Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Closed For KLCI

Must be Crazy, Market was closed at negative. I am here said that "Good Closed". The impact was there but finally stood at 1250, when compared with others this is the best scenario. My friend 3 days ago bought in REDTONE at 28 cents, but today he had managed sold at 32 cents. There is better than nothing.

Index dropped due to international market brought uncertain. But USD still weak help DUBAI has a good chance pay little to settle the outstanding loan. So, today we should focus on currency rate. IF USD against Japan stronger. It will brings more fear. So that this morning my post at here was mentioned the currency and told your are not so worries on such adjustment.

Everything is risk if your are not knowledge on that. Every game should have its own game rule and regulation. So, more knowledge do not bring you in hazard and bring you riches. But help you reduce yours game risk.

Worst? No !!!!!

KLCI followed last Friday trend. So, there was a little adjustment on it. The important timing is on 3.30pm to 4.30pm. If it continue made heavy adjustment worst than morning session. It can be serious and will break 1,200 points.

I am not so worry about equity market. The worst scenario is USD shut up and Japan Yen collapse. If there is happen in the coming days. The rally of stock seem like ended.

Investors should not worry about that. Because the adjustment just reflect some one did not fulfilled the due debt. The worst economic situation yet to arrive. I am predict the EASTEN Countries will giving another bad impact. That is the time you should sell everything and quit immediately.

As I was mentioned here, Earn money should realise it, use it and enjoy it. If you never spend it, please do not dream it the wealth can bring you happiness.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

No Head Fly

A Fly with no head flying into equity market made a dumpling reaction. Investors did not care the price and through it out and sell. Dubai World default on repayment due debt in the coming day had made panic and surprise.

Equity market waits this bomb to burst been long time. So, it easily broke it and burn it down. Especially those has believed economic been recover and turn Fixed Deposit into equity market to earn better and fast return. It was give a warning to those dream in the air. Now , they like a Fly without head flying into air. Every where they run and packing and bang it. They used abnormal run and escape this price adjustment Tsunami.

Seem like you plant a tree behind your house. Now, some one steal at yesterday night with the matured fruit. How sad is it? Sad SAD SAAAAD.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Take a break and enjoy my life. I am going to retrench by company. Its seem like a bad news. On the other hand, it could be a good news. Because after my school time, I had never enjoy my life. Family need support and so I was always be working until today.

Investment or speculating is a long journey game. So, I must know how to take a rest and continues again in the coming days. In my experience if you can stay away for while. Everything become easy and understand.

Yesterday I was in one shop with some investors. Some one said please do not buy anymore. Another one said, we should tried. Which one is correct?

That should have any good answer on above question. Because in the down turn market, if you can select a good one. You should able earn some money. So that some one said this is luck.

So, you and me maybe is one of them. But listening a good advice to avoid the heavy adjustment may help you know more about the facts. So, relax help you calm down and think yours next step how to move. Your personal alert better than advice because your are the unique one in the world.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Affin-WC give me good profit on today rally. It was successful broke the 35cents and stood above the level. Tomorrow is another rally for this stock. On my own principle I had sold out at today and took the profit.

Market run at such way made a lot of people confused. Some stocks down heavily and broke most of its supported level. Investors could not believed it and tried hard on averaging. But the result is disappointed.

Market searching the good news support. But most of the countries central bank give a strong warning on properties bumble. Usually such warns does not affect the actually situation but just created another hidden hazzel behind.

If you are a small player. Of course affect your plans to make more money. But usually i am prefer get out from that. Not playing won't lose.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Most of the government preparing and adopting some new policy to prevent US dollar goin inside their countries. It is a difficult task. Because as a developing country, encourage Foreign Direct Investment come in to help development is not easy.

The hot money aim for fast return. They do not care how much you are suffering after they are withdraw after the rally. So, equity investment now as a casino. Hit and run. Speculator like me , do welcome such money. Because I can follow the boat and earn some little money for my life.

That may cause people blame me. Long term investors claimed I am gritty, but they may have forgotten. They also used others people hand to help them earn some profit. The difference between me and them is, they have need more time than me.

Time and Gpacket can not give us anymore money on coming days. So that we should choose GHLSYS or Affic_WC to enjoy this game. Please do not think smart and convert your money to others type of currency because you are spend money using RM. It does not affect your future life although the USD collapse.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nothing more

Equity market hard to predict now. So I am hard to select a good return stocks to buy in. I am afraid, so that I am be stayed away for while.

These two days DJ registered negative and seems like has a small little adjustment. It can try hit down and challenge again 10,000 points. Who has make some money should be able have a good holiday with his family.

Gpacket hit down heavily and Time not more support in KLSE market. Gold continues give good profit to holder. These all because of weaken of USDollar.

