Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taxation Month

How to face the day in next month? Next month every employee must fill the yearly income and report to Inland Revenue Board (IRB). Is it someone need to realise profit from investment and pay for it?

Maybe this year is my last year reporting after my employment end on last year. I have been selected few counter in my mind but never take any action. I am select to buy in SAAG at 12 cents, Haio before ex- bonus buy in at 9.00 and Gens-C1 at 10.5cents. Of course those proposed shares aim for short term to earn some money to pay tax. But finally action in air.

Today market continue perform positive but seems like turn to weak. There are no interest buying and those share run at low margin. Those negative report on China never reflected at all. Something like bullshit. As I noted every crisis happen without any signal. If there is a signal of warning, that is not crisis. Just a minor adjustment. But the good business in the world is IRB. How many staffs employed by them, We do not know. How to their income, we do not know. Second best department is KWSP(EPF). Those staffs always get better benefit than contributors. WHY???????

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Politic vs Economic

Previously, Malaysia share market mostly depend or support by stable politic. After 308, the situation was changed. Like this month, MCA (one of the BN member) asked for reelection. But our market run up trend. So, if you used one ruler to measure it. Your have wrong judgement.

Today market up mainly due to some funds speculate on NEP ( New Economic Proposal) It is going to announce at this month end. But, I am not confident on that. Finally it will bring you a same style and maybe talk only and forever can't execute it.

Please do not forget, the policy to be success subject to 1.2 million government servant whether want to execute it or follow the new rule. They usually wait until you step down and hope for another new policy to benefit them. They are forever there and never or maybe call that they are no need facing any election in their life. So, no penalty on their bowl of rice.

Politic can be beautiful it by talk. But population life or economic can not be painted by way of talk. One day 1.2 million with us face no money to spend or maybe someone do not wants to sell things to us with rejected our national note. They are may understood or realise it in one of the day. Hopefully they are accept it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the wind or In the air

Share market news always "in the wind" more than "in the air". What I am understood, "In the wind" means rumours. " In the air" means going to happen. So, "measat" news is true or false? I do not know.

Last year, these counter " measat" had been spread over the same news. Maybe Astor going to merge it. Funny is "why it never suspend together"?

Speculating brings good return but also come with high risk. Usually I named it "Put money take money". Share speculating more interesting because you should have some basic knowledge about economic, politic and accounting. Without one or lack of one brings you suffer and continue lose.

Pick one of the share with good knowledge give you more chances to win or double up your capital. So, please do not use one strategy to analyst it. Learn more and continuously learn everyday keep your minds more clearance and accurate.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Exactly 7 days

Exactly 7 days not post any note at here. Because my view still negative on current up trend. If I am continue tell people don't buy. Maybe people will hate me. I am rather doing my own things to cover up my expenses.

Market hit up because of bank interest rate increased. So, analyst just predict next will be increase again. If rate increase usually bring currency note strong and share indirect become cheaper at current level. So, analyst can not sit there and wait. So, start strong buying on index link counter, help index broke new high to new level. Others shares market also follow the said trend because non main market like Malaysia had started recover. We think we are better. So, all shut up together.

Penny stocks did not follow and furthermore their main holders who lend money to held controlling stake be more pressure on Bank Negara policy. They need pay more in future. Hence sell more stocks in last 7 days to reduce their margin.

I am not fund manager, playing stock by support from salary. This round rally nothing concern to me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bad Guidance

A group of people do not wants to take rice. On the other hands also forced people can not eat. They think they are God. Some members quit or resigned do not means people cannot live peacefully. Why they did that?

This is their bad culture. Everything do not follow instruction become illegal. Malaysia step in to such bad environment because this bad culture. Why people select migrated to oversea? Why foreign funds pull back? Let us imagine, if one day cabinet member resign and decided not taken rice on few days. Is it ordinary people take a bowl rice as food become illegal?

If one day entire company directors resign. Does it means company can not organise AGM? or Bar Shareholders attend AGM? Why big group of people must listen minority voice?

Usually if someone worry lost his own benefit then would stop people execute normal human right. If there is continue happen, I am worry Listed company Directors will follow their step. That is totally against shareholders' right and entitlement.

If authority keep quite, some one make take its as guide. So, every time if company directors just said that is illegal by way of conducted few meeting in short period of time to certify it that is illegal. So, company will lose more income as well as increase extra expense for such stupid activity.

We are investors. We should stop such stupid reaction. Unless the people said stop meeting can rescue 100% of human right or ordinary right. Or spend such time to rescue patient. Otherwise, stop meeting care only personal benefit leaders should kick off from this society or company.

So, we should respect Petra's CEO Ibarhim, although he was terminated by EGM but he had not act such stupid way to retain his position.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

No Income

Not under employment brought me zero income in this 3 months. Outflow increased and worry can't stand long to maintain my daily expenses. My daily expenses about rm20 per day. If including Water, Electricity and Telephone bills about 600 per month. So that I need about 1,200 per month.

Think to take a risk and through all current saving to buy a stock to earn back at least 14k. So that I can survive about 1 year. Which stock should I choose and need how much money to invest?

Think Think Think.........................

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Over React

After 2008 financial crisis. Some analyst like over react and automatically affected some investors. Like recently, LCL , Ramunia and Transmile faced heavy force selling on big adjustment on its price.

Actually that is a good speculating stocks. Of course in my mind, I hate Transmile because of someone bought in at high price and until today never cover back. Those people bought in Transmile because of Robert Kok stake price at RM6 per share and they used imagination Robert KOK would not do bad investment and not allow himself lose like that. Dream were not come true becuase Robert kok just lose 2 dollar from his own health. Him holding about 20 billion assets in hand, So lose 200 million like RM2.

Investors over react in share market like your are playing Bacarrat at Casino. In one game, When everybody bet "Player" made you hard to against them to bet "banker", although your are right. Finally you and group of people follow the ship named "titanic' and drop in to deep sea.

Gambling cost you lose yours mind in work. Be a professional player on every game, you should or you need to spend full time and full energy to concentrate. Otherwise one day you will regret.

Friendly speaking, I do not like market situation like now. So that I am working around and never through any cents on it. I am waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Everybody wish someone give a free tips to earn extra in their life. Usually expected too much be burden and finally lose his own good skills. A trip visit Genting Resort Casino again because received an offer a free room.

People like speculating and gambling because it is given you zero effort to earn extra. Gambling allow you earn more than yours entitlement when compare yours monthly salary. So excited and interesting. So, some good investors purposely classified his gambling skill as investments to identified himself more status. Is it any difference between the gambling and investments? My own experience tell me, that is no difference at all.

Now, maybe a lot of people start blame me on above comments. Like I playing roulette, I am always guessing which is next drawn number. But I was always fail. Like someone choose a stocks based on someone report/recommend but finally the company under liquidation.

Similarly that is no free lunch in this world. Actually when you wants gambling, you need some capital in hand. So that you need to work for a month and use it for gambling. Yours hard earn money maybe a second change it to someone belonging. Like you had bought a shares from yours saving. Actually you earn a statement or a list of holdings. That is nothing much difference your are holding some colour chips in hand. If you lucky enough, your are " god of investments" or "god of gamble"

In view of the above, please watching carefully in hand capital before you wants to step into shares investment.