting they say market should hit higher and confident market can continue, I would only quit it.

Tebrau is my priority selection counter in next week plans. I have been watch this counter for long period of time. Although it has a high volume blocking at 56 at last friday. But I am believe that is someone wants to collect some shares at 55 and 555. It is similiar like Ramunia -WA, blocking at 155 at last Tuesday by heavy volume. Is it same run will be happen on Tebrau.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Relax Saturday

During a week I was traded heavily at KLSE equity market. So, today i had a rest and did not opened the on line trading screen and study it.

I noted some analyst not happy on this rally, they are claming most of the penny stocks hit higher so fast and strong. I am really not understand what they are planning. Sometime keep on informed investors bought some high dividend stocks but never given any advise enjoy the rally. Maybe they are a GOD, not need buy necessary things for daily use. Or maybe they are so rich, not even know that people can't afford buying high price stocks.

Actually we are ordinary people, just wants to earn some extra money to enjoy ours life. If we have some extra money, we can treat us well in living. That is enough.

Entire Asia Pacific people now really can enjoy this rally party. But please remember enocomic fundamental still bad. Please be careful.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Too Early

I had made a mistake introduced some stocks too early at here. It was required some readers used some funds to pick up it at one or two days times to enjoy the profit. Remember on last week Thursday, I did recommended Ramunia WA at here. But, it had only registered high price on today. If reader bought in at last Thursday, had to faced force selling on Wednesday.

Same mistake did made by me on last 2 weeks ago, there are : - Gadang, Scomi, Liondiv and Resort -CI as well as Mesdaq stock. I found such mistake is mainly due to data on the screen had highlighted a signal to me in too early timing. In fact, that's a coming rally for them but set up the buy time was wrong. Be a speculators' always must faced such problems and disadvantages as well as we also always can't enjoy the maximum profit and long rally.

After a fast and strong rally spread over the penny stocks. I had aready mislead and could not found any direction. The data running so fast on the screen and my brain can't absorbed it. That were made me can't analyst any data on specific counter of their support level.

Currently, I hold a little stocks in hand for long weekend, There are SAAG-WA, Tebrau and DRBhicom. But investors should stay calm because no signal of adjustment showed on Friday.

Readers should noted I do not like mention at here about the technical and chart of KLSE because i classified it is a historical instrument. Most of the people would not understood and feel complex on specific instrument. So, I am prefer using a simple and nice way to introduce some stocks for everyone could enjoy the rally party.

Lastly, if you can't registered more than 10k in these rally and found that more stocks in hand. Please stay away and rest for while. Because the heavy adjustments will bring you in the trouble.

Remember it !! Remember It!!

Tebrau, Drbhicom, Dataprp and Timecom

After the 1st session of trading, my holding stocks had changed as per header. In my opinion, the above stocks have a good chance and potential to see the new higher in the coming trading days. Market finally broke the 978 points and searching new level of its resistance. A lot of people still in doubt and claimed that adjustment coming soon. If you continues listen the said comments and against the odd. You are hardly enjoy the rally.
The data of trading in KLSE is appearing on the screen, there would tell you the true and fact. Please do not wasting time to collect third party's comment, it will influence your investments and speculating in these rally.
Of course, a lot of people claimed that I am crazy and keep on encouraging people buying. If you are my follower in this blog, I think you had noted I was given a waring don't buy anything in the period of bankruptcy of Lehman brother in USA. That's time people also claimed that I was crazy.
Crazy or not did not stopped me analyst the data. Because most of my data derived from market. That is fact and true.

Timecom, Dataprp, Genting CM,Zelan and Resort CI

Today, I have plan buying the above stocks at KLSE equity market. These few days heavy lose made me felt uncomfortable. Most of the stocks lose about 3 cents with big volume. Now, starting my speculator journey again.

Yesterday, reading a paper stock news and hear a lot of people commented market rally had gone. Sometime you would feel disappointed and decide to sell all in hand stocks. After yesterday morning rally, I am starting collect few hundred profit. So, my confident is return.

