Saturday, February 12, 2011

I do not want be a PM................

If I am a PM of one country, when Australia's state was suffered in flood. I must call International Trade and Agriculture Minister give me some advice. I will ask them" How many type of foods we should export in from Australia. " Is it our local foods enough to support people in coming 3 months. If the answer is "No". I will ask Finance Minister buy in some commodities future to support our country demand. So many things need to do to prevent dilemma and also must ensure foods enough to supply to everyone.

When I have aware Egypt or Tunisia happen some politic turmoil. I should call Bank Negara to temporary stop any big trading of USD in International Market because most of foreign funds will prefer select keep USD as funds' reserve. Immediately stop any selling of Government Link Comapny's shares by KWSP, LTAT and Amanah Nasional. Further add in a rule to those funds out in these period if come back in next 3 months must inject at least 2 times of previous outflow.

So, the above step was taken in these period maybe could reduce market down like Thursday. A lot of people claim that most of the sell force by Foreigner. But referred back to daily transaction, foreign trading in Bursa less than 30%. So, local funds easily divert some attention of investors and mislead them market should have further adjustment.

I am believed market should one U turn. But not as those reporter or professional commented. My points of view are:-

a) Recently KLSE market started abnormal moved up about 3% but nearest regional market were fall down about 5 to 10% .
b) USA or DJ starting its rally.
c) Politic unstable applied to those countries who has one monopoly politic party.
d) The lower of USD brings shares price in DJ become cheap.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sell your in hand Penny stock

Sell all yours penny stocks at these two days. The heavy adjustment coming soon on those stock. The index climb in Jan 2011 and now rally on penny stocks but it can't be sustained long.

Most of the penny stocks give a good return at these few days. But now is a time to pick it all out from yours pocket. Maybe you are predict these rally can spread over to others. But it hard to know. Euro open good by uncertain of middle east countries turmoil. That is not a good reason to give power to share market. Commodities starting its rally again. That will affected most of the people in the country suffering.

The high price of food and necessity stuff make most of the people care to spend. So, money depreciated fast and useless. Government feel out of control and less power on that. Recently you can noted most of the middle range of China commented "China was stand up in front of world". But based on what circumstances it can be last long. They spend few days back to hometown by costly transport, they spend few days to buy a ticket of train. They jam in traffic few day because of delivery of goods. It that all means countries already classified as well developing.

Nevertheless they can spend a lot to buy luxury. It is mean that they are always can do that. Power of currency is not because you can spend it easily. In my book, power of money is one day you can through it into water like shit and people tell you has been crazy. People care your pocket means that is value. If you spending it by way of buy things for own use, that is nothing.

So, prof will tell you. Use 72 rules to formula your to plan future wealth is positive thinking. Base on that 72 method can help you in one of the day be millionaire. Before that, your should please some one offer you constant rate in next 7.2 years or fixed rate at 14.4 years. Otherwise that is a stupid dream.

I do not know what is 72. I only know 72 can allow me spend it for few days. It more realistic on me. Without 2 dollars in hand, I can't buy a drink, without 70 that means I must hungry on coming few days. So, plan how to earn 72 is better.


On turmoil situation, people have to select a country with lower argument of politic. So, recently USD stronger than others. That were happen like India, Indonesia and Asean countries sell off and hit market index down almost 3 to 7%.

Where are you running? We stay here, earn here. We do not have much choice. Uncle would said, lucky I am save some USD Fixed Deposit to eliminate the risk. So, he wouldn't loss anything. I call this type of person stupid. Why? Because before you start earn some interest, bank already earn about 3 to 5% surcharge on yours saving of the foreign exchange of currency. Maybe your are mentioned 3 to 5 years, but please do not forget when you wanna to sell it and take back local currency. You have to pay another surcharge on foreign exchange of currency. That time you are start regret on that because you have to receive discounted saving.

Today, is a first day of rabbit market start trading. Open red or green colour on yours' investments. Just watch it and learn it from every second of trading. After half hour of trading, you should able noted that where is the direction of this year.

