Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not Feeling Well

These 2 days not feeling well, In my memory, long time not been sick. Now fall sick seriously and not even can do anything. However, thanks to who name it as google ask visitors click ads at here. Its does not earn much but just showing some appreciation on my post at here.

Market has been reach another level. It seems like not one can stop the up trend. If there is not adjustment at this year. Everybody will suffer in next year. Equity and others resources may not give any gain in the coming year. Because most of the good effects have been reflected in this year.

If you used mathematic to calculate the trend and based on chat. It did not show you anything on current status. You have used others method to identify the equity market. That maybe using the cashflow in the market more easy to know it better.

After an heavy adjustment on last year. Government pump in a lot of cash into market but it was only gave to those powerful people. Ordinary people could not enjoy it and taste it. So, if certain group of people misuse the said funds, market will go to one way direction and not created a good base for future. Finally everybody will suffer for it.

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