I had given a note to my broker help me buying the above stock at early morning. In my own opinion, market had broke 978 and confirmed that next level resistance should add in another 5% of 978 points. The volume of trading per day should hit higher and more than 2 billion per day. That time maybe the signal of adjustment will arrive. If market volume daily increase about 10%, although it has touch 2 billion also not a signal of adjustment. Daily review on day performance of equity market is important.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zelan, Dataprp, Resort and Bjcorp

I am still remembering when KLSE equity market started the rally. Lion Group’s Company was first and later Bj Group of companies followed the step. It had happen on again and assuming the history will repeat again. Afternoon session, I am assume that Bjcorp will soon starting its rally.

Resort after consolidated at 2.30 to 2.35 for about 2 and half week, today it had a outstanding performance. So, in order enjoy the same rally derived from resort. Buy in Resort CI is a right choice. Yesterday open high and closed at low actually affected by HK. So, that is only bad factor and we can still enjoy the rally again.

I am still positive on KLSE and confident it will break 1000 points. Market should touch 2 billions again in a day, I only can obtain some data and study the next second level of its resistance.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Liondiv and Zelan

In today, Overall performance of KLSE is bad. Why the index positive closed but I wants to claimed that? Because when a market open was high and closed at low. It would never giving a player a confident buying in anymore.

Similar with others player, today I had some overdue contract must closed it. Most of them registered lose. It just helping me minimise the lose by others deal. Like Bjcorp- LC cover lose on Ramunia -WA.

Today I had found Livdiv at afternoon session started the rally. It is because of Lionind broke 86 cents and Livdiv just followed its way and was touched as high as 44. After a rally, usually it will continue given another 3 to 4 cents profit on tomorrow.

Zelan recently had a bad move, it had touched as low as 71.5 at yesterday. But it seems better than others stocks because it had registered lower faster than other hotties stocks. The range of trading is 770 to 805. If you wants to minimise you lose, this is best day trade stock. But its subjected to UEMland should not hit below 90 cents, otherwise Zelan will hit lower than what you are unbelievable.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Rainy Day/ A Good day???

Today, my holding stock deal for payment. But I did a transaction minimise my loses. I had did a transaction like this, Buy in Idris at 12 cents and sold my holding at 12.5 cents. For sale contract I had registered a lose about 2k. On the evening before closing bell, I had sold the new buying. It was allowed me minimise a lose about 600.

Apart of the above transaction, I had also bought in Zelan and sold it in the evening. It had gave me about 300 again to minimise my lose on IRIS. I had selected ASIAEP be my holding stock and taken my recent contra gain to pick it up.

So, KLSE today sentiment was gave me a chance to do that. I am brave to do that because I am believe market can reach 1080 points.

Today my collection are BJCORP- CJ, ASIAEP, Ramunia-WA and HUAAN. After 3 days correction on hotties stocks, such stock had finally found thier support level. Tomorrow I believe is a rally day again.

A rainy day in KL, seems like a bad day. In my view, rain on these morning just helping someone notify the right way because last few days dusty had accumulated on the road. Actually in front of you, there had some sweet and honey are waiting. But you must dare enough to use it as a equipment with a good analytical brain. Always remember rain can not stop you across the road with an umbrella. Just do it and enjoy you game.

Is it an impact of DJ down 2%?

Yesterday night, DJ opened was low about 2%. But I has assume this is not a real impact. Because a month ago, DJ had a rally about 6 continues weeks. From 6500 to 8100. KLSE did not performed so well as DI, but I hope it can be run about 22% from 835. At current status, it had reached 15% only. Hence, base on this I assume KLSE still got about 7% rally to go.

Furthermore, JP morgan or Bank of America's results just only a single factor. it would not last long and soon recover in a day. I will continue buying because most of the stocks had reached off low of yesterday trading. This is a good opportunity for me, to grap some stocks with better price. I might wrong but as a speculator always believed "NO RISK NO GAIN".

