Friday, February 27, 2009

KLSE equity market was drift

Today, actually I had wrote an article and decided to post it. The article talks about the energy oil and gas future price at US. Based on that, I was suppose recommend some stocks at KLSE. Lucky I had decided must study the movement of today trading first before post it at here. Otherwise would made a big mistake.

The above experience told me, the facts must obtained from spot market. Trading stock shouldn't make any imagination or own assumption. Although this round I am trading at deficit and negative pocket money but at least I had earn some experience.

KLSE was traded drift at last 5 days. Those people would like to play day trade may suffer especially had selected top volume counter. I was warn it at here last 3 days ago. Hopefully some one had follow my penny advice.

But drift does not means the index will have any big adjustment soon and also doesn't indicate up rally will arrive. Why?

Refer the last 3 days data at KLSE. I was found that the top volume page mostly registered negative but second page had some gain counter. Especially today, most of the counter at volume page 2 had profit.

I had classified that market tried kick out some weak holder and banker adjust some customers margin account. We are hoping the gain while these excersive is over at today otherwise it will continue another 4 days. However I am still try hard to monitor some stock move and paying a high cost to understand it. Like PA and Ranhill and based on current oil price bought in Ramunia -WA at this morning.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Malaysia GDP will announce the last quarter for 2008 GDP result on tomorrow. A lot of economist and local media had use their imagination forecast the result would be negative. The reason of their made such conclusion because of interest rate reduce 0.5% last 2 days ago.

In Malaysia, that would not surprised because population here practically see a ant died in the water will concluded the “Alien” was arrived. This wiser imagination mostly had guidance by our local politician. Like ex – PM created a slogan “Malaysia Boleh” and recently the new slogan “Changing” or “Frog Hoping” by both party.

As well as this culture would not changed, continues of bullshit data published in the media become normal. So, as a Malaysian must well knowing alive together with the bullshit, otherwise you would not happy at all.

If the media and economist had correctly predicted the gloomy data soon will be published out. Why the market sustain at +- 1 points in this morning? It make me in doubt.

Let us identify the inflation rate that is always stood at 5% although you daily cost have been increase more than 15% . So, if GDP drop to negative. Will you feel you daily necessity reduce or increase? The answer is “No”. Because those data only applicable/suitable by specific person. Specific or certain group of people used it for excuse to value a country or nation. After that, they will force you sign some unfair agreement as well as hit down you exchange rate in the money market. Or used it charge you higher interest for the borrowings in the international market.

They can use it as an excuse/reason in several ways to pressing you if you GDP was decreased. Hence, National Bank usually would manipulate the figure and announce it. The fact nobody will aware and everybody still enjoying their life in the beautiful world.

The performance of KLSE in the morning shift telling you a true. So, it wasn’t too bad. Why you are worries buying in? Usually I am worry buy in because of some bad factors join up together, but currently I couldn’t see any bad indicator appear in the market. I had been lost my 2 months salaries, but hope for the small rally helping me gain some money back.

Obsession With Share Market

Sometime I had not aware actually myself been obsession on playing shares.It was made me some day rich some day poor. It was made me some time no money in pocket. So, the consequences is i have been too obsession in this game.

Interesting in this game is I learn be patient, be listen human being. A lot of human being bad and good things all learn from here. Of course, I know how to pick a good lesson to read and understand.

Yesterday, I have been post a note at here and was a warning on certain stock may have some bad move at this point of time. Lucky I was correct made such prediction and indirect help me not involve those particular stock.

Today my favourite stock are PA and Ranhill. KLSE market seems like rejected those heavy trading stock at this moment of time. So, i have been change my direction to pick 2nd page volume stock to play.

Hard Praying again at here. I would not too obsession. Otherwise, pocket will empty again.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please Careful On Certain Stock

In order to make some money from market at this period, please try not buy in last week hot volume stock, like UEMLand, MRCB, KNM and E&O.

The above said stock could not given you a big profit at this 5 days, because each level they had a lot of seller in the waiting list. Of course, a lot of people will claim that if those stock can't move. Market hard to have a rally. This idea will stop you wisely view the overall performance of market. Please do not forget these day, market always got a stock suddenly given you a surprise. Like Transmile, EPIC and KianJoo. This is a healthy way to accumulated the buying interest on the market.

