Thursday, October 30, 2008

No guidance to buy is a good tips

If you had bought in equity at yesterday and also select correctly. Today early morning should have some profit. My advice is just take profit and quit again from market. Because: -

a) PBBank & PBBank-01 seems like not stable.
b) Digi still under sell force.
c) Tenaga maintain at this 6.00 level.

If wants to see Market index will further up, subject to above scenario will be eliminated in the afternoon. Otherwise, market will challenge 800 points again.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Strategy or Method

If you ask me which method I has been used to do my investment on equity? Usually, my answer is “My strategy does not suitable for you.”

Everyone in this world has had own character and difference behaviour. If you force some one apply a same method, the ultimate result would also difference. Hence, looking for suitable method to match you own character usually can bring you meet the target instead of copying people method brought you mislead and uncertain.

My character is greedy and aggressive plus aim for fast return. Thus, every transaction applying is “Buy in by volume with take profit in short period” method. So, although I finally succeed bought in some lower price on certain stock. I could not enjoy the maximum yield on this stock. Why? Because, if this particular shares move on higher about 3 to 5%, I will realise the profit immediately. I do not care about future forecast and future price although one day this particular equity may contribute me double or 3 times of return. I do not have such patient and tolerance on that.
Therefore, if you had hold above character and no confidant on the specific counter could move up in the few days time. Usually I would advise you stay away. Otherwise, if yours prediction was wrong, the coming adjustment would make you face uncountable big losses.

Hence, this kind of person does not care about the bottom price for individual equity. They also do not interested on lower index level when would arrive. In market, they are always searching a counter which can be within the settlement day giving him a maximum profit. They are also do not bother the good or bad shares, as far as the particular share can bring him a good return. No specific guide, no specific counter is their priority. They are sudden appearing in anywhere, which the delicious food was ready. But, always worry about the trap is waiting at nearest corner.
To capture and manipulate this strategy, the basic requirement skill is "Fast Decision." This is a dangerous/high risk way to approach the investment of equity.
Are you interested? Are you well prepare to facing this challenge? Are you same character as me?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Would Crisis or Dilemma created a New Professional Skill in the rural?

This few days some many economists suddenly appear in environment. Similar like after 8 March 2008, there is a group of politician sat beside you to judge our current policy of government. Are there really is professional of economist or politician? I don’t know. But seems like they can point out the false plus could guide you a right direction.

Today, I receive a note claimed that we should do this or apply that on our country financial policy. They further guide me; USA or Hong Kong or Japan government should adopt this or manipulate that in to their country. Do you wants to trust this type of professional to build up you investment portfolio or re-planning you life style?

Honestly, when you refer this professional’s investment portfolio or his saving. I think you wants feel faint down on the floor. Like me, just can zipped up my mouth and sat beside them and listen.

Actually, your are not necessary listen so many comments, because if you trust you own estimation on projected index points. You should take own step to make necessary adjustment on you own portfolio.

Let us ignore the above, because the important is what will happen in the coming few days. After reading the data on Asia Pacific equities market and yesterday US DJ index performance. My feeling fears had increased time to time.

One way, just stay away. If you want to know my friend’s point of view, just click on FBM100.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hong Kong index crashed down

Hong Kong Stocks Plunge the Most Since 1989 Crackdown. The 42 member of Hang Seng index all down. Hong Kong authority pump in $1billion into market also can stop the blood bleeding.

The Hang Seng Index today plunged 1,602.54, or 12.7 percent, to 11,015.84, the biggest decline since Oct. 28, 1997. It tumbled as much as 15.4 percent in the afternoon session, which would have been the largest drop since 4 June 1989, when the Chinese government used military force to clear pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing.

The above brought Asia pacific market already infected by USA Financial Crisis. When is the last day of adjustment? Who Knows???

Asia Market today tumbled again

Japan drop 6.36%, HK drop 4 - 5%, China drop 5%. Seems like the data in share market indicated the economic in the coming year very bad.

In order to survive, next year budget must minimise to necessary instead of expanding. Malaysia
market closed due to Deepavali holiday. So, there is a bad news for tomorrow market opening.

Stay Out!! Stay Out

Saturday, October 25, 2008


A guy with a bad attitude. No body interesting deal with him. Furthermore, this guy scary to leave a link for people visit him. Maybe he is scary people also write some bad comment in his blog.

