Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I did in the KLSE equity Market?

Today, when I reached office and on the computer. I found Samchem done at lower price and I just ignore it. As normal, I was gone to index link counter and starting study on it. Suddenly in the second page top volume counter, Samchem started its move. I had immediately took action and bought in at 90 cents. After that within a 10 minutes time, I had succeed sold it by difference price at 935 and 955.

On 3.oo pm, equity market sudden registered lose and the volatile of their trading. I was observed the top volume trading page. At 3.45pm, there was an opportunity again for me. I had immediately decided bought in Samchem at 89.5 and plan to sell it off at 9.25. Within a 1 minutes time, the said stocks move to 92 and 92.5. My deal closed it at 92.

If you asking me, Which sentiment on the market I am prefer? I would said "While sentiment is mixed move or slide line, I am prefer." Because such situation giving me a chance to well know the individual counter support and resistance line. So, in future any activities happen on such stocks. I will know better and reduce my risk on that.

Like today, I was found Ramunia _WA successful broke the resistance at 34.5. Is it a signal to climb up. Let us study it or mayby try buying it on next day.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lose money day

Today, dataprep-wb and Emico not perform well. Both counter closed at negative and I must cut lose and play other counters. I had tried bought in Time and Dbhd. Finally both counter delivered me some contra gain to offset my lose.

Market's confident haven't back and continue registered low volume. It has given a warning to player. Please do not hold more position in hand. Sometime I wants to be a eagle but finally found that I am a chicken. Stand there and allow the egale eating me.

My streamyx service still has a problem. So, I must wrote fast and short note at here. Otherwise. the connection will gone and can not post it.

Tomorrow is another day for me to searching back my 30k. I hope I can select a good one and recover my lose. By the way, I found that those oil stocks no more giving any profit at now. I believe this will continue 5 days more. So, whoever like to play oil related stocks must be very careful.

If your are dare, please select some 2nd board stocks and keep it for while. Maybe the super stock is hidden at there.

Dataprep--WB and Emico

Currently, Market hard to trade because most the penny stocks ha hit higher and suddenly can go down about 25% on few days.

Transmil and Measat lately perform wild but that is good for trading. I am still remember after these 2 counters hit limit up. Dataprep and emico also join in to hit higher. Will it be same happen again.

As a normal population at here, everybody aware we are do not have any chance to chose quality products. So, this few days I am suffer on home telephone broke down more than 5 days and its stop me write any note at here.

A lot investors still in the suffering on recent adjustment as well as broker also needed to chase on some lose payment. It is need some time to recover. So, it has reflected daily volume on KLSE equity market slow and lower than last few weeks.

My stocks in Hand: - dataprep-WB and EMICO

Friday, June 26, 2009

Oilcorp and Datprep-WB

This two days not posting any note at here because of internet connection problem. Now, I am using another computer to write a short message.

KLSE equity market will sustain at this level and finally obtained the strong support at 1050. Market would not faced any more impact on heavy weight counter and we should careful trading on it.

I am selected Oilcorp and Dataprep-WB to play. Because although some others recovered 50% but this 2 still left behind.

Happy trading.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Bad day

Another bad day on me. KLSE market hit me again and registered another lose. I couldn't escape that because it was fast and heavy. Especially Resort-CH.

Market still searching the support but hard to obtain it because 5 days and 10 days averaging been broke. So, every level of every stock facing heavy delivery. However, market one day can reach the level. Just depends on individual people ability on holding power. Or enough money to roll over on every adjustment.

I am understand some remises having a problem to allow customer buy in although you had settle the debts. So, some one need to average the stocks might faced difficult. Limited limit on such broker will ban you continue buy in because some others will owing the debts to particular one.

I have been blur and should not recommend any one follow my stocks. That is dangerous and brought you in trouble. As a reference my stocks in hand are: - Resort _CI & CH

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Restart Again

Monday, I am planning reinstate again my old stocks. Of course, it can say is dangerous. But no risk no gain. I am prefer buy in blue chip call warrant.