Always remember if a stock can give you a profit on capital gain, it should be consider a good stock. In market, you are have multi choice instead of use own imagination on specific stock and finally waste you 'Bullet" in the wrong target. Open you eye carefully in order to maximum you profit for this small rally.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Signal- Ranhill & Gamuda CG

After analyst the closing of KLSE index. Tomorrow KLSE market will perform good because: -

a) Gamuda last 15 minute closed above 1.93.
b) IOICorp last 15 minute closed above 3.66.
c) Resort last 15 minute closed above 2.26.

The above closed price are unusual for current economic status. Especially the external market at western country weak and was traded at 11 years low. Based on this circumatances, buyer usually will hiden below the support level. But in the market today, it was surprised perform better than buyer's expectation.

Due to the above reasons, I am here recommend buy in Ranhill and Gamuda CG. It would give you a surprise performance and also may given you a subtantial profit.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A lazy Day

Today is my off day, actually i should not care about the market. But honestly I can't totally ignore the market news. After reading some news, I found that everybody viewed positive because of Citigroup in USA will accept USA government as 40% stake offer and be a major shareholders in this bank. This news had given a support to Asia market especially to the HK's market.

Actually i am always in doubt to one special news can help the market sentiment will change. In my mind and experience, Equity Market will change direction mainly support by few good/bad news join up together. So, one special news may always bring a bad impact to market because it wouldn't last long.

Refer back my trading history record After Chinese new year till today, I had lose about RM6,364.47 and gain about RM3,148.96. Total number of trading are 13 counter. Won 7 counter lose 6 counter. Why the losess is higher than gainer? Because I am always run a minimum profit and cut at maximum loss. Furthermore the cost of trading is expensive brought my profit become thiny.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


In last year, someone told you could bought in Citigroup at USD2.00 per share. Immediate reaction of you is scold him "crazy". But yesterday night, the impossible matter become as real. The shares price had drop more than 20% at one day and closed at 1.95.

This is a story to tell you, anything can happen in this world. Malaysia market still stand above 850 points because of politic issue. If this support reason would gone, the share price will drop like rocket to reflect real economic fundamental.

Holder would had more advantages at this round but soon we can see holder will lose everything in the coming 40 days. If i am not mistaken, Citigroup last year was hit down to 2.85 lowest but finally go up to 6.00. But today all gain lose in the air.

Friday, February 20, 2009

DJ did not perform as good as I was predicted

Surprising in this morning after confirmed that US DJ hit six years below. America Express and General Electric hit down about 7% to 8%, brought impact/pressure to DJ and finally closed at low.This news spoilt my confident buy in anymore in market. So, today cut all the counter in hand and accumulated big loss. Since last year Aug, I have been escape out from the financial crisis but this round I cant' escape.

Although my loses is around 1 or 2 cents but due to the bought in by big volume. The losses is big, that is about 3k plus. I am prefer cut lose and waits for 4 days. Because of: -

a) Future index range had registered the big gap, It was moved it in between 28 points (Up and Down range)
b) Second line counter did not given anymore profit at last 2 days.

Usually the above history data happen in the market at 4 days, there is a bad signal. Market adjustment seems like going to hit contra player out in the coming 4 days. If after next few days, it allows strong holder to maintain their price. Market will have a small rally again, otherwise it will hit as low as it can.

US DJ give Good signal

Today, if DJ was closed higher. KLSE index will hit higher, please avoid buy in any penny stock because it has going to side move at this few days. I am still bullish on index link counter especially those had accumulated high volume stock, like Gamuda, Commerce and Resort.

In order to follow the trend of trading, that is good to pick some call warrant to gain some profit. I am prefer buy in Resort-CI, Gamuda-CG. Estimated by my own analyst, DJ will hit until 7,900 in these few days. So, nothing to worry any external bad news would happen and affected the KLSE index move up.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Buy in Gamuda because of: -
a) Major contractor of Government.
b) Most of the local media recommended MRCB, but if MRCB wants to compared with Gamuda, MRCB still needed more valuable things in hand. So, for fundamental reason Gamuda should move ahead than MRCB.
c) After adjustment few days from top price at 2.10. This few days, it would not touch back 1.90 and was given a strong base fo this counter. Another rally is coming soon.