In the blog world, everybody had his own way to liaise with people. But as a gentleman, he should knowing how to earn people respect. But, refer his message at chat box, you will feel disappointed.

Look at his message in the chat box, you may feel disappointed. He just only leave a "WTF" in people blog.

Do you wanna to know this GUY? By right, i should leave his homepage at here for blogger. But, after consider deeply, I think no body is interested on that. So, just forget about it.

Supporting Price for KLSE Index Member

My friend asked me to open a blog for him. Because he wants to highlight KLSE index counter 's reasonable price to investors.

That is not a free viewing blog and not open it for public. So, if you are interested please registered at my chat box.
He was gave me a first counter reasonable price. That is IOICorp. Please click KLSE.

I personally does not against my friend point of view. That is offer and acceptance deal. Everyone would not happy the above deal, just ignore it.

However, I found that a lot of investors like to lost money easily on his/her investment by few thousand, but buying a chicken rice cost expensive RM0.20 also fire the hawker. The worst is ,they keep on taking a cheap things to maintain his normal life.

While my friend telling me the above situation. I personally feel that since they can lost hard money money to anyone in the market. It is making sense for him to collect the reasonable cost for extra service.

Everybody in this world hope for free lunch, because they think other people should given them free support and make them become rich. That kind of attitude just brought him/her blindly lost money with no sense.

Fact is, if you pay nothing to go somewhere, you must use you own leg to reach the destination. If you willing to pay transport fees, of course they is a driver willing to help you.

Of course, the supporting price determined by my friend must obtain my advice before post it at there, because the said blog will manage by me.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bear Run

When the Bear run (down turn) started in equity market. What is the common question would ask by people? Let me tell you, They will keep asking about the bottom price for blue chip. (Good share).

In Malaysia FBM30 index build up by 30 selected companies. Some Fund manager of unit trust based on this guide to set a portfolio to launch the specific trust fund for investors. Thus, if the selected company could not maintain perform as previous. It could be removed by authority as well as also indirect instruct specific fund manager sell off from specific investment portfolio.

Therefore, as a common investor if you also follow the FBM30 to build up personal investment portfolio. You must be frequently updating the latest information to adjust the investment.
Every time the changing of position/member in FBM30, the specific counter of share would face a heavy transaction. It is also affect the share price run in way of uncertainty.

Hence, to identify the bottom price or lower price of member of FBM30 become important and become necessary. Because if you buying at higher price on specific counter and one day the said counter have been removed by authority, it will bring you facing a big capital loss.

Due to the above, you did noted in my previous 2 months article wrote at here. Keep reminding to everyone AND ASK everyone staying away from equity market. This is because I was in the position of lack of data in hand to identify every counter/company performance after this financial crisis from USA.

Honestly, I am here to inform everyone. Some of the best company in previous report and now still recommend by others people actually has been degrade by me to no value or not worth to invest in the coming five years.

So, no bottom price had set for every counter yet. Maybe you could claim that I had predicted the adjustment would be continues in the equity market in this period of time. But this is a “FACT” and you are correctly predicted my intention/mind.

Still waiting ! Still waiting !

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today KLSE equities market plunge again about 20 point and support at 880 point. What we should do?

Some investors had make a prediction market will touch 700 points but still buying at this level.
Some investors selling at 930 points and buying at 900 points but remain the forecast as low as 800 points.
Some investors said that at 1300 points been sold the stocks, now should start buy back.
Some investors keep on asking what is the support price for every counter but refuse you comment.
Some investors said government should not allow market plunge so heavily, it will affected the economic fundamental. Based on this, we should start buying stock now.

Are you is one of the above mentioned investors? Actually, any type of people does not important because the fact is no one can really affect the actual market trend.

Fears, worries and power of market force will tell you the true. When is the end of adjustment? What’s the support level? No one would know in advance.

What I suppose do?
I am still waiting. I am just waiting. I am still stay away.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Be Stupid or Be Wiser

Last few days in my article, had pointed out own opinion about the comments on radio as well as article on local newspaper. Honestly, I am hate to made such comment into public. But, I am really felt disappointed on those people without certain specific knowledge but classified themselves as professional. Furthermore, encouraging by certain group of people putting into public.

My little wild opinion definitely could not help Malaysia population enjoy any benefit. But, the fact and history of every matter should allow/provide/inform ordinary people aware it and try to understand it.

