Monday, November 23, 2009


Most of the government preparing and adopting some new policy to prevent US dollar goin inside their countries. It is a difficult task. Because as a developing country, encourage Foreign Direct Investment come in to help development is not easy.

The hot money aim for fast return. They do not care how much you are suffering after they are withdraw after the rally. So, equity investment now as a casino. Hit and run. Speculator like me , do welcome such money. Because I can follow the boat and earn some little money for my life.

That may cause people blame me. Long term investors claimed I am gritty, but they may have forgotten. They also used others people hand to help them earn some profit. The difference between me and them is, they have need more time than me.

Time and Gpacket can not give us anymore money on coming days. So that we should choose GHLSYS or Affic_WC to enjoy this game. Please do not think smart and convert your money to others type of currency because you are spend money using RM. It does not affect your future life although the USD collapse.

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