This few days our local media busy on Elizabert's case. They had been made certain conclusion on this issue. Actually they are not aware how many photos has been circular in the market and also not aware the actual content of the said picture. They had based on 2 or 3 picture to confirm the entire issue. I am worry if one day more pictures are circular in the public and content of the picture is out of thier imagination/prediction. Someone will suffer again. Actually public should provide her a space to calm down. Rather than use own imagination to confirm unknow things.

This issue guide us a good lesson. So, as I was always mentioned at here. Please trust yours in hand data before made comment or any decision.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is Happening?

What is happening on equity market? When DJ hit down 297 points, it would not brought HK and Malaysia equity faced heavy adjustment. That is mean market had looking its' own way to run and furthermore DJ heavy adjustment become normal. People would not care about its' performance. KLSE index run such way because several reasons: -

a) umno internal election
b) Mini budget

The above 2 factors are brings market consolidate at this level, that is about + - 20 points. Contra player get hit because of short of holding power and minimise price range. If you had have strong holding power, UMNO/politic related stock is a good choice. A good news had declared by Obama there are about 75 billion USD inject into housing loan to help 9 million families.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Terrible Day

Today, early morning it had 2 counter given a good profit. There are Latexx and Landmark. But finally they were affected by regional market performance. Finally Latexx was registered negative and landmark consolidated at 80.5 cents.

As i was mentioned yesterday, this round you are hard to select the right counter. Today it may hit high volume but tomorrow less volume plus lose price. Heavy weighted Index link counter still sustain at certain level. So, index just lose about 10 points. It would not help you make money from short sell future index also, because tomorrow it may change the direction again.

Entire world market follow the early future odd of USA DJ and registered low. I had been lose sime-cg at 2k and still holding Gamuda-CG and Lionind. I am believe it will not provide me any profit on that. Unless there is a surprise!! I hope and I wish. Seems like everybody was predicted correctly because DJ open as low as 200 points. Pray hard at here and hopefully last minutes of DJ trading can recover a litter bit.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I found that!!! I realised that !!!!!!!!

I was found that now contra player hard to earn money at KLSE , because most of the counter just run a day than take a long period of rest.

I was realised that a cruelty task to choose a right counter, because it was hidden at low volume with lower price and suddenly shut up at high price with top volume.

This few days although I had obtained some profit but finally in hand stock increased and did not provided me a chance to run, ie sime-cg, gamuda-cg and lioncorp. that is a dangerous signal. Nothing more I can do at this moment. Just wait!!!!!

I have warn myself stop buying any stock until in hand stock have been release it. Usually this is a bad signal for day trader. Because while you found a new stock on tomorrow, you will not dare to buy in. Mainly due to lose confident and worry.

So, as an investors. Please do not use the wrong strategy on every rally. This round basically for holder to make some money. Not suitable for day trade player.

Buy In Lion Corp

Lion Corp had consolidated at 20 to 21 cents more than a month. Hope this rally could given you some profit. I am still holding Sime - CG and there is a good chance to make some money.

DJ market not good , but hard to affect KLSE rally. So, please take some risk buy in at this level. Otherwise you will lose golden opportunity.

Friday, February 13, 2009


My personal prediction on last few days was reflected in the today market. The index shut up unpredictable level and given a holder a good profit.

A lot of people in doubt why market could run such high although the international equity market still weak. Let me analysis some data here for your reference. Hope it would given you some opinion how to manipulate you investment. Of course, if i am predict wrong. Please do not hate me.

I had collect data are: -
a) Some tax incentive on corporation tax will announce by government.
b) Fund managers are playing in the market and there are not syndicate.

Based on the above analysis. Hence, shares price will take longer time to touch another level. Contra player hard to gain money. Example: - UEMLand, E&O, MRCB and Gamuda. There had consolidated more than 10 days only provided a good price on today.

Monday's market will continue run and some others counter will go to top volume page. That is a rally. There is no signal can allow you doing short sell on future index.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Any Good News ?