The impact from the Financial Crisis was started from USA, assume that it will slowly landing into our nation. To prevent, to minimise or to avoid is a main duty of everyone. If those publication still trying to manipulate the emotion of reader. Subsequently, everyone will more suffer on it.

Some time the fact also ugly and brings unbelievable. But, as a responsible people, the advise and analytical report must be able matched with realistic data and information.

I noted that still a lot of people likes to showing their skill and wiser to another. Like: -
a) Complaint the Bank Negara never cut interest rate.
b) Complaint government never put in extra funds to rescue KLSE, or

Made super forecast on KLSE index will touch 700 points and also predict specific counter good for long term investment, but he had: -

1) Buying at index link counter at this level
2) Selling specific counter at this price.

If you are trying to obtain some data/opinions from them in order to support the above said comment. They would tell you: -
“Someone tell me that it will be happen!”
“ I saw my friend buying in now!”
“He is got plenty of money in bank!”
“Government should invest 20 billion into share market”
“ 5 billion not enough!”
“He already make a lot of money from this adjustment!”
“ Cut interest rate is a good idea and it must immediate do it now!”
“ Government not allows plantation price broke this level!”
“ Government very slow reaction!”

The above stupid activity/rumours everyday would happen in the equity market. Do you want to be one of them?

The conflict of comment brings you confuse. Hence, now you should understand, be a good investor priority is keeps away from those people.

Always remember, wants to “Be Stupid” or “Be Wiser” is optional by your own decision.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 Billion

Yesterday, our government was announced reserve 5 billion for ValueCap Company to assist KLSE maintain shares price for those valuable company. The announcement does not specific the term and conditions, and also did not said which company has been dedicated. But it would bring more in doubt to the equity market because the said ValueCap Company has been established since 2003. But, as at today everybody noted there is no specific report or annual report for this company.

As a population or Malaysian Citizen, we are not surprise because this is our government’s style. No information, no data, no report and at last all are cover under the carpet.

The above news did not bring me had any disappointed because this is not the first time. My frustration was derived from one Article/Forum written by one local Chinese media. In the page 2, the Article header is “ 5 billion is enough or not enough”

Firs at all, I disagree and hate the article header and the paragraph number 3, 5 and second last of the said article. Why?
That is because: -
a) As everyone noted, the previous 5 billion has been injected that is no anyone of taxpayer aware how is operated. The header indirectly encouraging our government injected more resources into said company.
b) In the paragraph 3, misleading local Finance Institution applied same management and risk control as USA and never consider the said funds only indirect help those riches man maintain their assess.
c) In the paragraph 5, complaint the 5 billion too little, but forgotten ordinary people does not gain anything from such policy. Is it he was tried to tell government should take up 700 billion to buy over the KLSE listed stock at current price?
d) Wishes government provide more rescues plan instead of encourage people hard working to maintain/face recession on economic. We do welcome all rescue plans, but it should not only hope for the said fund applying on certain group of people.

If there is not enough, I am here given another suggestion to the said writer. Why not asking government use all the resources of Malaysia buy over the KLSE listed stock at market price of 1,500 point and maintain the high level at least 3 year? I think, that will bring more effective and reasonable.

“ Is that enough or not enough?” or “Is that bring the writer any happiness?”

My illustration on the above is not trying to against the write/anyone. But, just thinking that if everyone wants to be a responsible people, we should be able highlighted the valuable points to ordinary people to understand every system adopted by government. It shouldn’t bring more dispute/misleading issue to harm ordinary people. In my wild opinion, enough or not enough problem should not be highlighted in the public. The most important is: -

“Effectiveness on such scheme/policy.”
“Final result could bring how many ordinary people direct/indirect enjoying benefit on such call system.”

Monday, October 20, 2008

Old man Strategy

A retired old man, name Master Fu. He is full of knowledge on share investment. In year 1997, he was lost entire assets in hand. After the crisis, in the past 9 years he was managed earn back all losses. Especially in year 2007, the gain contributed by his investment has been double up.

He always trusted in the middle of crisis, there is a good opportunity for him to establish the investment portfolio. The previous fantastic profit record guide him this strategy is effective.