I will continue buying Mesdaq stocks because DJ had closed a good deal by ORACLE take over Sun Microsoft. First Choice is AsiaEP and IRIS. Hope I could gain some money.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Day ( ASIAEP & IRIS) 1080 points !!!!

Today, KLSE equity market was gave a green light again to buy. I found market created a good based at today especially on those index link counters. Index were registered low price at morning and still closed above 200 days moving average. Including today, there is a second times index had recorded it above the resistance level.

A lot of player in doubt and prefer stay away. Because most of them just concentrated playing the penny stocks and never observing the entire market sentiment. They had made an assumption KLSE equity market soon have an adjustment mainly due to high volume of delivery and over bought at last few days. They never noted equity market had move back to high price stocks to sustain the index.

Actaully, Market had given a bright signal and was told us. Whoever do not have holding power will kick off in these coming days by these game.

For me, today I had lose money on Mesdaq stocks but successfully found some stocks' support line. It would helping me select a good stock in the coming trading and taken it support level as a guide/alert. Predicted tomorrow deals, I will continue lose money but in my trust account still had enough profit gain to cover up. I take this as my new experience and warn myself on next time, do not so aggressive buying such unfamiliar stocks.

Of course I am not regretted because I am believe such stocks I was bought still have chance to gain back but due to lack of financial support at this period. I couldn't hold it for while. Asiaep , Nextnat and IRIS still in my list for observing. If you could hold it for a week, there will given you a good return. At last, just for you are an information on my prdiction on KLSE points, it will hit 1080 points on this rally.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


When you are highlight some stocks can buying at now, you friends would like to claimed that stock's lower price to you. They would highlighted this year lower price or maybe could bring 10 years ago lower price for yours attention. Is it a right time? This would bring you in doubt buying at current price and brought you regrettable while the stock price rose at next minute or next day.

Everyday, this story always happen on inside the equity market. But, no one could escape these and hard to avoid it. So, when you had decided buy in and some one tells you the story. What is next step?

In my experience, as a speculator that is not a main reason. Because we always aim for today as well as current price. We are bother about the share price could move or not in the next minute or next day. We are not dare about the history and brand of company. As well as we also not interested on blue chip. If the share price do not move in the coming time, I am not interested at all. We are worry or concern about the price, especially the current price.

Last Friday, I was faced a bottle neck. Although i am not bought any hotties shares in the main board of KLSE. But I had made a mistake buying ASIAEP, IRIS and NEXTNAT. I had lose on that and hope next day can select a stock which can helping me earn back the loses.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lose Registered

In my trading account, most of the Mesdaq registered lose when compared with today closing price. I am believe this round hard to earn any single cents. Today KLSE still maintained positive, but most the hottess stock not given you any profit. That will be repeat on coming Monday morning unless that is a special news.

A lot of people claimed that these rally monitor by local funds. In my opinion there is foreign funds inside the equity market. Why? because : -

a) Our neigbour country had a rumous said that going to devalue the currency. The speculator funds at there changed the place to reallocated.
b) Our commodities registered lower price attracted some potential buyer restore the resouces.
c) No more liquid foreign funds in the equity market, easy to monitor the share price.

Based on the above, you could found some stocks one day broke few resistance target and achieved high level with conservetive few days.

I am praying hard (just Joke) mesdaq stock move a bit on Monday. Like Nasdaq in US already registered 50% profit from lower. Would it be same in KLSE??

Stability of Mesdaq stock

After few years consolidated of Mesdaq stock, maybe this is a time for Mesdaq Stock move. I am not sure but these few days Mesdaq Stock price and price move stable. I am still remember before this rally, most of the call warrant had did the same move. Now, call warrant had registered high price and provided a good profit returned. Is it same thing will happen on Masdeq?

Referring yesterday Masdeq stock performance, IRIS, NEXnat, ASIAEP and MNC volume had increased plus price stability . During an adjustment happen on Main Board stocks, there did not follow. Stood at normal, this is unusual and is a signal for rally.