Hope there is nothing more bad news to hit down market badly. But USD down trend should have its limit. So, the "U" is coming soon.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 Million dollar

A guy told me he need 2 million dollar. So that he can do a lot of plans. Baiscally that is needed by most of ordinary people. Some people used small capital and invest into equity. Hoping in one day he have own such big sum.
Actually a lot of people do not know what is the meaning of money. Like when you was born, god has been give you a pair of hand, pair of eye and others organ. If some one misused it be bad. Finally he wouldl suffer in his entire life.
So, money seems your hand. If you are not really know how to manipulate it. You may in trouble.
Today morning maxis was listed at KLSE and give some gain to minority interest. If you are believe money should spend it rather than keep it. Please sell it now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Market Search new direction

KLSE Market index was hit new high on today morning. After that due to few reasons affected, so that closed at low. It has shown negative in the next day. Whoever playing contra will facing some lose. External market also gave negative although DJ index was hit higher on yesterday. The big funds manager playing a game to bet USD up in the coming day. So that they transfer back some funds and buy own country shares.

That is a bad scenario for others equity market. Investors ind doubt why DJ was hit higher but our stocks keep on adjusting to lower. Why Why Why

Please do not panic so soon. Because they may not right at this round. If this is a third or forth round of the betting. It will cause more worries. Now, everything just test on. It may not come true.

Sell penny stocks immediately in the next morning, Wait the bad news absorbed until next signal of rally appears.

Monday, November 16, 2009

New High at Future Index

Overall performance in KLSE now become sensitive. A deal yet to confirm, media wrote an article and made some assumption. It can easily hit higher price. BEA in Hong Kong last week had fluctuation of the trading price and some transaction unusual. It was allow media wrote such wrong article to push the price up. Actually now one been commented on such deal. Just rumors.

Malaysia market used such news created another story and so that Affin become a super star in KLSE equity market. It was help future index hit high and closed at high. Hopefully no bad news at DJ. Otherwise all people will burn badly.

In order be a influence people in this world, you must know how to create story. Please media and reporter beautify your activities. Otherwise they can manipulate some false news become true. So that some good writer can manipulate some news and sell it to earn big money.

So, how many analyst report can trust? How many can tell yours a true?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hard to be a human. An ordinary people in the world needs some excited in our life and also need some expectation to continues our journey. If you do not have any interested game to relax yours mind, it hard to be human.

Some people choose equity market as playing ground. Some people choose a sport game to enjoy and relax. But ultimate target is win. GHLSYS in KLSE still trying hard to meet its target of 70 cents. But others penny stocks faced heavy force selling. So, it has stop GHLsys climb another higher level. But it was broke 56.5 cents and touched 575 cents high. It was a good signal because had broke the strong resistance.

Hard for me earn some money and lose a lot of money playing the 4D game. Now, must save some money for retrenchment. But seems like hard to achieve.

Friday, November 13, 2009

No news is Good news

After few days adjustment on penny stocks in KLSE equity market. Today we can see some technical rebound. Is there any signal to continue the said rally. My opinion is there is not confirm yet.
Some time you are feel uncomfortable because of approaching you money. Is there more money br happy? or No money is happy? Actually the answer is, not money cause you unhappy. There is you self thinking affected you step to go.
Like you bought a share and aim it for 30 cents gain but finally it was stopped at gain 15 cents only. So, what you are expected did not come true. Is there the shares cause you have such problem? No, definitely not. You have set wrong target on it. That is yours problem.
Lityan give 39 cents gain. Time give 3.5 cents at morning session. So, what is yours target? Use some experince from you past trading record better than obtain advice from you friends.
Last few days purposely not posted any article at here because "No news is good news."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Opened with high price and closed at low. That was XDL move in this morning. Actually tried my best to wrote this counter at morning, but faced problem on the internet. Consider cut it as our local advertisement. Cut it immediately.

Gpacket used the good strategy because the CEO was ex CEO of TM net. So, he well know the complaints about the services. Hard to recommend shares to buy in the next day. Because the coming due day on debt of FED should settle in these two months are big sum.

If FED do buy buy back the debts, means the financial of Bank strong in USA. So, the USD currency will shut up substantially. It will affected the funds manager sell off immediately and pay back the loan.

XDL worst on next day and affected MSport have big adjustment. Carefull

Monday, November 9, 2009


Tomorrow is my harvest day. Msport give me a lot of profit and enough for me spending and enjoy in a month. Of course, if can earn more than that. I will more happy. But speculating always attach with high risk. Run and sell off immediately is my plan.

Equity market and Commodities rally because of: -

1) Some funds used Aus note and Japan note as collateral borrow USD.
2) The USD registered weak and they use it into speculating at equity and commodities.
3) No signal of recovery.So, they plans hit and run.
4) No other choice after the financial crisis. They use the same tactic as previous.

