Tuesday, May 29, 2012


RHB Cap offer take over bid to OSK Investment Bank from OSK Holdings Sdn Bhd. It could be a good offer because most of staffs indirectly service under KWSP. The KWSP offer a very good pay to his staffs. Every year 3 to 6 months bonus with 19% contribution of every month. Enjoying the General Hospital free service until you died. 

Imagine a corporation confirmed that all population in the country every month must contribute a certain sum to them. The sum registered as turnover and then tell public the employee very hard working should enjoy more profit than others. Is that fair?

I should said that is fair if they willing to show details to all contributor. If they only deliver the total sum of investment and total sum of yield. We really do not know whether the funds have been misuse it by someone.

The big corporation employee can manipulate the figure by way of use a good return business cover off the written off loss because they always can try luck to test it due to future funds non stop deliver to them. So that if one of the lucky investment can contribute more than 20% return, then can use it to written off few loss cases in hand. So that the final results still can given 5% yield for sharing. Is it that is expert?

Another way is the loss can be delay until one day the profit deliver. If the profit can't deliver, then the losses forever is cover. We only hope the bad results not declare in your life time, otherwise your retirement plan will gone.

At here, I wanna to say who ever is EPF staff should be awarded by difference format. Like, how many cases successful recover from bad employer. the certain percentage should be awarded to them, because in the first place, employee has been loss such money. 

I am always believe if we want our country be strong in future.  We should base on productivity to awarding to right person. It should not base on sharing concept. I am also believe if you are not good in this skill area, you should have another good skill in another area. Priority you should hard working and do not sit there to wait you luck come.

So, you can see now days my blog content has been changed a lot, because I do not wanna to carry gods' duty at here. Guess this stock price up or guess such stock price down. So, after reading my post here, you should able to know the stocks price should up or down.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just a simple thought

Think how to earn extra income for life, that is not so simple. Think how to purchase a stock got 3 times of limit up, that is not simple. Think like other people keep a stock then can earn million dollars after retire, that is not so simple. A thought so simple but easy to achieve, so the news in the media always misleading.

The information world build up in this century hardly to identify which is right which is wrong. So, a lot of artificial matter confuse you and me. Is that so simple to clarify it ?

Hard, so hard and too hard..............

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why you wanna go away?

A couple need his partner giving a support in his life. Now, the other one wanna to go away because she refuse to work to settle her debts. She wanna her husband pay everything for her. His husband trying print some new note and restructure her loan but set a condition to her. She refuse that and threaten wanna to leaving. The results can be very bad. A family will spoilt and such issue will spread over to others. Because the restructuring scheme had involved so many relative.

Now, her husband just ask Why you wanna leaving? She answer is simple. I wanna to keep my life in enjoy mood. Who care about others? As long I am human being, everyone should support me. This is democratic and government should do something about that

A person who have enjoy so many year, hardly to ask them come back to work. Government should think about a way. Who ever hard working in their life should get more benefit than others? Like who has pay taxation should enjoy better scheme of medical services.

Those work in their whole life and enjoy the lower scheme salary also entitle such benefit. Who ever work less than 30 years in their life should pay some fees to enjoy the facilities. This is fair to everyone.

Like some of my friends, They are hard working but never ever use the air port. Why should they contribute such to others? Why can't government looking at such issue to rectify more tax on those people? So, the big air port benefit to part of riches man only or maybe for politician and high range government servant. Some others own few shop lot in hand but they are never pay a single tax to government. Why Like that?

In the unbalance policy, people will demand more and more from government. I do believe if tax department set a counter at airport, the taxation revenue will double from now. Why they never do that? We encourage people relax but should not allow some people enjoy privilege like that. So, if the taxation effectively, the balance of resources become fair but in the first place it should imposed on all government servant as well as politician first to set it as precedent and example..

Friday, May 18, 2012


Yesterday at here, I was tell your are the signal cannot be trusted. Because when the issues/problems can be easily solve. That is not a problem. Over a night, if some one can solve the 10 years problem. I think he is super or wonder. The rebound show someone like to challenge the trend. The positive means someone do not aware what is happening in the market.

Signal was given to someone understand the issue. The smart people always claims by super hero say we are the speculator. That's why they always use down trend is a good opportunity signal to buy in and keep it forever. So that I am always said this type of people always have long life. They are lucky enough see the shares coming back in the future. They also can create a story tell you they buy in because of fundamental and that's value buy. But 95% of them has been pass away because the future price can't arise during they are alive. So that, you are always confused because only 5% can harvest the return and shown to you, they are good in investment.

I have predict or maybe I am not long life enough. So, I am always choose easy in easy out way. The market trend down I leave it and follow the up trend only. I do want to collect during the bad times, because I am really pity those people had loss their hard earn money. Of course I am not pity rich man at all. Because they loss 100 million like drop 10 cents.

