Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't Worry

Today,Asia market mostly registered positive. It has give some confident to Euro and DJ. So, the opening give a good rally. (DJ up 54points).

Malaysia market reflected the budget issues. Because cutting the development cost and reduce income tax given to rich man group. Most of the lower income population can see can not enjoy it. The deficit of GDP also mislead because never took in the extra spending of financial crisis.

GHLsys today run wildly mainly due to some good news going to announce. Because it has broke 2 level resistance and going to start unlimited rally. A lot of people now talking another story about 3A, they predict this share can reach RM4.

Friendly speaking, I am concentrate buying buying 4D number. Because it would not cost me more than 20 per day. If I jump in buy shares, maybe my per day cost need about RM120.00. That is not easy to earn.

Now days, I also found our banking try to promote private management of you in hand funds. Actually if they have such skill, they rather earn for their own. Instead of promote to you and earn the small peanut.

Because they can manipulate some resources in hand and not allow people easy to join in. Like today DIGI share, they control it tide and offer the selling price higher. So, they need some funds to pay their in hand due expenses. If your are rich enough and keep money in you saving book, they will start convince you join into party. So, think twice before you step in.

Money is earn for spend, is not earn for keep. Otherwise, when you are bye bye. It will create another problems to your next generation. So, don't worry if you do not have more money. Please worry on if you can't understand the meaning of life.

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