Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is ideal taxation system

Actually if you can earn 6000 per month and need to pay income tax. Are you feel fair? If your earning for one simple family like one wife with 2 kids, that's all right. But if yours family have six adult with they had been lose earning power. Are you feel ok?

If i can choose i have to prefer earn 2k per month or 3k per month with six family member with the same salary range. So that I have no pressure at all to pay income tax. So, are you feel current taxation is fair? Those day a lot of riches man use to employ his own parents as employee in their company. So, the payment of living cost eligible to reduce income tax. As an ordinary people, we have no choice to do that because yours income have to divide it six piece to survive.

Government should impose a taxation system to reduce such way to escape the tax. If they found out some one employ relative in the company which controlled by them. Such employee salary should not allow as expenses of the company. It encourage the more productivity and efficiency of the company and also reduce the relative playing the politic in the company.

Now days most of the riches also transfer the assets into charity foundation. So, they also appointed themselves as chairman in such charity and indirect way to control the company and assets. Government should impose a law to stop them to operate the charity funds and appointed funds manager to manage it to reduce conflict of the interest. If the founder of the charity insist they be a chairman they should pay higher tax than normal. Otherwise the contribution of charity become as a indirect way reduce their payable of income tax.

So, on the other hand government should set a rule those income tax collected should not use as administration cost to pay government servant salary and medical benefit. They should obtain approval from Parliament to set an investment funds to pay for it. So, the government servant should show their effectiveness to operate the department with the lower costs. Higher income group and holding more assets and investment group should pay higher cost to obtain the service from local government. Those want to be a senator should pay higher tax in the three years for qualification to allow them feel good to be. They should proof they are eligible to manage the government taxation income because they are a high contributed the funds. In such way to remind them do not misuse the said funds.

The collection of the taxation funds only can use it to develop country and helping the basic needs of the poor people. The above suggestion only for reference because generally Government still encourage to create few riches man as a guide to population and proven themselves manage the country in the right way. So, are you still need a fair system on that. So, there is no ideal taxation system because most of the people is selfish. It was allow government continue playing some magic show to convince people support them.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Malaysia share CIMB recently get heavy selling and hit down as low as 6.95 per share. A lot of investors in doubt how come oversea market up but local stocks registered lower. As I always mentioned if entire world market have an adjustment, we should follow the trend. Otherwise, the downward happen mainly is due to internal problem. It hard to solve it and may bring more impact than others.

If those stocks too close to government basically because of that is a big changes on those policy. It can be good or bad. But, investors most probably select to avoid that and clear all the stocks in hand.

This year I have predict there is a heavy adjustment around 250 to 300 points. That is a bout 25% to 30% adjustment. Base on this, all stocks are expensive.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good Debate

Now days, New york Daily and Financial Times in USA have discussed about the taxation. Who are the one enjoy the benefit from taxation? Actually a lot of riches enjoy that. So, USA should imposed a system more flexible than only benefit to riches. They claimed those who enjoy the airport and infrastructure in the country actually are riches group not poor people.

What is the good taxation system?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why you need to pay higher price

Just a moment, crisis seems like over. So many people claim that they miss the boat to collect shares. Some how, when you are paying so much on crisis why you can't wait a second? Actually, this crisis worst than a bank go bankruptcy. That will not solve the problem by leader, they still asking to cut taxation and discourage people go to work. So, debts are continue and pass it to future.

Lender one day may think stupid why must borrow money to them. while the lender one day aware that this is not a good payee. They will pull out all the funds. Now they maybe start to do that.

So, the demand from local push them to do that so. The resources to export for oversea or poor man limited and so the dollar become useless. Those riches man still dreaming because of personal interest. They refuse to accept the fact and claim that machine can deliver more money for them to purchase. Shares market give an alert to everyone. So the biggest bomb had in the corner waiting for it. So, please do not pay higher price to purchase. Just run as fast as you can.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

After 29 May 2011....................

After 29th May 2011, why I have not post anything at here. Yet I am confident on my write up just because of market did not give me good reason to trade again. First, the profit margin on penny stock low. Second, IPO shares absorbed too many funds from market.

In USA main land, most of the article still claim that government does not implement the better system. In fact, those population should aware they demand so much and contribute little to help the economic base. Now, they still enjoying multi way of benefits and continue require others countries deliver goods for them to use. They exchange it by a paper ( Debt). Please do not forget, when the paper cannot deliver yield that is a time they lose the supply.

The circular of money means you should have some substantial goods/necessity thingy to exchange it. If you are always lazy and refuse the job. One day, people start disappointed and will not give you any support. On such stage, the demand and supply lose connection of balancing.

That's a good guidance for Malaysian. if one of the group people always need support without any contribution of their effort into the job. One day some one will ignore them. So, don't happy when you are seeing some many foreigners walk into town city and spending money. It does not 100% shown them riches than you. maybe they are spending next generation future money. So, the final result is crisis happen in their country.

So, at this movement world market will continue drop until this month end. The liquidity of cash will searching a way to park. Who is the winner on that? Definitely that is not stock market. So, we only can wait the final landing of share price. Now it is still hang on the sky.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lose Money????

Received a mail claims maybe I was lose so much of money in the shares market. Actually, after wrote a last article at here. I have been stop the trading.

The uncertain scenario brought me stay away and I did believed my own judgement " market should have a big adjustment". Yesterday, the things was happen. So when can I step in again. Of course, I need to collect more data to identify the future. Basically after the heavy adjustment and technical rebound on Friday in US DJ. It should be have a small up rally. But, unfortunately the S&P downgrade the credit rating on late Friday. So, the effect of down move will continue once market open in Monday, especially who had hold more reserve in US currency countries.

Asian market like HK, China and Japan sure have heavy adjustment because most of the forex reserve is USD. I am a type of hit and run speculator. So, what is the right time for me move in????