Monday, November 16, 2009

New High at Future Index

Overall performance in KLSE now become sensitive. A deal yet to confirm, media wrote an article and made some assumption. It can easily hit higher price. BEA in Hong Kong last week had fluctuation of the trading price and some transaction unusual. It was allow media wrote such wrong article to push the price up. Actually now one been commented on such deal. Just rumors.

Malaysia market used such news created another story and so that Affin become a super star in KLSE equity market. It was help future index hit high and closed at high. Hopefully no bad news at DJ. Otherwise all people will burn badly.

In order be a influence people in this world, you must know how to create story. Please media and reporter beautify your activities. Otherwise they can manipulate some false news become true. So that some good writer can manipulate some news and sell it to earn big money.

So, how many analyst report can trust? How many can tell yours a true?

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