Thursday, September 24, 2009


After reading a post from equity . Got a very bad feeling because as an ordinary people. We are always face such treatment. No matter your are hard working or not. Someone always have better benefit or privilege than you. If your are outstanding one, you should able to use in hand resources to create your world.

Like the founder of Google or Microsoft. They own a specific skill created some super equipment in your life. You need the said skill day by day to enjoy a better facilities.

In the equity market, how to create some super skill like Google or Microsoft? First, there is no such things be happen. Because there is a place for rich people to corn someone. If one day you found it, maybe you has been created a new play ground for rich people and such place provided better return or fast money.

You only can brave to buy in equity market. Use certain specific thought and specific money to enjoy the game. Please do not listen such stupid comment. Just Like: -

a) IF 20 years ago you bought in the said share or
b) IF 20 years ago bought in and hold until today.

Not to said that is impossible but it must be followed a lot of specific condition. Otherwise such stocks you bought just parking in your hand for 20 years and before you sold it and grab the profit. You been pass away. Of course, it has a success case in the world. Now he is number 2 riches man in the world. Name Warren Buffet.

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