Any good news will announce by Najib on Monday? Based on this few days KLSE index counter performance, it has some good news going to announce.

I had bought in Sime- CG to hope some good news. Resort today perform badly due to oversea market. So, if you afraid buy in at this time. Maybe could make you feel disappointed. I am still bulliest at this period of time but only 5 trading days. The data in hand did not advice me stay away.

I hope I can obtain some support from you experience.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Resort World

As I predicted as afternoon before opening of 2nd session at KLSE. Resort World had perform good and hit above 2.31. It was given a good signal and tomorrow the rally will be continue. Based on my own calculation, this shares price will hit 2.60 above.In the other hands, it would given the related call warrant up substantially and unbelievable. So, I am recommend buy Resort- CI and Resort-CJ as more as you can. Until receive down turn signal of mother counter or volume shown wake only stop buying.

The MACD of Resort is 2.26 as at today. But it was closed at high volume plus above MACD. It will support these counter continue perform good and stable.

For KLSE index link counter all perform stable although the bad news from DJ. If KLSE tomorrow hit another 20 points up. It would not surprise me. This is a good opportunity to allow investors well understand every individual counter how far or how high can hit. So keep all the data for future review. Hence, if you are not gain any money from that, don't be disappointed. At least, you are in time study it as well as can capture/learn more about the characters of KLSE counter.

Surprising Move For KLSE Index

When this morning DJ closed at below 7,900 points. I was estimated the heavy adjustment would happen at KLSE. That is about down 14 points at morning shift. But the actual result surprising me. It had only down about 7 points.
Maybe the fund manager worry the international major forex will further down. So, they are prefer to stay at here. E&O still strong support at 56.6 cents and I had found Resort broke the 2.26 level. It was encourage me bought in Resort-CI.
Based on my own estimation, if resort can broke 2.31 it had been given a signal this counter can provide a 10% to 15% profit margin. If you can't buy in Resort, please consider buy in call warrant to assist you make some pocket money.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

E & O

Bought in E&O at 56.5 cents due to heavy forced selling on today. KLSE market as predicted as yesterday post. It wouldn't given you a good profit on penny stock although the index hit above 900 points. A lot of penny stock open higher but closed at low. If market performance continue few days as today. It will spoilt confident of player and predicted the daily volume will reduce further.

Of course, if you have enough capital it can buy in index counter to gain more profit. But, this few days make me disappointed because most of the counter was chose by me all contributed a cents profit. Some others worst and need to cut it at lose brokerage status.

I do not encourage buying heavy volume at this stage because you cost burden can make you hard to cut it to minimise your losess.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Market will hit above 920 points(KLSE)

A confident of up move at KLSE index, based on the followings reason: -

a) Shanghai Market broke 2100
b) US busy on bailout
c) Fund manager re planning the strategy because they predict US dollar weaken.

A lot of people still in doubt market can move further but some heavy weight counter had been broke the 50days MAVP.(Moving average price). It would brought the said counter had 20% profit from the estimated resistance.

Of course, small player may disappointed on this run because it will not given you and me more profit during the contra day. But, it you realise the correct buying time, the profit is huge.

I am still recommend buy in Ramunia-WA, ZELAN and Lionind. I am full confident these stock would help me gain some money.

What is your opinion?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A story

In the share investment market, My nickname is Losing Manager. I am always lose in the share market because too smart and too stupid.So, today I had analyst how I was lose. Few days ago, I found that one stock lower price at 0.635 per shares, and achieved the higher price 0.705. When it from 0.705 fall to 0.680, I decided bought in at 0.680. These particular counter volumes done are top 10. Seem like everything is proper but it finally on the day closed at 0.655.

