Monday, September 14, 2009

Miss the boat

During the rally in the equity market. Sometime we will miss the boat. A rally can be last for 3 years and could be only 3 weeks. Such period we should have some reasons can not join in the party.

Now, a lot of people start asking me. Why market rally can stop? They felt regret in the early stage was sold everything. Because in year 2008, most of the stocks registered loss and this year in a chance for them recover some loss.

They are brings such uncomfortable if rally continue. Who know market rally can be higher than what we are expect? Control the bad emotion now brings you steady and calm.

In the game, we should know stay away and replan our step on our life journey. Instead of concentrate one way, if anything bad brought inside on only game. You may forever regret. This week KLSE do not give you profit as well as the future index market. Gold has been broke 1006, and anytime can see it will touch 1300. This is bad signal for equity market.

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