He was started build up the portfolio in the beginning of this year. Until today, refer on his investment portfolio. The said portfolio accumulated paper loss about RM100, 000, represented 50% on his total investment. Based on previous experience, He is still believed that one day the portfolio should contribute him a good return and was decided would not do any adjustment on his investment portfolio.

I believed in this equity market, a lot of people had hold the same strategy same with Master Fu. Are they would enjoy the gain after 3 or 5 years holding the same portfolio? I really in doubt!

As investors, firstly we should always unambiguous agreed that economic changing would based on environment change. Like an example, Investment Bank in the past 10 years contributed the high yield return to shareholder. But today, the concept of investment bank has been eliminated by current financial crisis.

Thus, investment portfolio must compulsory attached with current economic fundamental to minimise the risk instead of blindly follow the history record and data.

At last, let me make some assumption on the above said investment portfolio. My prediction is: -

a) 50% shares no gain no lose but receive yearly dividend average about 5%.
b) 30% shares still lose but also receive yearly dividend.
c) 20% shares has been eliminated by this heavy adjustment, book value is “NIL”.
If above prediction is correct, after three years the said portfolio would remain negative return.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Silent !!!

Sometime while you are continue repeat the same things, you would felt bored. I believed whoever following reading my blog in the past 2 months. Noted that i am just recommended selling. It seems like a old man repeat the word to youngest.

But this is a fact and realistic trend of equity market. How can I simply adopting personal wish and opinion to mislead people lose money? In my mind, I would said during this period, I am totally ignore my wish and hope.


But, disappointed and frustration keep up delivered to me. Now, i wants to against my wish and hope again. KLSE market move up after DJ index closed at positive point. After reading the data showing on screen, I am here recommend sell future on KLCI and Oil Palm again.

Because: -

a) Oil palm anytime may hit below RM1,500/MT
b) Genting and Resort shares seems like face a heavy pressure on current price
c) Bursa share price could not stood above 5.75 per share.

If the 3 scenario does not change after 1st session, please sell future in the afternoon. This round can provide u at least 30 to 50 points profit margin.

Finally I can not SILENT and standing here blar blar again!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

USA'S GDP And KLSE"s Plantation Stock/Sector

Is it USD700 billion bailout plan proposed by US’s government would only represented 5% on GDP of USA? I think most of the people have been mislead. I am really in doubt the above said calculation, because as I aware before this crisis, USA ‘s annual GDP is about 13 trillion, but it was included the contribution of Financial Services in the country.

Assuming every year, Financial Sector was contributed about 20 % of the total GDP in USA. Now, the said GDP should be adjusted about 2.6 trillion to 10.4 trillion. So, the said bailout was represented 6.7% on yearly GDP. But this calculation also needed assumption on others sector remains contributed same effort to GDP as previous year. Otherwise, the calculation would not be sustained as well. Everybody noted USA would face recession in the coming year and it will brings the GDP make adjustment accordingly. This is a issue will bring another the above siad GDP more uncertainty and impact of the accuracy calculation.

After illustration the above example, I hope everybody would understand why in this period I were continue advice stay away or out from equity market.

Just imagine, if one day Palm Oil future hit below RM1, 200/MT. What is the reasonable price of SIME Darby, KLK or IOI? Is it such counter’s current price on KLSE can be sustained?

So, if you have such data in hand, please calculate accordingly before start buying the above said counter. I do not want to highlight my estimate figure at here, because my figure brings you unbelievable.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Every one must caution, Based on the first session of KLSE performance. If today market close at 16 points down. Tomorrow market wil face another heavy adjustment.

there are 2 reasons: -
a) Predict USA tonight may heavy adjustment again.
b) IOI and Sime Darby may face selling force

Due to the above, please stay away!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today and Yesterday

Yesterday, Dow Jone up about 936 points. The history up record brings surprised. But, if your are been share market long time and well know about this game rule. You should not be surprised.

Before Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, DJ index was about 10,360 to 10,700 points. After that, the index has fall down all the way until was touched as low as 7,900 on last Friday.

As a normal trader, should understand the market would be technical rebound at anytime. Usually this rebound would take few days, but yesterday Dow Jone only took a trading day been recovered. Is it the recovery will long sustain or turn it to stable.

At this circumstance and you are a fundamental trader, I believe you are still staying away. Because you do not have any supporting data in hand to encourage you to build up you investment portfolio.

