Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am still remember when new PM be appointed. This counter like super star but as at to date these shares did not given you any big return. Yesterday it was closed at 37 cents but now only have 34.5 cents only after traded about 1 hour time.

If you still holding this shares and compared with others penny stock. You are regret and disappointed. However, now I am recommended buy in at this price and waiting it give you some marginal profit.

Based on market sentimental, soon you can see it giving you some profit. That's not based on any fundamental reason for you to hold it long term. If this shares can hit 41.5, that's enough. The market uptrend can continue run until middle of April. If you think Fixed Deposit can't give you high return. You should consider buy in this stock.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Excuse

Today morning, a friend asked me whether I know the location of one place. So am I. Why he wanted to ask me such question? Because he just wanna to purchase a condo/apartment from there. Actually the behind story is, he is buying for his kid.

Now, our market trend is like that. If parent aware in the early stage on his kids buying a house or a properties. Normally the kids actually do not have such ability to buy over the assets. He /she need parent to support. If the parent is a last one to aware his kids has been bought a properties, normally is from some other way and not through his kids' mouth.

The conversation is funny and give me some idea to write something at here. The above matter, normally will bring some effects:
a) Among the brothers and sisters start quarrel
b) Existing properties in hand force to sell it
c) Restructure the assets in hand.

Some how the old parent feel struggle and disappointed on kids reaction. Finally unhappy mood accumulated and waiting one day become as bomb.
The above circumstances normally happen in middle range family. Thats won't be happen in poor and rich family.

So, refer to investment on stocks. Which got such issues in hand as above? Most of the companies have such problem. Among the listed companies, 90% got such problem. The more argument inside the company, actually is good. Because investors easily obtain some information.
Actually the main question "is not worth to buy it or not". Most of the people just need some support or convince on his/her step. Otherwise, one day if he/she is wrong. He cannot sustain and take it.

I am always tell those old man. Please do it for your own. Money need circular out by way of spend and 100% not for transfer. Because finally it need to spend it only know its real value. Like the above case, he had planned it in early stage keep few houses in hand. But now need to sell it to cover the new one. So, who will suffer?????

Monday, March 28, 2011


When market recently got impact adjustment by certain issues? Are you dare to invest? Speculators start panic on looking some money to settle the loss. Long term investors are restructure or sit there waiting for recovery. If your are a clean/zero holding, maybe think to do something on that.

Actually market not as everyone thought. Because a lot of people just used some issues or own thinking to predict the run. If they are panic. "people said what, they are doing/follow."

By the way, I am personal got few experience on delaying in the court case. In this year was happen 2 times already, the reason is same. File misplace. So, if lawyer association still asking longer period because of justice. Who will responsible on such circumstances or unforeseen issues?
Every delay or postpone have been made me in lose. In what way justice can reach to me?

So, one day I also need to tell bursa, please hold on for while because I haven't decide to sell or buy in yet. Otherwise, that is not fair. Maybe I am too much on that, because I need few thousand people to wait for me.

Of course, be patient to get the help by someone is a good attitude. But because of personal interest trying to delay always maybe covered by dirty minds/thinking. That is selfish and in consistence way. So simple is when everytime you had finished the assignment, please ask yourself " Are you feel guilty to do so".

Play shares with good attitude always bring yours a good return. When you are trying to capture some benefit from dirty way. One day you are going to lose everything. I have never think to buy in at low price. I hope everytime I bought, the seller got some return. So, I just use to chase stock never q to wait for the best price. Are you do the same way?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Direction

First at all, investors trying hard to looking shares market direction. It's seem like step into darkness and find a way out. Actually guessing on future is difficult task. Japan and G7 intervene the Forex market make things more completed.

If Japan yen drop, the expenses incur on rebuilt cost higher. If steady on such level that would easy allow speculator control. So far, every reaction on that interrupting on exchange rate brings speculator gain more easy money because those with such information will spread it out. Finally, ordinary people more suffer on that.

When our local government proposed to build up the nuclear supply electric station in our country, some how people said costly and non economy plus not necessary. Is that the true comment?

Actually for long term basic, I do agree that. Just worry someone to privatise it by specific agenda. Every proposal if never attached with personal interest. We should consider and try to accept it. If some one use such excuse to looking for accumulated personal wealth we should reject it.

Market should not have such people be appointed be a director. Those got right to vote should seriously about the quality of directors. Not only concentrated on Dividend only. Because a bad man usually will safe one person in front of you but in behind they were kill you entire family members or maybe bring hazard for yours next generation.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

People don't want money , they want life

In these two days, we should realised money is meaningless. When it use to compared with the life. So simple theory reflected in yesterday. All investors through out their shares in hand into market. Without life although you are holding trillion or billion also can not happy and peaceful.

