Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Who is winner? Today equity market climbed up difficult. But penny stocks enjoying some minor profit on that. The stabilize of the index give penny stocks a good chance to move. So that player ignore good stocks and earned some fast money.

Currency rate still registered weaken against USD but it has totally ignore by speculating. This is misleading and if it is continues about month then it will happen again big adjustment in the coming days. Hopefully there is not happen.

Blue chip should be able perform some rally and better in this coming days. Otherwise, it would not unable market steady and break new high record. Penny stocks has been monopoly in those days, Should taken some rest and reflect more on fundamental value. So, penny stocks next move will be better and stable.

As a speculator, I do like penny stocks move it faster and strong. But i couldn't ignore the facts and major direction of economic derived from blue chips. If blue chips continues hang it at this level. Speculating become harmful and meaningless. Finally I will facing big losses.

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