Signal told everyone in the market, please do not collect during the bad time unless you have specific equipment to monitor the price up or down. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Shares market sometime could give you a wrong signal. Like last 2 days it was drop about 50 points and follow by next day it can up 12 points. Is it this signal told you yesterday you are sold at wrong time? How to justify right or wrong signal? Really confuse.

Some people may tell you, market drop give you a good chance to pick good shares. They further provide so many data about that good company and also provide you an analysis report about their future. It should not disappointed while market turn back.

Recently, I had read a report and found that the trade debtors more than 120 days registered big outstanding amount. On the same time their P & L, balance sheet all show steady. Is it a good company? Is it a good signal to buy in? I have no comment about that but I wanna to said, a good accounting people can table a very good report for you to analysis but actually the business is not that good.

Another company report also show everything positive but the investment does not really related to the turnover and profit. Because the main support is Human Resources. If one day the company can't recruit a group of talent people or existing manpower loss efficiency. The company may turn into negative. So, what kind of signal or data you should follow before you are decided to buy a shares.

Simple calculation like Warrant Buffet, choose a company monopoly the business. maybe you can gain some advantages. or maybe back to the future be a founder of google or apple. So that your return definite better than Warrant Buffet.

So, stupid and waste money investors always said drop 2 days is my chance to buy in. Smart people will spend the money for his own and help economic come back soon.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Information Technology

I do not really understand what is information technology. Is it talking about hardware or maybe is software? Maybe is I Phone or talking about data collection. So, in doubt on calculation and also in doubt on computing. So many question in my mind, How to be a good investor on IT stocks. The basic return like sell figure registered higher or production 100% only can help me know little bit on that.

In view of the above, I have recall my memory. A senior told me, a sky got a star. an earth is a human. Anything they link each other.

Do Not know , really do not know.......................

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Come????

Yesterday I had attended a meeting, found that most of the members dare to question someone. Is it I should afraid the such bad situation? The meeting more concern about IT product. Actually that is quite difficult because its concern some many technical issue and yet no one can solve it. The situation so bad because no one could give the proper direction how to solve the bad situation. Indeed, in the market also hard to locate a proper right people to meet such requirement. Like example: -

a) Copy write problem
b) Smoothy of the system
c) Bug of the computer
d) have to keep confidential

The above problem only are part of it. So, I am wondering why ACE market stocks or their company how to perform. On the fact, I noted that maybe they got specific skill on specific things. So they can list for public trading. But it shouldn't have any funds manager interested on that to buy in their stock.Last 3 months, most of them flying (Price up). Now, there go back to normal. Actually, I am a speculator type of investors. Such move I like it but how come i have never involved the party??????   

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bad Or Good

Bad thing is tomorrow you are married but now you do not know where is she? Some more you friend tell me your girl friend now with a guy. So bad such thing happen on you. Good thing is now you are with your ex girl friend and she wanna to married tomorrow. She at here because she can't forget you. A difference situation happen on the same time. Just like we are always choose a wrong stock to buy. Some other fly like rocket and I bought that one keep on registered history low.

What is going wrong?????

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Every company has its own goodwill. But sometime the changes of shareholders as well as the management make it some difference. In the past few years, SP Setia and Gamuda was your and me first choice to select as investment. Those day like it but have to change because recently you can see most of project launched by them is big. Hard selling the stocks become their burden.

To maintain the previous results bring them suffer. So big project deliver some bad things hidden behind. Is it the loan interest too heavy? Is it the quality  of man power maintain? Is it the marketing strategy need to improve? Is it they can't launching the small project with high profit. Is it the land buy in at high cost?

The above question bring me in doubt. So, I am not going to hold the stocks as Investment.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why to be?

An ordinary people always think to earn some extra money to against the inflation. So, the investment bank and Insurance agency created number of options to guide them. But eventually most of the investors become contributor to big company with zero cost for them to expand their business or maybe create few person become riches in the world.

So, actually they only applied an easy way to accumulated the funds and try hard to polishing the logo or trademark of the company. Finally, their name be registered into Forbes magazine. How to be? They tell reporter I have create a miracle and the group of companies already employ more than 20 thousand people as employee. I do so much of charity and have form a charity foundation for future. I be a chairman into the foundation and many people will benefit from that.

On the other hand stockname actually a poor man. Why said so? But I can said I contributed more than riches man because every month my salary only can keep until the last day of the month and those money has been spend out into market.So, my saving is negative. I have not do any charity but at least I won't keep any cent in my account. I have let my hard earn being circular into market again. I think this is a best way to share resources with everyone in the world. Rather than like riches man always claim they can donate 100 million as charity but on the other hand saving 10 billion into bank. Some more they also inform public he had donated so much and much in the past 10 years. But never tell you true actually his saving is about 100 times from the amount of donation. They create a foundation actually planning to escape the taxation. In their mind, they are not sincere to do any contribution to any charity because "they said I am smarter than ordinary people, Why should I  contribute any cents to society?" So, if your are rich Why wanna to be like that? Why you can't share the benefit with all of yours employee. Why should beauty it on such dirty way?