I had decided changed my plan and concentrate playing Masdeq stocks on coming days.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Main Board affected by KNM? IRIS is better

Why investors keep up put all the funds inside the same counter? In their opinion, no stock will end up the rally. Furthermore they are wasting a lot of funds to help someone maintained the certain stocks. As a speculator, my target is make money. As far as the stock was gave me a return better than current interest rate. I will quit buying the same stock.

This afternoon, I had recommended Mesdaq stock. WHY? The reasons are: -
A) Most of the main board stocks' price had far way from the support. So, I had classified it those stocks did not have any support. It can be hit lower price until unbelievable.
B) Market index would not adjusted much because of Right Issue for AXIATA and Maybank. So, in order to maintain it at this level. That certain group of people would create another Battle ground to attract the funds come in.
C) Market volume increased at second board and Mesdaq. Iris performance well in today, although at certain period of time it faced the impact of lose of KNM and market registered negative . It was still stood strong at positive level.
D) Iris hardly broke the resistance level of 12.5 cents and absorbed those bad holders shares in proper transaction.

The above data collected from today's transaction. Please searching a stocks from Mesdaq and earn some money from that. Just forget the KNM movement, it should out from main page. Otherwise you funds will lose an opportunity to earn some interest.

IRIS, MNC, Asiaep, Nextnat and Ramunia -WA

When KLSE market had been achieved higher index in this morning. Most of the hot stocks slow down thier step and some others registered negative when compared with yesterday closing price.

But there is a good news for me to continue playing. Because this morning I had found MESDAQ stock going to start the rally. If I am not mistaken, recently US DJ also had the rally on Nasdaq stock. Would it be happen in KLSE?

By the way I had decided bought in the stocks. In my list, IRIS(0010), NextNat(0096), MNC (0103) and Asiaep(0039) are my favourite stocks. In order to enjoy the rally of SAAG, buy some Ramunia –WA maybe could give you a good profit.

Now, the battle ground at KLSE change from main board to Mesdaq. Please enjoy the party and allow the Main board takes a rest for while.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad Signal was arrived in KLSE

Today, market performance was volatile. Opening hit down 5 points and afternoon come back to positive. These move given a confident to investors continue buy in and believed market fal under the adjustment always is a right time to collect stocks. If you refer back the history data, you could found this tactic had repeated 3 times already in these rally. After market had closed ,I had noted/found some bad indicators appear in today's market: -

a) Last three days if one counter hit the new level by high volume, it will continue or closed off high. But today was difference, UEM land hit 1 but closed at lower 8 bit.
b) KNM run difference style, last week until yesterday. It had only maintained the volume by given a profit 1 to 2 cents. But today performance with difference style.
c) A person started from 30 March until yesterday, he would continues said market is too high and economic is bad. But today afternoon he was told me "everything goods and no bad news".
d) Market registered new volume record again. Normally if the market is steady, it would continues hit the same volume continue in the three days. But yesterday it had broke the new volume record and today it was broke again. In these difference move by KLSE, I should said market stood at unstable and dangerous is arrive soon.

The above unusual circumtances give me a warning, tomorrow morning I shall immediately close our deal and rest for 2 days to identify the market's next performance. If the above confirm is a bad indicator, I should quit at least 5 to 10 days to avoid the heavy adjustment.


Today, I do not know what will happen but top volume counter will not give you a good profit. After fast rally on last three days, I was change my direction and searching stock from 3rd page of volume. Why?

Because: -
a) Easy to monitor
b) Aim for high return
c) Avoid the stock which just do it roll over tactic.

Yesterday, Talam, Asiabio and Focus cheating a lot of investors put in the funds to buy in. It was created a good position for major shareholders to release their bank financing.