My target are: - TM-CI, Resort-CH and Measat and dataprep. Recently such stocks been adjusted heavily and now almost can reach the current support. After settle the outstanding at morning, I will jump in and buy.

KLSE market heavy adjustment on top volume stocks and spread the panic to others. If you continue searching their support level. It has to waste a lot of time and cost. Just ignore them and searching those stocks previous been heavy adjusted. So, it might be a good way to earn some money.

This round adjustment brought people imagine the same situation happen on last year Sep. But I could be brave to said that is totally difference. Please do not forget, last year started heavy adjustment from blue chip and follow by second liner stocks.

Current adjustment those blue chip still stood at 60 days higher and seems like no panic selling happen on it. The good show will presenting by heavy weight counter and hit new high of index. The above all is my own view by data support on KLSE. I do not know how many percent is correct but it has give me some confident buy in at Monday.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cut Lose ?

A good idea for those stocks recently continue climbing the high price. Why recently I am not recommend buying those stock because most of them hardly to know about their support. But I am face problem on that because such impact spread over to my selected stocks.

Of course, now in the market you are easily listen a lot of people claimed the big lose. I am still searching some funds to settle it and provided such stocks should come back their support level only can buy.

My own opinion is, market index continue move to new level but a lot of hot stocks will continue adjustments. TM, Axiata, Genting, Maybank, Commerce, Resort will continue hit the new high and support index higher than 1095. But it would not brings any happiness to me, because they are slow and steady. They won't run fast and rally will using relay style to hit higher.

I believe such stocks help index hit another 50 to 80 points until 6 of july. That is a time new member on FBMKLindex take over the place.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zero Stocks In Hand

Market player have move to 2nd board and I am just lose touch on it. It does not means I am quit from that, I am still in the market but temporary stop trading because of big lose. Broking firm temporary will stop my order although I am willing to buy.

Speculator always had this problem. Because usually do not have stocks in hand be held by trading account to justified or support the account. Of course, I have select some stock for you are but seems like my selection recently delivery bad result. So, just take as a guide and do not through big investment on that.

My selection are : UDSCap (2nd board), PMetal and Hovid -WA.

Market would not perform as per analyst's prediction because next week most of the bull chip will start its rally to qualify be one of the FBMKLINDEX30 member. Furthermore investors forum will start by local and foreign funds manager. In order to meet the requirement of valuation by foreigner, Government purposely press down some stock to attract their attention. Like Resort, Genting, Axiata and IOICorp.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Bad Day

As you are noted, most of my stocks hit low and finally cut lose with recorded big lose. Market index looks the support and at 3.30pm had found it. KLSE equity finally closed at off low at down 17 points. But there is good news, most of the hot volume stocks stop at higher level when compared with day low.

But KLSE market has a good potential to move up and giving new investors join in to this rally. Of course, market should deliver some profit to specific party. Maybe this round I was a loser. Temporary kick out me until I have settle the outstanding accounts.

Today after market was closed, I just calculated my lose. There are registered about 30k. Now, must pay to broking firm first in order tomorrow can continue trading.

My stocks in hand: - Pmetal and Hovid –WA.

Hard to Earn Money

After a long rally about 2 months plus, market hardly to find a stock with the good support level. As a speculator, usually just want to know about the support level to minimise the lose. I do not care about the company fundamental as well as the earning power.

I am more concern about the price range. Of course, good company can delivery more gain but hard to trade in short term. As most of the analyst predict, equity market run as per their prediction. So, they will happy on that. But they never inform you when they want to start buying.

Tomorrow equity market still open at negative if DJ market badly hit low. But I am planning jump in again to average my stocks. This round I would not escape because most of my stock registered at low volume and far behind the rally.

This adjustment give me an opportunity to do some day trade.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pmetal, Bjcorp-LC, Resort-Ch and Hovid-WA

People in doubt I am continue buying shares especially those with empty stocks in hands. Actually that is bad for waiting people died first later you take it. Normally, if the stocks broke the support, it will drop until you won't believed. Like previously happen on Transmile and PECD. Recently also got few counter happen the same transaction, ie Computg and MNS.