What should I do now?
Usually based on the above, next day I should hold it until the force selling day only sold because I found that:
a) Closing price difference with lower price has 4 bits difference, that is 0.64,0.645,0.65 and 0.655.
b) Volume is high.
c) My purchase price at 0.68 when compared with 0.705 has 5 bits difference.
d) I have 3 days more to due date.Based on the above reason, I think it is impossible I can lose.
But in the next day the shares price reach 0.67 and start down turn. During the first session, it also broke the 0.635 level.Losing Manager now start panic. I quickly sold at 0.62 and lose about 6 cents (9%+) per unit. So, based on the above trading, Losing Manager obtained the information from this mistake trading are as follows: -
a) Closing Price Wrong- Buy in one counter should decide after trading ended. Like above example: it closed at 0.655 actually reflected only has 4 bits difference from lowest price at the day. Its means that although your are lucky buying at lowest price at 0.635, you only has 2 cents gross profit.
b) Calculation Wrong - 0.705 actually is first resistance on these counter, if buying at 0.68 and sell at high level only can gross gain 2.5 cents (3.6%). If predict the 0.635 is lower, lose about 4.5 cents (6.6%). It means chances of lose higher than profit. There is totally against theory of risk management.
c) Time Frame Wrong - Always thing about the 3-day time frame for trading. I ignore my ultimate objective is making profit.
d) Depend on High Volume per day is wrong – Because the high volume can be translate as Banker (Syndicate) distribution his stock in hand into the market.
Lose Manager also does not aware that if these counter wanted to achieved higher price, it may need double of volume only can achieved another higher price. Lose Manager concluded the above experience as record. In future, please do not repeat the above mistake again.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A bad education on local politic

A lot of people claims that when we were young we should study hard. It would helping us gain more in future. But, in my opinion if someone had not study the civic and applied it into his/her life. Actually he/she was failed.

The recent politic issue at Perak State brings me a lot of doubts on human being. Actually in the journey of life apart of money, we still have a lot of things must study hard. Otherwise, the induce of materials or money will spoilt your future as well as our next generation.
If i am at here talking more about the human behaviour. I think 10 days also can't end the topic. So, let us analysis our KLSE performance on today.
Today, index link counter having a good move. Some blue chip already broke the resistance level. So, based on the move. I am hoping it can make some second liner stock follow thier step. At here. I am recommend buy in Ramunia-WA, LionInd and Eden.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ramunia -WA

When today market side move, I was bought in Ramunia -WA.

Refer back the last month historical data. I am still remember before Ramunia moved up to 42 cents. It was hanged around at 32.5 cents. Today, these price appear again but Ramunia-WA stabled at 14 cents.

And refer to IJM, Public Bank -01 and Commerce. I was found that there are hit the first resistance. So, i am predict these counter will hit higher.

Politic at state Perak had decided by Sultan. He was appointed BN man be a Menteri Besar. Hence, those stock related to federal government may benefit.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Good news/bad news???

Today, evening received a news talking about Perak State Government had changed. It was a dirty game playing and created by Malaysia Politician. The effects are: -

a) Those stock inter related with Federal Government had a strong support
b) Index would not had anymore adjustment at this time until the new state government has been select by Perak Sultan.

I was surprised this morning performance of KLSE. It was made a very attractive move in this morning. So, i had bought in EDEN and ZELAN for speculating.

Sincerely wish at here. Malaysian Politician one day were aware." The ethic of one person is very important. It would created a bad example to our next generation." If they are still applying a dirty rule, one day Malaysia's important resources will be eliminated by such way.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trust the data

As an investor of share market, you are must trusted the data in front of you. Like yesteday, US DJ had been broke 7,900 again. This data told me, the heavy adjustment about 20% from this level soon be happen in the market. This is 3 times in one month time broke 8,000 points.

Let previous i was mentioned at here, if one counter broke the heavy resistance, The shares price can hit up about 20%. This is also suitable for down turn analysis.

I was used this strategy in this 10 years, it had help me escaped from every crisis in this 10 years. I am here given my opinion to reader. Please do not 100% trust me, but please trust the data collected by yourself. It could help you more.

Another example is UEMland, it was hit below 74.5 cents. Please stay away from this counter.

Monday, February 2, 2009

OFF Day is bad day

Today is a federal state birthday, but i am classify it is a bad day. Why? Regional market perform badly and unstable politic in the country are the main issues.

The up price of Gold indicated currency and equity market become high risk investment. Fresh money would stop and it will make market not support.

Now, euro market showed negative further given another warning to USA equity market a pressure.

Doing short contract at Future index market is the best instrument to minimise you lose.