If any one the currency note face a big adjustment. Equity and Commodities market will collapse within a day. So, carefull on this penny stocks rally.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Next Week

In our life there are a lot of next weeks. If wants to predict the future movement on certain day. It will brings you unhappy. As a player in the market, we should happy what we have earned. Not wasting time to identify the future. The prediction of future task is GOD's job, is not human duty.

A lot of analysis felt unhappy on penny stocks rally because they are emphasis to study valuable stocks. But small market like Malaysia, that is not easy to buy in because those stocks being control by certain group. Analyst did not happy because they can't earn anything from that.

The USD devalue and low interest policy by FED of USA give chance to some people borrow money from that and invest into commodities and equities. They further predict USD can drop further and so they can pay lower on their borrowings.

So, anytime USD up. It will brings panic and disaster again to them. So, carefully watching the trend on USD may help you reduce yours risk on investments. Next week, if index has adjustment heavy, it will affected the penny stocks move. So, just wait and patient before jump in buy anything on that.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday afternoon meet an old lady. Talk to her about shares investment. She was quitely listening what I am said to her. She is simple and nice. After while, I am hardly recommend bought in GHLsys at 475 cents. She was smile and kept silent.

Later on, I asked to leave because another meeting waiting for me. Suddenly, I found her took her handphone and called her driver to pick her. I am surprising and asked the security guard. They told She is a Datuk wife and is a big investor in equity market. Before she left, she silent told me I am right on price prediction on GHLsys. She hold a lot and target price is about 70 cents.

I am shameful and is a good lesson to me. Please do not simply show myself as good player in front of stranger. Maybe some one is better than me.

KLSE penny stocks controlling the momentum of trading now. So, although there is a minor adustment on index. It does not hit down the trend unless the volume regsitered lower than yesterday. If the lower volume continue about one week, that maybe over bought and going to has some adjustment on penny stocks.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My plans

If I am holding Time, Ramunia Wa and Gpacket Wa, I will sell it now. After that buy in Msport and YTLE for day trading or contra play. US and Asia Pacific market seem like found the support at last week after an adjustment. That is not confirm yet.
In order to indentify it. The currency rate and Australia interest rate movement have some indication. There were highlighted market going to create another bumber of economic. It is derive from quantity or quality of the product. Hard to has answer yet.
KLCI after a short rally on yesterday. Today consoliadted at this level because the good news all depends on Oversea market.
Short trading players have some dream, tomorrow is next penny stock counter start the rally. So, one day the holding stocks in hand may be a superstar. Balancing or diversify of the investment on penny stocks become important or playing a main role in current situation of KLCE equity market.
So, are you lucky enough????

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Some how felt a little disappointed on yesterday KLSE moves. It did not give a very good closed as well as did not sustain the price same as Monday. Princess was made a note at chatbox and also disappointed some reader at here. It was created more disappointed.

KLSE actually did not stable because of: -

a) Funds divert to purchase Maxis
b) Malaysia note against USD drop.
c) EPF continues sell off banking stocks

Some counter especially those penny stocks control by certain group of people and manipulated it. They used people imagination to monitor the price. I have been lose it when I bought in Notion. Of course that would not worst as my own imagination because I had made some gain from Time to cover the losses. Market still ruinning until finally seeking its direction. Soon we can see world market have a big adjustment and totally impact the current economic fundamental. Some one need government help again.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In the chat box, some people thought I am princessXinyun. Princess is my friend, if you wants to know her, please visit her blog at here.

However market penny stocks give a lot of surprise to everyone. Of course as an investor, the main topic should be blue chip. I think I am speculator, more interested on invest fast return stocks. I am still remember I am hardly recommend Time on 2 weeks ago. I bought it and sold at 2 weeks ago Friday, the main reason because I was worries about the index adjustment affected the rally. Although I am sucessful escape from the index adjustment but lose it to gain more. Luckly last week friday I had reinstate the stock and enjoy today its rally.

Yesterday, I had sold it and bought a lot of Notion. Because last minute this counter was stood above 555. This is my resistance level. If it broke these level. The 70 cents target easy to meet soon. Hope your are enjoy the penny stocks rally but this all subject to DJ do not have any big adustment.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Unusual trading in KLSE

This morning the KLCI down because of DJ Friday trend. This means market does not has anymore good incentive. But those penny stocks despite the negative trading of KLCI member and continue give more profit to trader.

After lityan release the PN4 and hit up about 120%. So, others bad companies also hope by investors can achieve the same trend of Lityan. They chase such stocks and finally pull up some speculating stocks move wild.
Time subsequently had registered the higher price than Timecom. It was reflected valuation on it has been chnaged. Notion tried again 54 cents and if this counter can close above 56 cents. My prediction of 70 cents on this counter soonest can achieve.
Another bad thing is DJ seems like continue registere lower at tonight. I hope it can sustain at this level, otherwise anytime we can see drop about 350 points in one of the trading day. So, on such day, people would name it again as "black".