In the circle of life, one of the day 'died" you have to face it. But hard working in your life to accumulated money is meaningless. So, enjoy your effort in the right time, and try to make your hard working effort, have some return. Don't keep more than over and brings you no time to enjoy/spend it.

So, enjoy the investments game. Don't take it is your life's jobs. So, as and when your like it. Your are playing. As and when you don't like it, just through it out. Don't keep it to waste you time. If one day your buy such shares after 20 years shut up 20 times. Are you still here to see it, enjoy it or maybe you can sell it? That is very important, where you are ? Otherwise at last your assigner or trustee take it your sweetheart away and enjoy himself.

Life is shorter than Len man Brother build up time. So, what is your expectation now? Are you continue hold tight until your are died? or through it and take cash to enjoy. Your selection always must respect. But hopefully not is a stupid decision.

Give me a fair game

Too sad to talk about shares investment, because the Japan market drop almost 12% at 1pm(Japan Time) in the afternoon session. So, let us make some imagination to help us happy. Last 2 days, at here I had commented Lawyer refuse to close case as per schedule. They said that is unfair. So, What is unfair issue?

Actually no one can understand the proceeding of court. I had an experience is every procedure count money. Like you submit a notice, cost few hundred fees. If successful obtain the notice, next step count money again. If unfortunately there consider 2 steps on next action. So every one step cost you few thousand.

So, if lawyer don't want KPI and tell us there is fair. Why not he/she just raise one bill for every case. Don't count the delay cost on us, especially the disbursement expenses don't applied to client. Otherwise before the case end, someone have bankrupt. So, if someone can't paid during the time. The lawyer also stop represent the client. Is there fair to client.

Taiwan criminal/civil case running in the court have set the time limit. Why we can't do that??? So, sometime when noted a criminal case from the paper. After 5/6 year it still running in the middle stage. Why??? Who delay it???

It wasted our Yang Hormat in Parliment continue setting up the law. Because time consume too long may spoilt the spirit of law. Investors or FDI always refuse to come here because too long to decide a project or finalising the case in the court. Because every minute is cost of funds. They don't like delay attitude.

Haha, Some more lawyer also can tell "Tsunami" " Please hold on first, I need to go MC, don't come first" Is it Tsunami listen to him??.................Hahahaha

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yesterday some how got people laugh at me. Because I was too pessimistic on market move. Ask investors through their holding but eventually shares in KLSC steady and calm.

After a day, some people were regret on buying and also told me I am correct. I just tell them shares investment does not help me gain any appreciation because the fluctuation of shares price very fast. This minute you are right but next minute your are a looser. So, what is your step planning is more important.

Technically, In my opinion if shares price broke certain level, it hard to come back strong. Furthermore there is low volume on sell down. I do believed it can come down more because the volume and price did not run at same direction. So, there is a very weak support and discourage to hold any shares in hand.

I am not smiling because i am so sad about the disaster. Especially the natural dilemma happen on neighbour countries.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Japan drop 455?

A good investors like to use own imagination to monitor his investments. There is no signal of end for the earthquake in Japan. So, to avoid heavy adjustment and accumulated more bullet in hand. The investors prefer sell off and buy later. What is the right timing??? Most of the people guess after 3 or 4 weeks time.

Japan share market opening hit down and registered below 10,000. So, panic selling not so heavily and others market hit down lower than 1%. Because they thought have a technical rebound on today.

So, in my mind already can see. Asia Pacific shares market will close lower than opening session. Because everyone just watching and delay the action of selling. So, going to end of the day. Shares will through out like water without any reasons. So, advisable sell it at now.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lawyer don't want KPI

Why lawyers so worries the KPI? Others professional like doctors, they must follow the guidance to rescue patient in time. Every operation case must do it in time. Accountant also must follow statutory time to submit the report. Why just only lawyers can be exempted?

As a Lawyer, they should aware every defender or plaintiff must work to pay their fees. If the case always postpone, it will hurt both parties. So, lawyers should not assume that law only applicable to rich people group. It belonging to every human being. So , every delay or purposely excuse will hurt ordinary people bear higher cost. The bar council some more said that judge did not allow them take medical leave. It brings me a surprise, Does he means if one of the bank manager take medical leave, does he should close down the branch for non servicing provided to customers. So, replacement someone attended to the case is their duty. No excuses!!!!

Come back to shares investment, if every one like ours country lawyer. Investors must pray everyday our bursa CEO do not fall sick. Otherwise, the dilemma will occur in capital and monetary market. As well as we always must pray Bank Negara's President also don't fall sick. So, every day our market will not base on profit or company performance to buy or invest shares. Everyday must guess who will fall sick on each day.

Market continues adjustment about 5 to 7 days. Most of the funds will looking the safety place. They are not going to take any risk on disaster.