Monday, October 12, 2009

An Unstable Politic

They said one of major party in Malaysia lose 2 leaders in one day brings good to Chinese society in Malaysia. It could bring new things into population of Malaysia. There are not surprise, most of them have such comment. Because they do not aware the system of politic in Malaysia.

The group of delegated leader also do not care about population of Malaysian. They are just looking who can delivery benefit to them. When you are analysis the people of opponent party. You could found most of them are previously kick off by National Election. They lose their post with lose their benefit in the same time.

If really need a good leader, they should randomly allow ordinary people situated at various village have 30% vote right to elect their leader. Like today pick KL area ordinary people or maybe next should be Johar Baru ordinary people. Otherwise, those leader just transfer the power to their sons or next generation as their right. Or older people just not allow skillful or capable people step into be a member in the party. Finally, they are playing a dirty game as well as claim national resources for own interest.

The bad politic policy/resolution brings bad impact is deep and forever. They have only one way to go. That is dissolve the party immediately. An equity market given us a good lesson, if one day the industrial lose the earning power. It should be dissolve it or close shop forever.

The shares allow ordinary people kick off some bad things, although there is a game for riches people. But consumer have such right to deny it in the others market. So, riches people playing game among themselves but they do have give some respect to ordinary people.

Today, Regional market fails to sustain and have minor adjustment. Because investors realise the USD drop means entire world need to settle the debts for USA. They start worry.

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