Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New blog launching at 28/8/08

一个股市投机者的故事. New blog pls view at

How come so many view ??

Haha, as i aware a lot of people wanna tips from here to buy shares. Apparently, this is not a good time to buy any shares.

If u r doing a future contract on short. U maybe earn a lot . Hence please do not forget give me some pocket money. haha

Especially on future palm oil. But as an investors, please well know to spend some money for you own enjoyment.

In this world, not only share investment game. You life is comprising a lot of meaningful thins. pls taste it and not only stuck at here and shares market.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kinsteel & Perwaja (Negative view)

There is bad market move on today. Today a lot people asking me about the Kinsteel and Perwaja.

In my own portfolio, the above 2 counter. I am giving a negative position at this level. I do not know what is the lower price. But base on my calculation on the value , I only can say this 2 counter today closing price still not worth it to keep for long term investment. It is very very high price & expensive.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Market Preview - 25/8 to 29/8

If you are always in the equities market. You always may noted every last 5 days had a small up run, but it could not happen in this month.

Please do not forget, US DJ has a run at 11,200 to 11,700 range about a month. This is do not highlighted the market already stop heavy adjustment. It only reflected that the market no actual direction in this month.

So, if the day US Dj or China market break the strong support level, (predict DJ is 11,200 and Shanghai 2,300 point is a support). Two of the market seems like coming soon to break this support if USA dollar strong in the coming season.

So, i am still negative to KLSE index counter will give a up trend surprise. Beware and run out from market is a good idea for all investors.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Central Bank President

In Malaysia, that is not easy be a President in the Central Bank, Because usually that appointment merely attached with politic issue or politic agenda. Hence, be appointing a good president become difficulty.

Recently and today, most of the major media in Malaysia. Claimed that She was made a wrong decision on interest rate policy. A lot of pressures forcing her immediately increase the current interest rate.

In my opinion, She had making a good and right decision on interest rate policy. Why?

I based on the two-reason support her decision: -

A) Increase rate spoilt the fundamental of economic. High cost equivalent to high production cost, indirect bring inflation out of control. Because in Malaysia, the inflation high on this period not due to demand increase or unreasonable purchasing power. So, if misused of manipulate the interest rate or misunderstand the basic of inflation will brings another impact on production cost. She is manage the right way to allow the economic fundamental maintain at stable level.
B) US dollar turns strong in this coming season. If now we increased the interest rate it will help those syndicate already realised profit share market and immediate transfer out from Malaysia. I think she is waiting the US dollar higher only increase the interest rate to prevent “hot money” immediately run away.

Apart of the above reasons, I believed she has another currency equipment. There is allows Malaysia currency trading in International market. So, it also may help IDD increase to minimise the outflow of trade.

Although media in Malaysia did not supported you. As a ordinary people in Malaysia, I will 100% support you policy interest based on the above 2 reasons.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Stay Away from KLSE Market - Next Week Preview

KLSE market index break a supporting 1119. The coming next week is a critical road for all investors.

Reently I was predicted the palm oil future, it can break RM2300 per metric ton in soonest time. So, this is a impact to KLSE equity market. Because refer to the members of index counter at KLSE. The materials company represented a heavy weighted percentage for calculation of index points.

So, next week KLSE market will break 1050 easily, by pluge down lower against due to heavy adjustment on the oil and gas price in the international market.
Another bad issue is US dollar stronger in the coming season. Although the oil and gas will continue registered lower price . But due to all materials and commodities trading in international market by US dollar. Hence, the inflation will not be reduced for Asia pacific country.
Finally, we can see only USA could enjoy the cheapest comodities but Asia country still suffering the high inflation impact.
Nobody will know the lowest but stay away from equity market is a good idea startegy in these coming three months.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sime Darby and IOICorp

The heavy weight index member in KLSE, Sime Darby and IOICorp plug down again. I believed a lot of people intend to buy this stock for long term investment. Is it now is an opportunity to buy in?

Actually as an ordinary people, nobody will know the lower price. But, normally this heavy weight index member’s price plug down due to some smart and intelligent analyst has been down grade the future earning. The report has been circular to specific client. Hence, the specific client will start selling off of his holding. Thus, last 2 weeks ago, you could see the heavy selling volume happen in the market. Today, another big funds also follow the step selling off the above said counter.

