Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Take a break and enjoy my life. I am going to retrench by company. Its seem like a bad news. On the other hand, it could be a good news. Because after my school time, I had never enjoy my life. Family need support and so I was always be working until today.

Investment or speculating is a long journey game. So, I must know how to take a rest and continues again in the coming days. In my experience if you can stay away for while. Everything become easy and understand.

Yesterday I was in one shop with some investors. Some one said please do not buy anymore. Another one said, we should tried. Which one is correct?

That should have any good answer on above question. Because in the down turn market, if you can select a good one. You should able earn some money. So that some one said this is luck.

So, you and me maybe is one of them. But listening a good advice to avoid the heavy adjustment may help you know more about the facts. So, relax help you calm down and think yours next step how to move. Your personal alert better than advice because your are the unique one in the world.

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