Today throughout out the radio, one of the DJ asked people about the PM statement. Actually, I hate hearing that kind of discussion. Why?

I am always believed every topic want to discuss at public media. The organiser should provide some data for referring. I am wondering why all people commented PM being tell lies to population of Malaysia. Are they got any supporting data in hand? Are they well knows about economic? Are they is a Financial Analyst? Are they a shareholder in the public company?

I do respect everybody owned a right of comment. But if the said people just expressed out personal interest and idea to the public. That is totally meaningless plus misleading. It may indirect convince people loss confident on certain fact. If PM’s statement actually consist of 50% realistic data, Do they would compensate any lose to anybody been listen and trusted the comment?

I am feel sad after listening such comment because while everyone suffering the impact of heavy adjustment on equity market. No one could provide us a meaning full data to guide us. Some more has such irresponsible people misleading us.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bottom Level!

Today, I think most of the people would like to predicting or estimating bottom level of KLSE index points. Is it these bottom level would help you to improve you quality of life? Is that would help you enjoying life in the next 20 or 30 years? Is it the right prediction will giving any prizes? Is it the bottom level causing you more happiness?

I am here daring to do any conclusion. Because in my own opinion, all the answer is “NO” or “NOT IMPORTANT”. Why? If the bottom level as per requested were happen or arrived, that economic situation in the country will turn worst. If you prediction is correct, I believed currently your should busy on rescue yourself and worry about your saving is safe or unsafe. So, Is that bottom level granted you any good credit on such 100% accuracy prediction?

Stupid people always worry about other thing. Smart and intelligent people already start planning to adjust his in hand wealth and assets to reduce the risk on such impact of recession instead of wasting time on stupid prediction.

Example like, Tsunami was happen in others place, your are 100% accurate estimated the number of people was died. Is it such accuracy prediction will help you ignore or escape from this dilemma?

So, If you feel not comfortable. Please take immediate action to rectify or adjust your existing business, in order to prevent it to meet such bad impact. The necessary step became more relevant, realistic and important. Don’t dream, Don’t use imagination, Don’t 100% believe public rumours. Don’t waste time on doing such unnecessary prediction.

Friday, October 10, 2008


A lot of my friend wondering why every time before the crisis would happen I could escaped it in advance. They are suspicious me owned a miracle crystal ball. Honestly, I do not own any specific equipment to assist me. The most of the data for me to analyst was derived from CNBC News, BLOOMBERG News, Local media news and other people comment.

After hearing, reading and receiving such information, I was tried my way to understand it and analyst it before any conclusion. Of course, I have a strong personal knowledge to assist me easier to understand it.

On such skills, while you are made some special statement would against the people wish. You will face a lot people criticising on you and pissed off by people. Such feeling is not easy to absorb it, because you hold a difference opinion to against people wish and hope. You may feel lonely and helpless.

In order to trust in hand data, you also must treated the data in hand is you friend. Like everyday, the data price and volume done in front of you monitor screen. It comprising day high, day low, top ten volume, top low volume, total volume, top ten higher gain and tope ten lose.

Everyday, I am watching the data and trying to understand it. I treat every transaction was done is a word speaking to me and I would trying hard to understand it, What their trying to inform me?
After concluded the said data, I would use such data matching the entire economic environment.

People always use their own assumption to interpret market trend. But, my assumption will support by certain realistic data. Hence, my assumption does not far away from facts. That is not a super skill but require you must have certain strong knowledge to assist to capture the right and meaningful data.

So, I have had skill but the skill derived from hard working to study realistic data in hand.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Do you wants treat investment shares like gambling? Recently a lot of rich people claims that this crisis gives them a chance increase the wealth in hand. Because they holding a lot of cash in hand. “The strategy is:- On every heavy adjustment just buy in and hoping for tomorrow market could technical rebound.” I am not objection on these strategy. But I think the chances of making profit have 50% only. Why?

Because: -
a) In order suitable using the cash in hand select any good stock, that is not an easy task.
b) If this rich man previously is an investor, the holding stock’s in hand current registered price mostly has been adjusted more than 50%. If this purchase help him earn 100% returned, that just enough to help him recover his previous lost.
c) If he is a new bird in share market, I believed he has 30% chances to select right counter to gain some profit. The balance of 70% purchase may contributed him lose.
d) If he already start buying on every adjustment. As at today, I could assumed his current holding stock in hand do not given him any good returned.
e) If he trying the day trade strategy, I believed he must testing 10 round only can gain one times

Is it currently you are applying the above strategy on equity investment? If the answer is “Yes” and already contributed you a lot of money. I believed you could be nominated as a “super hero”.