Currently, in the market I faced a problem to select a stock can move steady with profit. Mainly due to most of the stocks had broke the 90 days resistance level and its price was far away from the support. So, as a speculator hard to minimise my lose in the range of 1 or 2 cents. My strategy is changing, try not hold any stock more than 2 days. On the same time, control a stock lose should not more than 1k with the brokerage.

In fact, my account full of Equine, Tranmil and Johan's stock. I am not interested buy in any UMNO or government link stock.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tranmil and Johan

What is happennig on the above 2 counter? They had been broke the resistance furthermore market was hit above 950 points but they still registered lost. It is a signal for above said counters rally is over. Usually every stock need a break to achieved higher but also some stock will continue run with market rally. Like UEM land and Lion Div.
Of coure, I am also looking others stock to assist me gain some brokerage and maintain the above stock in hand. Like Bjcorp LC and Ramunia Wa. But these stocks just play in the intraday, Morning buy in evening close the deal.
How far these rally can go? I think a lot of people wants to know. But I believe not one knowing in advance. My strategy is so simple, just ask around. If the answer is too high, please continue buy until one day, the same person tell you buy in. Please sell everything and leave market immediately.
Stupid Telekom make my house phone disable again. So, I do not post any tips in the morning. Sorry!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Eqiune, Terbau and Tranmil

Remember I was wrote about tranmil while it was at RM3, a lot people were mentioned should buy in at this price because of Robert Kok's effect. That time, I remember I was recommended sale off this share. After 1 and half year waiting, finally I saw its turning from bottom and it has been broke the resistance level of 68 cents and support by high volume.

Similar to Terbau and Equine, both of them broke 46.5 and 38.5 respectively. If you asked me, I will say these two counters at least can contribute you at least 10 cents profit margin.

Overall market seem like resting a while after last Friday rally but after closing of first session. we can see most of the hotness stock registered at off low. For me, this is a good chance and I will continue buying until next signal coming.

Time & Timecom

I think maybe I could collect some profit from above said counter. Of course market rally in between would faced some profit taking but I believe they can continue move on Every adjustment giving you chance to buy in. Similar MRCB from RM1 go back to 93.5, lafter that hit to 1.02. Like Johan from 27.5 go back to 24.5 but finally hit and touch 33. Is it BJCorp will play the same tactic as MRCB and Johan. I think these few days we would known.

A lot of analyst start claimed market move so fast and smartly predict market will stop on next week. But I haven't see any signal of adjustment. Please do not forget, previously market was hit down more than 130 points in one day. Now, its up 23 points just represented about 18% of 130 points. Please do not forget, Market data would not cheat you and me, but words from somebody 's mouth may guide you step into wrong direction. Trust data in front of you instead listen someone opinion.

My strategy is simple, when I asked more than 5 persons about the these rally? if the answer is move too fast or up too high. I will continue buy in. If the answer is economic already recover. I will sell all my shares and quit it immediately.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Which is next?

Most of the speculated stocks have been start the rally, Which is next?

Time, Timecome or Sunway? A impact from oversea eliminated by USA DJ closed on last Friday. Based on the rally, stocks price continue will hit another new level. How far are depend on more volume and others stock follow these rally on coming Monday.

Be have more good capital gain subject to pick a correct stock. Lion group and Bjcorp already started, and now the others big group will take over the rally. So, I am watching Time, Timecom and Sunway move on. If their volume increased on Monday, that is a good choice.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A speculator way

Be a speculator in the share market, lastly always found that rally was over but a lot of in hand holding shares forced to sell. Finally all shares must sell below cost price and accumulated a lot of losses. But advantages are: -

a) In the bear market would not faced unlimited lose.
b) Never nor bankruptcy company shares in hand.

Speculators also had to lose when market at beginning stage of rally. He always regretted those shares sold too early and minimise the profit/gain.

As at today, in KLSE market a lot of people start guessing this rally will end at next week Monday a heavy adjustment is coming. So, if you are a speculators you are start worry and decided sell all in hand shares in the morning.

