Monday, October 26, 2009

3A, DBE & TPC.........

I am predict the above mentioned stocks face heavy adjustment on today. Mtronic also can't escape from that. It should be break 10cents and go back to 6 cents again.

After announced Budget 2010. Nothing more news for development, those stocks like MRCB and UEMland may lead the market penny stocks go back to original level. Those who read my post here may hate me, finally no click ADS for me. (HHHHAAAAA).

Index will trying maintain at this level but finally will adjust 30 to 50 points lower. So, whoever have collect a lot of penny stocks may a bit panic. Because it seems like hard to recover back although market will come back after the adjustment.

Asia pacific still manipulate by currency and china issues. But slowly another news will divert everyone attention.

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