What is the supporting level? Basically, if I am an investor I will,

a) Waiting the specific shares registered low volume about 1 month.
b) Waiting the palm oil price in future market break RM2,300
c) Waiting the palm oil price in future market registered 2 times of limit down.
d) Waiting local media keep on given negative opinion on the above said counter about 1 or 2 months.

After the above circumtances all happen in the equity and future market only decide the buying price.

Monday, August 11, 2008

DJ market Up trend (Buy in HSI and Winsun)

After breaking 11,700 points, Dj market shown positive and may hit 12,000 points in the short period of time.

Malaysia market may not follow the trend until DJ market support at 12,000 points

So, still recommend buy in Call warrat for Foreign stock. If you are believe DJ will hit 12,000 points.

At last, i also found that Winsun performance very unusual, If this counter closed at Higher, i would not surprise. Hence, if u do not mind earn one or 2 cents by high volume, Pls Consider buy in Winsun at today.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


如果您有看过男人追求女人的过程,一定有看过几个男人同时追求 一个女人。那被追求的女人一定很幸福。当以上的情节发生在某一个股票时。那被追求股票价格就会节节上升。

再说回来,一个漂亮而没有被追求的女人。如果没有人去探讨和研究 ,究竟她好不好, 她最后一定嫁不出去。这好像一个得买进的股票,在交易量稀少之下,也没有人要买。所以反向思维不应该是股市崩跌时买进,也不是逢高套利。而是在市场里寻找一个充满内涵也不引人注目的股票。

Friday, August 8, 2008


This year, I will recommend KNM as SUPER STAR in this year. The said counter would not given any good dividend, but the capital gain really attractive.

Market open low as USA lose 200 plus points at yesterday. This is not surprising. As i predict on last few days, the range of USA will be move from 11,200 to 11,700. I am interesting on HK market and Taiwan market, but call warrant in KLSE only provide HK stocks.

As yesterday, lastly market will close at higher than opening level. But for contra player, there is not much choice to play.

So, i suggest buy in HSI-c6 at 12 cents. Others penny stock i won not give any positive view on that. Because the profit margin is minimise.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Short Term Investment

Actually when we face the market adjustment, everybody become helpless. But the games rule is like that, only is up or down.

Basicly, i dun like introduced any counter for people buying. Because my plan of holding usually less than 3 days. On the same time, normally i buying in bulk and enjoy litter bit profit will release a stock. This is discourage to those people like to holding shares for long term investment.

By the way, if u r keen to play short term stock, pls buying a HSI-C6 for 2 days run. Please do not forget earn oledi pls donate some money to charity.

After 3 days adjustment, market will move side line. I am here predict market in the evening will close at position points> Maybe it will be wrong. But i love to predict. I am still discourage and hold negative point of view (downgrade) on index link counter

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A RICH MAN' S GAME (Why should i worry for you?)

A lot of peolple in doubt, What is happening today heavy adjustment? For me, i won not surprise, because i am fully understand this is a rich man game. Why we should worry about rich man money disappear in the market adjustment.

The main reasons are : -
a) Our country is developing country, so investors range derived from above middle range class population.
b) Our analyst and media does not tell the true story about this game rules to orinary peolple.
especially the time frame for projected price,

Hence, this adjustment i quote as rich man money burn into air.

They trying to ask me, but the answer from me is negative and disappointed. Because i believed the price for oil palm may see as low as RM2,300 per metric ton and our composite index higher ratio on oil palm stock. So, the adjustment on heavy weight is not end yet.

Now, I am keen to invest into penny stock now, others not interested at all. On May 08 onward, in this blog i already given the signal and ask investor do not buy any index link counter. But i believed noboday will trust it and saying that i am biullshit.

No matter how, this result happen is not me created and expected. But if you are an small investors why should you involved into big tycoon stock. Is it the 5 stars stock is only in the market for you to select.

So, this heavy adjustment on 5 stars stockshould not brings you any impact, because you are a rich man. Why should i worry for you?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Market may hit again 1180 in the next week?

Today, is market off day. But in order to give an opinion for investor ready on Monday trading. I am here giving some idea on my view on next week trading.

Basically, the DJ will run at 11,200 to 11,700 points. The up and down is within 500 points range.

HK market and Taiwan will hit a 24,000 points and 8,200 points respectively.

So, if the above prediction is correct. Why shall we do in next week for KLSE?

If u r a index player, i am advice is "Every adjustment just buying in and take profit for every 20 points UP".

If u r a stock players, buy Call warrant for those stock related to index link counter. Especially those stock link to HK market. This strategy is using a small capital to enjoy this small run.