Investors always trusted the previous record is the good guidance for them. But it was seem like happen on one or two specific cases only. Most of them will disappear in the market after the heavy adjustment. Or maybe just given you some recovery and then stop it at that level.

As I always mentioned here, You should trade the stocks by way of faithful. In you heart please do not expect or hope others people lose. The stocks will treat you good and telling you the facts. Honest and sincere are the basic term be a good speculator.

In the equity firm, most of my friend knowing me what stocks I hold at what price. That is nothing to hide it as well as they have never been steal yours in hand stocks away from you list.

Today 2nd and 3rd line stocks finally have a little bit adjustment but whether is a big adjustment coming. I could not capture any negative data from today market transaction. I just can assume tomorrow open is low on those stocks, market soon can be recovered. Otherwise, 2nd and third liner stocks need to rest another few days more.

My stocks in Hand facing a big lose and hope can recover. Resort-CH, Pmetal, Bjcorp-LC and Hovid-WA

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Why we wants to play shares? Why we want to select this game? Why we want keep on throw money inside?

Actually when you are born you have no choice to accept the activities in the world. A lot people said shares investment can allow you to wait you capital come back when facing adjustment. This theory has give many of people trusted. It has happen and always happen. So, people select that because of hope it can be the same happen.

In order to fulfil such theory, people was classified me as speculator because I won't trust such theory. I am believe if you never realise the profit, it is not belonging to you. Forever or no longer or not even belongs to you.

Refer to last week transaction, over bought in the market theory still commented by our best and intelligent economist/analyst. I do not care more about that, I just keep my eye on every single transaction going to happen until it has give me a bad signal. Otherwise, I won't stop buying.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Resort-CH, Hovid-WA and Bjcorp-LC

Something is funny on my stock list. Most of them are registered low volume and did not give any surprise on this rally. I just want to say "At this moment, chose right for playing contra stock is difficult" . Maybe I am stupid and did not capture the pulse of the market. Basically, Now I am lost the direction.

When this situation happen on me. Usually I will temporary quit and stay away for while. But, if everytime I do the same. It will cause more difficult to understand more on market momentum. I am just trying capture some data and help me knowning more about that.

The above selection did not bring me big gain but it maybe can help me face the heavy adjustment. So, use the minimum money to learn some move of the market is valuable.

Stocks In hand: - Resort -CH, Hovid -WA and BjcorpLC

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Resort, SMI, Hovid and Hovid-WA

A lot of investors do not like Genting acquired the Macau Casino stake. In my opinion, they had did the right decision because if there is not such financial crisis happen. The cost of investment for such deal must be difficult and expensive.

So, if I am an investors I would not disappointed that and such news encourage me invest more on it. But I am a speculator and yet hold any shares although I am happy on the deal. Hence, today I was selected Resort to play contra. Hope can deliver me some gain.

Some people will doubtful on KLSE equity performance. Because they had enjoying the profit last month by way of chasing stocks. Why this round hard to do that?

Actually, they should noted currently player in the market more powerful than previous. They always buying by certain price range and stop buying after that. So, contra player hard to earn money on that. If you chase you may face force selling with negative on due date.

When I started again on 19 may 2009, same problem I had faced. Now I have to change strategy and buy in during such stocks registered negative. So, the profit slowly come back and now registered positive in my trust account.

Stocks in hand: - Resort, Resort CI, SMI, Hovid and Hovid-WA.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hovid, Hovid-wa and SMI

Today KLSE equity market been broke new high, the reasons are due to: -

a) Oil price hit above 71
b) Regional and USA’s market steady
c) Oil price higher help government collecting more tax to reduce the deficit of budget
d) Country’s cash flow liquid faster

A lot of investors at this movement already mislead by economic data. The current economic data shown negative and fundamental of economic have been spoilt. Why equity markets still continues bullish. Yesterday, I had picked a right stock. Hence, today my profit is good.

