Friday, November 13, 2009

No news is Good news

After few days adjustment on penny stocks in KLSE equity market. Today we can see some technical rebound. Is there any signal to continue the said rally. My opinion is there is not confirm yet.
Some time you are feel uncomfortable because of approaching you money. Is there more money br happy? or No money is happy? Actually the answer is, not money cause you unhappy. There is you self thinking affected you step to go.
Like you bought a share and aim it for 30 cents gain but finally it was stopped at gain 15 cents only. So, what you are expected did not come true. Is there the shares cause you have such problem? No, definitely not. You have set wrong target on it. That is yours problem.
Lityan give 39 cents gain. Time give 3.5 cents at morning session. So, what is yours target? Use some experince from you past trading record better than obtain advice from you friends.
Last few days purposely not posted any article at here because "No news is good news."

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