Actually I do not like think about market Monday's performance but I am just worry that stocks I had choose in last friday. Would it be stand above the support price?

Actually I can't predict the future. So, I prefer read data from market and analyst myself. Because when I predict the support level is correct. In the adjustments, I can make a chance to reinstate or quit it immediately. So, Are you ready or well know about the support level?

Friday, April 10, 2009

MRCB, Equine and BJcorp LC

The above three stocks now in my holding position. Why I was choose them because 2 reasons: -

a) Market finally broke the new high index.
b) The above three stocks closed at off high by high volume.

Today, I heard a lot of claims that market shut up too fast. In my opinion, it should not consider fast and high. Because if a new high coming in, it should be strong and steady. In overall performance, KLSE did that on today trading. Hence, it easily broke the new high level and closed at high. Market rally continue because others counter step/join into these party. Especially at 4.15pm, three speculated stocks started the rally. That is Gpacket, Huaan and Timecom.

No signal of adjustment and Resort finally broke the resistance level of 2.31. So, it could be another move on next week. 50 points is no problem for KLSE. Are you in the party?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gadang , Equine and Maybank -OR

I am still remember I was recommended Equine when it was stood at 34 cents. It had given you about 10% return. After it has consolidated at 36 to 38 cents. Why I chose its again? Because when you refer to main board construction sector. Equine and Gadang maintained the volume but never broke the resistance although most of the counter had did it. Especially Gadang, it had not borke 50 cents and stood above 50 cents at last few months, but yesterday and today its had did that and stood strongly by holders. I believed it soon to join into these party.

I had took profit from Johan and MRCB, I am believe these counter going to consolidated at these level. Until another good news deliver to them. It would not have any adjustment but would not given you anymore profit.

Today, I had jump in few counter to reduce my brokerage and earn 1 cents and run. But tomorrow it hard to use these strategy again.

At last, remind you are again Maybank-OR finally closed at off low. The turning was shown in the late afternoon. So, please watch up maybe can help earn by way day trading.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maybank-OR, Johan and MRCB

Today, market at 4.50pm shut down to minus 11points. Mainly due to Maybank last odd is 3.82 for 4.50pm closed deal. Furthermoere, because most of the people take profit and believed politic effects were over. They 100% trust this rally mainly due to politic issue. I am the only one did not depend on these news to manipulate my recent investment.

But today market had open a opportunity to buy in because yesterday market closed at off high but today closed at off low. I am had interested to buy in the Maybank -OR, Johan and MRCB.

MRCB after touched the RM1, it was dowm back to support level. Remember recently it had touched 92 cents and after that going back to 78 cents. This round it had broke the strong resistance. I had assuming this counter have 20% potential rally from this level. That is about 18 cents.

Maybank-OR by right today should hit below RM1 but susbseqently it had never did that and well support at 1.02. So, i predict that is a lower and should have a technical rebound on tomorrow.

Johan is a related company to Najib. After analyst these counter few days, it should have a 3 days rally continue for its move. So, please grab the opportunity on it.

I have given an order to Reminser to collect the above said 3 stocks in the morning. Hope I can collect some to enjoy the party. Refer to overall performance of recent market rally, I am suspect there is a foreign funds reinstate their portfolio investment. Is it true or false? Let us watching the coming performance of market.


As a speculator, if could not calm down. That will continues make mistake on trading. The losses become big and unaffordable. Yesterday, I was made some mistake forced me immediately quit all the trading. Now, I am searching a real and correct direction.

Most of the euro market registered negative and report said that 4 trillion toxic assets in the market. So, that is difficult to absorb it by bank. DJ index will play around at 7,500 to 7,900 until it had breake the 7,400 again, another plunge would arrive.

HK index did not stood above 15,000 although it was broke that on Monday. So, it was confirmed that only a technical rebound on bear market. Holders has a good chance to restructure the portfolio investment in this short rally. Please do not waste this opportunity.