As normal day, evening I decided join in again and buy Hovid and Hovid-WA. Hope its can deliver me good profit as today.

Stocks In Hand: - Hovid, SMI and Hovid-WA

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Measat, SMI, Bjcorp-LC, Borneoil -WB, Silver -WA

KLSE equity market now concentrate playing those below 30 cents stock. Last 2 monts hot and famous stocks been temporary kick off. Hence, I have to say at here that market rally still continue.
Fund manager closely monitor those index link stock to maintain index points drift within at 5 points. Players should observe it before buying. If fund managers allow index link counter drop consistenly. Please stay away for while. As at today, there is no such impact on that happen in the kLSE equity market.
Due to the direction of market been changed. So, I have been selected one stock named SMI to follow market trend.
Today, I was lose some money in the market. I am disappointed on that but won't stop me buy in. My stocks in Hand: - Measat, SMI, Bornoil-WB, Silver-WA and BJcorp-LC.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Muhibah, Johan, Bjcorp-LC, oilCorp and Silver-WA

Most of the stocks above mentioned had hit positive but finally closed at low. Market seems like weak due to external market issue. Actually when talking about the fundamental, a lot of stocks been over value. But whenever on the bulliest, certain things must ignore it.

So, I want be a speculator mainly due to that. Because I am just care about price difference within a day or within in few days. Stocks should not stay in my list longer. Indeed, if the stock hit higher I will miss it.

Minimise lose and minimum profit always happen in my speculating journey. No regret, No dissappointing as well as no turn around view onto the lower price. After today hit in or out, my stocks in hand changed : - Muhibah, Johan, Bjcorp-LC, oilCorp and Silver-WA.

As usual, the above stocks still marked at lose but hope can recover it soon.

Resort-CH, Resort -CI, Tebrau, Silver-WA, Bjcorp-LC and Johan.

Is it the right time for me sell it off Resort-CI and C-H at this time. By the way, this counter I have plans long time it will going to break its higher in this year. Actually, Resort still under value for current market index.

Buy in Tebrau because it is a government link stocks. Buy in Silver because of related to Bjcorp. Buy in Bjcorp because it had broke resistance level.

I do not want to predict today market performance but i will continue buying some stocks if there is a adjustment.

My loses going to recover and hope it will cover up on this evening. Good Luck, my friends!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week End

As last week, analyst still give another warning on KLSE equity market going to adjustment but such news already repeat last few weeks. One day they might right. This is same as some one buying in one counter when it had adjustment. Every level he bought it and hope for tomorrow rebound.

Why ordinary people wants to guess future? Because its bring a lot of fun and exciting. They trusted everything will go difference way when somethings continues happen on one way. Usually I also believe that but I am always prefer not to against it. I am wait and patient during such situation happen if I am not in the same boat.

I do not want waste my bullet and waiting the right time join in. Now, my point of view on KLSE equity market is simple. Buy in when market has an adjustment and ignore any fear in your mind. The fear always attach in my heart but market would not followed. There have their agenda to achieve. Hence, overcome the fear in you mind before you step in.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hard !

Chose shares at KLSE equity market is difficult at now. Our local analyst like to adust the target price when market is up. They won't follow the company quarterly result to identify it. They also hardly based on specific industrial to identify it. So, if investors follow the report to buy in, it will hurt.

Maybe they have the good report but it was hide it for specific person to read. So, finally ordinary investors just guess and simply wasting the funds in hand. Local reporter just join in the party and trying convince reader together. For identify my word above, you just pick up March and April paper compared with current report. It can highlighted the big difference on the target price which was written by same group of people.

So, we are all playing by them and trusted them would not buy any shares at end of March 09. I think I am not cheating by them and done a lot of transaction at that period. Thus, as a speculator, i should own a certain specific way to monitor the movement of the shares price. Of course, that will guarantee myself 100% win but at least I would not spend/waste my resources on such people's stupid report. I am loss on own idea instead of loss on listening.

