Monday, August 27, 2012

Shanghai Index

Now, shanghai index hit this year low again, stood at 2064.50 point. As at today, it was lose total 6.13% when compared with year ended 2011. The move show all negative because of  6 days drop 4 days up. It make you confused. Most of drop points registered higher than up gain points.

The negative showed you are hardly run away because it slowly make you drop into trap. If the index fluctuation frequent. You are easy to know where is the support. But now it was started eat your skin and then when you are noted you has been loss bones.

Let us imagine, if one day shanghai index loss 300 points with 3 days. Is it the world market swinging? What is the main factor cause it drop so much? So, if you do not aware that and lack of information. That is a signal of kick off market up trend.

Friday, August 24, 2012


A man name 牛郎 loving 织女. Traditional story told us they only can meet once in the year. Now, both of them become very fat. So, yesterday night when they climbed the bird bridge cause the collapse. Both drop into river and called 911 rescue. Actually, now days two of them very happy because of popular of internet and facebook. They always can meet in day time. No need wait so long to meet once in the year. 

Yesterday, 织女 surfing from internet looking for slim body company to reduce her weight but that is too late. She was finally drop into water because of too heavy. A slim body company asked her to sign a contract be their spokesperson and offer her high remuneration per annum.

A dream with a culture make ordinary people spend money to buy product. An idea perfectly with product make everybody happy and joy. So, is it our shares market got such company and then base on creative to win the market sharing.

Nestle got nescafe, power root got alicafe. Old town got old town white coffee. I dun have such product to sell and then I should looking a brand to invest.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A House or Property?

Everyday read news found most of the article mentioned a developer going to launch a billion project or some place the value already increase about 25%. You hardly find a news saying that some location has been ignore.

Every one can stay at Dubai or London or maybe your country city center. So, riches man grab more assets because they have money to buy in advance and then follow by news reporter highly recommend such location.

Like a shares, everyday you open a paper can see some news about special issue. Like, how many people buy gold, how many people invest FB from IPO. Thus continue push you aim it and jealous. You life become not peaceful and steady.

A house for you to rest or invest? A house for you to accumulated wealth? A house for you to gather you friends and relative.When it was started make you crazy have many many houses in hand? So, a property counter make you happy because when you buy a share you may own many many house. Is it this a investment theory? or just make you dream you have many many properties in hand?

China crazy about the luxury thingy and so make a multi project in one time. Does it work for helping economic better? The closing up policy still is a big issue, it stop someone transfer a lot of money out from country but the government servant can use some power to do that. So, finally a lot of high level people rich in oversea but poor with steady in china. So, his son or daughter very rich but parent very poor.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

China's Shanghai Composite Index Alert

In the last day of July, China Shanghai Composite index hit the 52 weeks low and recorded at 2100.25 That is a bad signal.
All this time, the above said index standing at 2300 above. That is a check point for me to refer. So, if it was broke the support line. What is it never level of support? Normally, if the index broke support that have more than 20% to 30% adjustment. Would it be happen on Shanghai index?
Actually, I do believe that will happen. So, the second issue is that will affect world share market? Maybe this is a good time for investors to think over whether should keep stock or selling in hand stock.