On the same time, I as a speculator in market. I must quit again a long period to avoid the heavy lose. Feel sad. Feel sad. No game again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Made a mistake

Early morning, I had bought in UEMland at 78 cents and E&O at 58.5. But until 1st session ended. This 2 counter did not performance as well as my prediction. So, I had decided sold it at afternoon shift at the same price. When the 2nd shift opened, the above two stocks confirmed done immediately by my broker and he was told me the above 2 counters hit the 52 weeks high at 3.30pm It was made me felt disappointed.

Speculator always did a lot of mistake because after the long journey of trading. He would be easy lost the direction. He could be become very gritty. While such emotion surrounding him. He had refused to accept facts and rejected realistic data in front of him.

So, this time I never jump in again and prefer stay away although the above deal registered a brokerage lose. Because I am always believe bad emotions attach in my mind will bring me do more mistake on the coming trading. On the same time, I also had to admit this maybe is an indirect “warning note” to me. I am lose direction and is a right time stay away from market a while. Hence, my Stock in Hand JOHAN I had decided sold at 3.30pm and registered a lost about 5 cents per lot.

Today, market performs goods and most of the active stocks had hit the new high. Is it the resistance price on each individual counter? I hard to concluded it now.

But the bad issue is most of the counter closed off high. It did not happen on last Thursday and Fridays. It is seems like a signal to turn down but needs to confirm at tomorrow morning.

If you feel not comfortable, go to future market made “short” contract to “hedge” you investment.

Axiata and Johan

Axiata (TMI) finally had broke 2.61 at yesterday and last week Johan started from 18 cents, it was hit 27.5 cents and now consolidated at 25 cents.

For Axiata, my assumption these stock could hit back 3.00 before ex- right issue. It would follow recently Maybank rally until yesterday and continues given all investors the surprise. Of course the high price does not allow us playing it. I think i should buy in the call warrant to enjoy this party.

For Johan, recently I had received several sms and email told me this stock. Because they claimed that najib good friend is the member of Board of Directors in Johan. He will enjoy the politic back up on business. In year 2004, there was a same rumous about that Scomi. It was brought Scomi hit above 2 and invetsors all had enjoy the sweet and big angpow. Perhaps, it is a another magic show for Johan.

Everybody expected market would faced adjustment soon. But rally will continues until you are believe and jump into this carnival of rally. If this appears in you mind and you are 100% trust it. The adjustment is coming, Please ask youself instead of looking around the tips.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Unexpected Rally

Today KLSE equity market open high and other counters have been took over the top volume page. It had helps market sentiment continue perform good and steady. Some index broke the resistance and registered higher. Like Axiata and Airasia. I had to admit I am wrong prediction on today trend of KLSE.

So, in order to rectify my mistake. I had select some counter to join the party. That is Johan, Sealink and Axiata. All those bad factors did not appearing in market and further it was successful turn as good factors. A lot of holders in doubt bought in and prefers sell in hand stock to realise the profit. But today the price continue registered hit higher preventing them continue sell off. If the attitudes of holders continue unchanged and refuse selling in hand stocks. Finally, market stock supply volume become limited and it will bring done price continue hit higher.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Since Start To End

Market rally and plunge were follow market sentiment. Rally must accumulated people as well as plunge is the same. Actually market can not suddenly shut up by day. It should accumulated few days up trend and few factors together.

Sometime, you should aware the rally was not happen because during the days some bad factors in between appears and spoilt it. If you are not aware that changing, you may face impact and lose.

Coming Monday is a bad days, Why?

a) Market hard to maintain as high volume as last Thursday and Friday.
b) Other factors depend on oversea market.
c) By election impact
d) Heavy profit taking arrive.

I am preferring stay away about 3 days to accumulated data. Hope can have a good start and good ending in my coming investment/speculating journey.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Is It new PM Effect?

