Monday, November 29, 2010

Perhap you are the loser

Please stand up and fight again.

Perhaps you are worries the war, I must tell you please close your eye immediately and tell yourself now you are standing far away from the war ground.

So, every down trend on market, just close yours eye and buy. Why you are worry about the matter still haven't happen? Sometime use yours' imagination can help you kick out the loss but it cannot help you everyday and every time.

So, if imagination can work. I think no one happy to wake up from bed and go to work. Because laid down is enough.

So, positive better than negative. Loss one time better than forever closing your eye. Fact is important than talk. I am a sick man now, so can't give anyone tips but aware someone fears about the war. Just positive accept it and dream it that is your chance to create a new life. Something new maybe is arriving and maybe better than current situation. So don't give up..............

Friday, November 26, 2010

Properties Sector

Most of the counters in properties sector now facing the impact of merging.If the owner never select own company to merge, it can be faced someone eat it by way of general offer. It is same as previous time happen on finance sector. The listed of properties counter may reduce a lot and left few strong companies monopoly the properties market.

This is the trend because cost of land increase substantially and cost of development is increasing. No one can stop it. Bank Negara has a certain right to slow down but finally the cost become unpredictable.

So, if you can hold some stocks in properties sector. This is an opportunity to earn money but very difficult to select the right one. Because some offer is lower than market price. Some properties shares been over value by certain people, some is because loan base higher than value.

So, which one is right one? Please do it some speculating by way of volume done. No encouraging by way of long term.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back from hospital

Wondering I cannot died after the accident. The doctor said this was a special case . These accident was hit me in suffer ring, unfortunately the impact was happened into my brain and finally accumulated some black blood inside, it was staying inside my brain almost 3 months and luckily I still can survive until 9 of November.

On 9 Nov 2010, Doctor had removed the black blood from my head. Now my hand has some writing problem. Hope it can become normal. Otherwise my career will stop at here.

Malaysia market seem like can touch higher and UEM may become big giant company in KLSE. The second step are consolidation the Highway in the country and make it be a good cash return company. So, it can be continues generated more return from the property.

As far as enough land for people to build his own the country. The properties market will continue strong. So, although government set some bad policy, but population hard to against it because they need stabilization.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Now Is a bad time

Loss of job and further had an accident. Now found that some effect in my body. When can I recover ?

Now another bad effect is i do not how spell a word.