Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not Easy Quit

If you are under employed, definite you are easy to quit it. But if you likes certain game, you may not so easy quit from that. Life is bore, 99% people searching some meaning of their life. Of course, everybody aware he/she will die. So they are still enjoy the human life and ignore the bad issue.

They are chasing somethings meaningless in their life. So, to create it as history for the coming generation have easy life. They do not like their present life. They trying change it.

In the mind equity market do not solely give me some pocket money. It also teach me some theory and meaning of life. It is comprising a lot of meaning and guide me some lesson how to handle it. That is cost if i am lose. That is profit if i am gain. Dual way also benefit me. Currently market faced some adjustment. Similar you are some time you are live in the low tide. But time is going on, one day the good things will come to you again.

Just patient and take care of you health. It will help you enjoy the funs.

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