Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Some how felt a little disappointed on yesterday KLSE moves. It did not give a very good closed as well as did not sustain the price same as Monday. Princess was made a note at chatbox and also disappointed some reader at here. It was created more disappointed.

KLSE actually did not stable because of: -

a) Funds divert to purchase Maxis
b) Malaysia note against USD drop.
c) EPF continues sell off banking stocks

Some counter especially those penny stocks control by certain group of people and manipulated it. They used people imagination to monitor the price. I have been lose it when I bought in Notion. Of course that would not worst as my own imagination because I had made some gain from Time to cover the losses. Market still ruinning until finally seeking its direction. Soon we can see world market have a big adjustment and totally impact the current economic fundamental. Some one need government help again.

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