Forget about turmoil in Egypt. Because your are staying at here. Choose your life positively with peaceful voting. So, voting correctly on everytime of general election to less future arguments. Please do not allow someone be a giant only sound out. Smart population born smart Government. If you think already suffer 50 years in he past, slowly change it by peaceful way. So, those management in Public listed company should learn some things on Egypt. Do not apply some stupid way like present some gift in AGM to convince shareholders. Do it proper by care of yours supporter. Top management should have proper plans to retire and not treat it as yours family business. Pick a talent to manage public listed company. That is not yours son or daughter should suitable on that sit. If so, please do not list it for public trading. Privatised it immediately, nobody will care or bother on it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


"Show you some colours", Cantonese dialogue. That's mean "give you a lesson". Chinese festival choose red colour as peaceful, happy and wealth. So, reporters always write " openning red" as higher price on shares. Malaysian shareholders hate red on the shares screen, because that means lower price on shares.

Difference culture difference meanings. Difference location difference style to pronounce a same language. So, if you are not local and use the same language to talk, easily noted by someone you are not born in local.

Based on the above, if you are invest forex and shares in difference country. Better view it and watching the traditional of trade before start trading. Otherwise, you funds like pipe water, gone with the drain without any notices on you.

Today, maybe you got 1 million USD in hand. One day, market may tell you that million just can buy a Nissan C20 Van only. So, your are surprise and regret. When is the right time subject to how you approach yours in hand resources. Good investors should not listen to those financial planner. Because if they are so good, they will spend more time on own assets and no time to handler yours assets. Of course they may tell you, individual assets is limited. They are planning buy in more with volume. So that can earn more than normal. Investments not behave as mathematic formula simple like "one plus one equal to two".

Show some colour in shares market, every cents or every dollar give you a chance change the screen colour on the spot. Which colour your are prefer subject to yours immediate decision.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy or Sad

Happy because you have gain something. Sad because of you had lose. So, if two emotion join up together, what is the effect?

I couldn't know. Hard to be came in same time in my life. Perhaps you have such experience. Can you tell me? Shares market bring most of the people sad and disappointed because some tycoon gain all advantages in hand. They are not distributing to you and me. So, how could we realised that is correct timing to sell or buy in?

Like HWGB recently from 30cents shut up to 90 above. What is going on? I have to predict or make some assumption on that. Firstly, maybe subsidiary company in Hong Kong have quoted better vision or better valuation. 2nd someone offer to buy in the major shareholders' stake.

Stepping to 2nd month of the year, What are you doing in this month? Sell or Buy? I am prefer buying when market already down 3 days. Up 3 days I am prefer to sell off. Basic or six sense tell me, no stocks can escape from heavy adjustment.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What are you doing?

Today, market hit higher because of USDJ stood at 12,000 points. So, brings a confident to player hold some shares over the CNY holiday. A long holidays in most of countries in Asia create some uncertain issues for holding shares in these period. Recently see some outflow of funds in Asia, people already start worries those valuation reports prepared by foreign corporation may do some down grade on Asia/Asean countries shares market. Especially Standard & Poor or Morgan Stanley's valuation report give more impact on the fluctuation.

How does it shown such impact? Because most of people closed their eyes to invest. These investors good on hearing but lazy to do homework on own. So, people said sell he was followed. People said buy, he also followed.

About 13 months rally lead by Asean or Asia countries. So, now funds manager are buying the developing countries' shares which should be able to pick up as far as got some signal on their economic start recover. This is all their thinking, actually the fact is not true. Why they can swing the shares price up and down? Because they are carrying the big/huge funds for investments. They use some strategy to convince some one trusted them to manipulate the funds.

In the event of investment, do you think anyone can help you be a Fund Manager.?That is impossible because yours funds is limited. Hence, what are you doing now? Please do some homework on your own before the big wave eat yours saving so easily.