Thursday, November 5, 2009

My plans

If I am holding Time, Ramunia Wa and Gpacket Wa, I will sell it now. After that buy in Msport and YTLE for day trading or contra play. US and Asia Pacific market seem like found the support at last week after an adjustment. That is not confirm yet.
In order to indentify it. The currency rate and Australia interest rate movement have some indication. There were highlighted market going to create another bumber of economic. It is derive from quantity or quality of the product. Hard to has answer yet.
KLCI after a short rally on yesterday. Today consoliadted at this level because the good news all depends on Oversea market.
Short trading players have some dream, tomorrow is next penny stock counter start the rally. So, one day the holding stocks in hand may be a superstar. Balancing or diversify of the investment on penny stocks become important or playing a main role in current situation of KLCE equity market.
So, are you lucky enough????

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