In year 1997 I have adopted the same strategy. In that period this strategy had teaching me a good lesson and finally I was gain nothing plus lost all my assets in one day.
I do agree if you selection is correct, the yield can contribute you 50% to 100% return. It is almost like you buy/pick a lucky number at magnum 4D game, it also can given you 2,500 times return. If you attitude on share investment is similar like above mentioned. Honestly, I am advice you quickly quit from this market because one day you may experience the same “bad fruits” as me being tasted in year 1997.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A fear and A tear

Yesterday a lot of investors while checking out the Australia's government cut rate, CNBC early news displayed Dow Jone Future Index positive and Euro market open positive. They already trying buy some valuable stock to hope can enjoy the technical reboung.

As I am always said before, please do not try earn the minumum income by way of "you thought". Equity market is cannot be use you own imagination to buying or selling.

Actually the fear already spread in to all level of population at USA. In global market concept applied it since 5 years ago. No one in the earth can escape from the impact of economic happen in one of the another country.

The DJ plunge down 500 points again on yesterday, today your tear will follow you fear again but this is not end yet. In order to reduce you continue fear on everyday. Why not stay away from equity market a while?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What is the right time to buy in shares at Equity market?

In fact, nobody would know the support at which level. But these few days, I found that in the coffee shop and cyber chatting room, a lot of super analyst already given you some guide. Like, it would be supported at 960 or can slump down to 800 points. But in the beginning of this year, I remember was told by them, KLSE index hardly and impossible slumped down below 1,200 points.

So, I am here to advise if you are lucky to meet this type of analyst. Please trying your best immediately forget their prediction on KLSE index point. Because they are obviously and purposely bring you to wrong way of investment strategy.

As a responsible analyst, they should proof to you the supporting economic data for his estimated level. But in fact now, nobody could tell you what is the real condition in the global economic. The fundamental of economic has been destroyed by this 2 weeks heavy adjustment on commodity market as well as equity market. Everybody’s effort in this three or four years had burned in the air.

Is it really can’t define the lowest of index? For me, I have some idea maybe can help us or share with your are to identify the lowest: -

a) Refer to two coming quarter results for top 5 listed company for every sector. If turnover and profit adjusted more than 80% to 100%, the lowest is far to meet yet.
b) Refer to other country’s equity market, which they also export the same item to international market.
c) Ask yourself “ Would your fear to buying in at now or not?” If the answer is “No”. There is not the bottom yet.
d) While your received a message from one person who never playing shares in his life, nervously warn you “Do not buy share!” In this period, I can say that the equity market almost reaching the lowest.

The above is based on my own experience to define the future equity market trend. It would not a 100% accurate prediction but at least helping you minimise your risk on investment.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Apply Equity Investment strategy to understand you Lover

At present, if you are an investor. You should able to know this game is a tough game. In order to understand the basic of equity investment. You should had widen and well knowledge to build up your investment portfolio. Its consists of various strategy you should required and also required you had well knowledge on your normal life. These complex games attract a lot of people attention on it and also indirectly bring some common people involving although they hate this game. Why?

Recently, everybody know USA happen a Financial Crisis, the results of crisis hit the Wall Street giant company like AIG and Lehman Brothers fall into take over bid and bankruptcy respectively. Finally, USA FED compulsory implemented a Bailout proposal to restructure the fundamental of the Financial Institution’s assets base. It was incurred about USD700 billion from taxpayer money. Hence, as I mentioned above. Although you are personally not involving into equity market but government force you join into the party. Furthermore, if you are compulsory contributing certain percentage on you retirement funds. The said funds may also invest certain percentage into equity market. The above is the evident proof that you are being is the equity investor long time ago.
So, now I believed everybody would agree that equity investment is a high-class game. Can bring you step into trouble without your were informed.

