Sunday, September 27, 2009

300 Million.

In your bank account balance showed 300 million. Do you feel enough? If you are ask me the same question. I am really in doubt.

In fact, if I have such money. I will plan to use 50% of the funds to control one listed company and well structure it. It is a base for me to acquire and take over more company. That is my investment vehicle.

3, 30 or 300 million that is a lot of difference. Some people while trying at Jackpot to win 3 miilion .They have always said, I will be enjoy my peaceful life in the future. Obviously, they do not aware inside their mind, what is their requirement?

Some people use the money buy a shop lot or a house. But if he/she choose a high range property. Finally they are still working for bank and If they do not plan well. The end result is broke.

Buying shares similar like your own some money in hand. You should able know what is exactly what you want it. Otherwise, the assets be come as yours long term liabilities.

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