Friday, October 9, 2009

Is you Lucky day

Is it today is yours lucky day? Some how got investors like to say buying share depend on fate. If you are lucky enough, you may enjoy the gain. Yesterday I was here said Time will give you a good return if you bought in at 34. Seems like I was wrong because the closed price stood 32.5. Today opening price also bad although the market up about 6 points.

Market still give you a good reason to hold yours in hand stock. Previous projection on down trend seems was wrong. Of course that is no god playing share in the market but character of human being totally reflected in there, that is uncertain, uncountable and unforeseeable.

At now, I am still hardly recommend Time good buy for short term. Because as I was said, there is sustain at 32.5. If there is no any adjustment or close below this level. There is a good support. So, next level should be 38cents.

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