Apart of the above, equity investment also is a good instrument to allow you to understand more on your lover’s real character. Like: -
a) If he/she had lose on equity investment. Although that is not you idea, but he/she is blaming on your never advice him/her in advance. It was indicated he/she is an irresponsible type of people
b) If he/she would like to blame you never assist him/her monitor the said investment. Means that he/she not eligible be a good leader.
c) If he/she listen outsource news to buying the investment, its mean that he/she does not have personal ideal plans for his/her future.
d) If he/she was lose on equity investment, but refuse to admit it. This indicated he/she very stubborn and always need people give priority attention on him/her.
That above prescribes on human being character just for you to understand more but will not 100% correct applying onto everybody. That is just suitable to apply it as an alert to remind you! Maybe, yours’ future partner is this type of human being.

Equity Display Screen

When any big adjustment into equity market, our local media would had a photo highlighted the people standing in front of big display screen to show their happiness or frustration. It made a lot of newbie (new bird) in doubt. Why be an investor must go equity firm to monitor the price? Hence, the newbie always worries if they spend the time to monitor the price, it may brings them lost a lot of enjoying time in their life.
The above query has mislead them do not simply involve any equity investment.

I do agree playing any game if never involve closely, it would not gave your good return. But honestly, I was being an investor so many years. Nor and neither sat in front of said display screen in the whole day. My experience was told me, if you spend a day to monitor your own investment, you will lose the direction. Because you would treat yourself can give some supporting on the said equity, if you stand it closely. But in fact, there is “Not”.

Your are not even know who is the equity market buyers and sellers display on the screen. How would you can easily assumed that or determined that, they are supporting or against the said prise. Therefore, those investors was standing in front of the display screen just only will mislead by own emotion. They would make some assumption, they would make some dreams, and they also would make some imagination. Will you want to follows them made such stupid reaction?

I am believed the youngest now love to play online cyber game. They can spend a day to meet the objective/target. But, I could say that 99% of them would not happy in the end of the game. Why?

Actually, the both games ultimate results were same. Everyone also aiming to be a winner but eventually the loser percentage always is higher.
I am not a good player in the online game. But, sometime I will spend one or two hour to release some tension of my life. Hence, be a good and smart investor, avoiding sit in front of display screen could bring you feel calm and steady. Just doing some record on your “bought share” daily moment like: - Highest/ lower price and volume done for analyst purpose. Use this data to match with the economic fundamental and overall markets moving trend. It would give you a good surprise.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Basic requirement to be a normal Equity Investor

In fact, a lot of young teenage want to be an equity investor, but they are worries: -

a) In hand capital/saving not enough
b) High risk
c) Bad return
d) Choose the wrong counter/company’s shares

Actually in my point of view, the above problems are “nothing”. Because: -

1) At present the minimum buying volume is 100 shares. Hence, the minimum capital for investment can be as low as RM100, if the market price for the said company is RM0.10 per share.
2) High risk is in life journey, because you and me do not know what is the last date of ours life. The equity investment, is one of the games in your life, if your investment is RM100, the maximum lose is limited to RM100.
3) In your life, bad return is happen in everyday. There is not such game providing you have guarantee good yield. People will claimed that Fixed Deposit is a guarantee return, but honestly the rate offering by bank is not enough to cover the yearly inflation. You just pick one of the food prices at 5 years ago compared with current price. You can fully understand what is bad return.
4) In the world, that is not any company can forever is survived. There is due to the technology and environment rapid changing in every minute. Today you may choose the right company but does not means that your are ultimate winner. (Example: - Lehman Brothers in USA and Transmil (stock code:7000) in Malaysia) Hence, regular make adjustment on you investment portfolio to fit the current environment situation is necessity.

No one can fully understand entire the business sector in this world. But the basic accounting theory and business law force the listed company fulfil certain condition. Base on this guide, you may obtain some important information to build up your investment portfolio.

The important on investment attitude is “You must always ask why?”

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Do you think US Senator is Stupid

I do not agree they are stupid. They holding the power to hammer out all lame proposal, it is to help USA population getting better benefit. They are also showing the power to allow the whole world equities market burn out trillion dollar in time of 24 hours.

Furthermore, i am 100% agreed they rejected the initial proposal. Why?

This is because of: -

a) we are cannot allow few fellow to take away the money but hold nil responsibility.
b) who started the game, he should be able to absorb it personally.

For KLSE, the overall market still weak, i believed IOI will challenge against the lower price. It would give heavy impact against to the index. So, recommend sell future index again in the next morning, and take profit again after adjustment at 25 points low from previous closed.