Today, i had hear a lot of analyst said our market up due to new PM effect. I do agree that is one of the factor, but totally disagree market rally depends on one factor. Just review the Asia Pacific market HK up 7% and Nikkie up 4% and Sg up almost 6%. Our new PM does not related with them. Why they could registered the up percentage better than us? Another important issue is Did him will sit the position only a day? So, Is it means that tomorrow or after tomorrow market every day will continue rally until his step down/retire?

So, that is an excuse for those investors does not well know the equity market. Are you is one of them?

Let refer back to today market performance. I was totally quit from market although i had registered lose at HUAAN. Because I had found a lot of top volume counter open high closed low, that is bad signal for me. I am believe market soon have a heavy adjustment. Others bad factors are: -

1) Market leader like Maybank, Resort and TMI faced their respective resistance level.
2) Over bought at every single step for MRCB, UEMland, Scomi and Johan etc.
3) US market depend on one factor and did not hit up better than others market.
4) Bad news will deliver soon in Malaysia because of by election.
5) Commodities price price did not move as the respective counter listed in KLSE, especially oil palm company did not hit new high although the oil palm future hit higher.

The above factors if join up together, it will be a big impact to KLSE equity market.

Felt Tired

I was felt tired after market closed, because all positive news from Asia Pacific had given KLSE closed at higher. Friendly speaking today i was active bought in and sold out. Most of my trading was day trade by high volume. Due to I am a good customer in the securities firm, the broker won't stop me bought any counter.

Most of my stock was cleared at evening except Huaan. This is a speculated stock in the last 12 months, I had believed a lot of investors had burn by this counter.

After reading some data, i was found HK Hang Seng resistance level at 15,000 points and Japan Nikkie at 9,100 points. I do not know whether i am right or wrong. But this is a good time for me quit a while from market.

KLSE Index broke 900 points did not given me any good news because suddenly all my data in hand for each counter had lose the direction, I am prefering quit a while and spend some time to collect data again before step in again.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Huaan and Gamuda

Huaan always attract many day traders playing. But recently it had stop its rally and move around at 20 cents. I am believe it will soon join into these rally party. Gamuda finally had broke the 2.10 and closed at 2.14 in the first session. Of course, it could not as much as we predicted to 2.50. But you can join in by way of buying its call warrant.

Most of the stock recommended in today morning article had given a good profit by traded at volume by you. I wasn't know how far the index of the market could reach and when the individual counter would faced the price resistance. But base on volume traded in this morning, I am believe it can last more than 3 days.
Do not forget just enjoy the game infront of you? So, you will happy and remember today effort.

Penny Stock? TMI -CB or AMMB -CD

These few days hard to select a penny stock to play. I am read the transaction but couldn't found any stock buy in. In order to follow market up trend, I had bought some call warrants to enjoy this rally.

US DJ done a good move on opening, it was dropped 100 points but after home sale report positive, the up rally replace it. It was shown market support automatic created at 7,450. If there is not substantial bad news it would not break this level. So, Asia Pacific equity market can move on own sentiment.

I was chose AMMB - CD because of AMMB had broke 2.64 at yesterday morning. Selected TMI-CB because it has make a partial repayment of to TM. Holding Resort- CI because of Resort still looking the new resistance level.

Suggest buy in WCT - WB and Equine at today because of politic issue support and others properties stock had faced over bought at last 2 week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Index Counter (TMI , Gamuda & AMMB)

This two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) equity market control by funds manager, they had bought index link counter. Hence, TMI, Maybank, WCT, Gamuda and AMMB were registered high price at closed. I was difficult release Pelikan into market and had registered lose about 1.4k.

My plan is buy in all call warrant on index link counter to join the party. Of course that is a cruelly task because those call warrant trading at low volume. Overall performance of KLSE ‘s equity market is steady and strong. Every cent increased was supported by volume. Second line counter kicked out from top volume page or remain at top volume page but couldn’t deliver you any profit. (MRCB & ZELAN & UEMLAND).

Tomorrow is another good day for index link counter. It will continue run until reach the resistance or maybe hit above the resistance. Now, I can’t see any signal of adjustment in there.