Friday, June 5, 2009

KLSE Equity Broke New High level

I am remember I was told reader KLSE equity market going to hit 1080 points. It would going to happen soon in the next week. Of course, that's not a dead line for market. But, it will touch and have a check point for future. As a speculator, actually do not care about the point. I am more concern on those price move down and up. It's only may give me a chance to earn some money.

Today, I have play some day trading but the results is bad. Timing is out and buying price too high. But have a good news on Genting Bhd at last fifteen minutes. it had broke and touch 6.00. Next Monday, maybe have some good news deliver from the entire group of company.

After today closing, My stocks in hand increased : - Resort-CH, Resort -CI, Tebrau, Silver-WA, Bjcorp-LC and Johan.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

TM, TM-CI, Resort-CH, CI and Johan

KLSE equity market today open low and closed at high. Most of the index counter steady. Penny stocks started its rally again at 4pm. But new members had join in this party.

A lot of investors scare and worry in the morning. I received several call and warns me stay away. But I am still insist the rally has gone to index counter. So, my stocks in hand is difference from previous.

However, if i am predicted wrong. I will facing a big big loss. I wouldn't think about hold it if registered negative on my holding because I am speculator.

Due date is coming soon. But I am waiting the result. Of course I won't tell directly at here. But the stocks list of my holding will show out at here for your reference.

Stocks In hand : - Resort, Resort-CH and CI, Silver-wa, Johan, TM and TMCI

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TM, Resort and Johan

KLSE equity market last 15 minutes hit down and closed at negative 8 points. Most of the high volume counter never gave us a surprise move. Why market perform as this way? Is it prediction by reader at here is right and confirm it will go down soon?

I am personally disagree those comment because as at today, my data in hand never shown that. Although my account is negative but it only reflected my selection on stock is wrong. Usually market have an heavy adjustment, index counter will not have support. It will hit down 2 or 3 support level in 1/2 days. But so far market index counter did not perform on such way. So, I have classify it as correction.

At today, why my selection stocks have changed to heavy weighted stocks. I am just guess, new PM of Malaysia going to have 1st time celebration birthday ceremony with our country Agong on Saturday. Furthermore, the above said counter having a small correction in last 5 days. Maybe that is a right time have a small rebound on it.

My stock in hands: -TM-CI , TM, Johan and Resort.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mobif, TM, Eden Iris and Resort

Ramunia –Wa and SAAG –WA given me some gain to minimise my loss. I am lucky enough and that’s mean the new strategy is working. Now, use the same strategy buy in Resort, TM, Iris and Eden.

Of course, it will incur a big capital and high risk. Overall performance of KLSE equity market registered mixed. Today market support by penny stocks and I believed tomorrow heavy weight counter.

My losses still haven’t covered and mark as negative. I have hard working on it and try to minimise it. Now, another problem is I could not buy big volume because most of the price has higher. That is difficult and restricted my plan to trade faster.

My stocks in hand : -Mobif, TM, Eden Iris and Resort

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ramunia-wa, SaaG –wa and Mobif

A difficult trading job at KLSE equity market. Although index had hit 17 points up but I couldn’t made any profit from that. Now, you should able select those stock with low volume and hold it. Like Ramunia –WA, seems like perform well in the first session but suddenly hit low and closed.

As I was mentioned, these up run give a credit to holders. Every time you chasing a stock, it will facing that stocks registered negative in few days until overdue. That stocks only hit up and give some others taken away you gain.

Is it unusual? No. Because it has give a signal to investors. Playing shares must have enough funds in hand. It has also given a warning to speculators, please do not play contra.

As a speculator, now only one way can do. Just roll over the stocks in hand to extend the due day. It was required a lot of funds in hand to settle the contra loss.

Like me, accounts was temporary suspend and not allow buy in.

Stocks in Hand: - Ramunia-wa, SaaG –wa and Mobif