Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Move on Genting

As I said on yesterday, if someone continue promote the shares. The specific counter definite have some activities going to happen.

If your are reading newspaper everyday. You should able know how to identify the real news and bad news. Use it as your speculate weapon and earn some money. A kopitiam's topic and gossip must be brings you in to bad situation. Until one day, your are not able to know what is exactly happen in the world.

A fact now in front of you and me. A big funds know how to cover themselve and made a specific topic attract your attention. In the begin state, usually news in the common area give you some sweet and honey. But your are standing under the sky. So, finally the rain and sun melt it easily. All yours effort will go by a day.

Which is Next????? E&O or Latexx????

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