Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Japanese Yen

A war started in the currency note. Every country now starting printing note to enhance the growth of economic. So, those international traded note start drop more note into market to prevent the export volume decrease. Such action will continue until one day inflation shut up in own country. They do not care about others countries hit by high rate of inflation. They only care own country.

In the decade ago, a well development countries start graping all nature resources from others, through war, through acquisition and merging. Until today, they national bearing the high loan and created a group of people non working and enjoy the benefit granted by their government.

So, after 50 years collection of cheap resources and then enough. Now starting a new game, printing money to make it as float to push people buy things from them. They create a brand new phone and brand new luxury thingy to ask third party countries purchase it as rubbish.

Continuously make an super star for every industry. Like football, make a super contract to earn people attention. Made a share master to attract people believe that is a good game. Made a super trading bank to made people trusted them and keep on saving into their bank.

Made a big deal onto market to inform people there is synergy of economic. Japanese Yen print more means surrender off the economic. is it true???? That is false because your hard earn money become cheaper and cheaper.....

Monday, December 3, 2012

Car Park

A lot of driver planning to purchase a car only consider how much instalment per month. They never consider the maintenance fees as well as car park fees. In Malaysia that is a serious problem. Those driver just tried hard to park at nearest place for own convenience. Actually when you really study the statistic most of the owner disqualified because they can't afford to pay any parking fees. So, sometime you can see an argument along the road. Why? The driver tried hard parking near to the destination of them, so it make the road have an accident. 

The policy of government to protect the local made motor vehicle. Another policy is development a lot of highway with a toll. The 2 policies created multi billion people and resident must suffer. So, in Malaysia you always can see Garden to next garden no support by public transport. So you have to purchase a transport for working. 

Such policies indirect help high consumption internally but actually made waste of resources of country. Everyone focus on normal life and requirement but forget how to enhance and improve the quality of life.

In Malaysia, you are never get an international firm for listing. Those giant company actually created by imbalance policy. No innovation and super creative company win others countries people purchase national product...... So, what is the good investment ????

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

After a while

When your are worries about the 21 Dec 2012 is a last day for world. I think you better care more about you individual. Not only know how much you can earn, how much you can saving or how much yo can spend. You must have more understand why you must at here....

When you have an assignment you should try hard to complete it because such regret should not bring along when you are in time to pass away. Last 2 days, china market have a very bad news about the wine company. So, it shares price burn about RM16.7 billion. So, one day the investors may also lost the millionaire title..... 

That's a good guidance to every company. If you wanna to develop a company you must have a healthy way to monitor the business instead of use some bad way or cheating skill to accumulated the wealth.

So far, in my knowledge no one company can last wrong forever if they used the cheater way. Like Le Man brothers, Olympus or like SZ000799 listed at china. Kodak is a good company because it has registered so many trade mark of its product to improved people life. So that although its business gone but finally the trade mark help them to steady back the market status....

So, as an ordinary investors we also hope that Facebook or Apple using Kodak way to approach it business. Some how you trying to earn money for future use. Why not you think about you current status, that is more realistic in your life.

Long term is good but you may enjoy it. So the excuse of saving the wealth also is we are wanted to create a good life for kids or someone you love. Is it so call can help you to ignore someone benefit and then help you be a billionaire. I really do not know and understand about that. 

In the Malaysia shares market seem like this year already hit 1500 and 1600. So, what is the next move? Are you hoping it can 1700 or maybe plan 5 years after is 1900 or 2000....... In the world, everything can happen subject to how long you can live in the world.  That is a bad answer.....

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Income Tax

Now, every one do not worry about the distribution of 500 & 250 from government. Because the officer said they won't use such data to take action, they will forward such things to police.  So, population of Malaysia enjoy another benefit again....

In order to support the good news, share market already stood firm at 1650 above. Further more such distribution can give more support of the demand of shares. Other than this, some still got some bonus to buy more shares.

So, newspaper and media nothing more can claim government not good as well as everybody just waiting the money to spend off. Not much time to worry this and that. IRB staffs/worker carried more task because on the same time of waiting money & bonus. They also need to prepare more documents to analysis but this activities is make everybody happy. So, they also joyful together.

If you tell IRB, surrounding you got so many non tax file people but very rich. They only said, please provide information on that. They will investigate on that. But referring the history record they only noted 300 above people not open the tax file.

Like inflation rate always keep at low percentage and criminal offence always improve. But the actual facts, you neighbour always said someone get robbery or you teh tarik just increase 20 cents a cup.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You can do a lot of things

Recently, a lot of cases happen within one week. That is definitely not terrorist attack? I do believe that will not happen in these country. Why it could be happen? Of course that will not bring any impact to shares market. But I believe help Inland Revenue collect more tax from that. Why our country can build up a rich man? Is it support by free interest loan from bank? Is it parent very rich and award someone so many assets as a gift.

Officer in IRB if apply some rule and regulation to investigate on that. That may found some fact to prove and maybe can use it to guide our population refer it to generate more income. That's indirect help money circulation fast and make economic grown up. Shares price more attractive and turnover increase because of business activities active.

If one day, a company declared one quarter hit 100 million profit before tax and said that free of tax. I do believe officer also interested to understand more details on that. How come a person can carry few luxury cars and spend money like water can easily avoid the tax. Why got such imbalance issue happen in world?????

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Ho Hup failed be a giant of construction. SP Setia worry other developer ahead them.LeeMan Brothers became bankruptcy, they success or fail because of change. Every company require a change. Changing is mean firm (no change) because every corporation may face the cost of sale increased and % of profit margin maintain as previous. That's mean the profit will drop substantially. If a corporation maintain the same staffs, it require to provide better benefit to them but normally those staffs only can delivery the same quality of works/production.

So, change means the value of staffs has been explored with quality. Change means help company maintain the better services to customers. If give a dollar to staff and the jobs quality maintain as 10 years ago. So, one day the corporation business slowly obsolete and then disappear.

A lot of business man think better dun change because of fears of loss business and hopefully the business maintain. So, normally fear of expanding with extra cost. Their dream with the pass history. It was created a bad signal to future because today business environment rapid changes by every second. Hence, the corporate head think not changing is a better way of maintain business, but actually this thinking is wrong. One day they may found every dollar earn from business require double cost/effort than previous. One day they may found turnover increase but profit worst than previous. 

Corporation head should aware, that is hardly looking a manpower to maintain the existing business as before. So, they require to pay double of salary to recruit a staff but finally found that also can't help company registered profit as previous. They are not understand without changing actually loss step in the market.

So, change means no changing. Change means better survive skill and standing firm facing the impact. When you need to think your business have to maintain as previous, that is a signal of change. So, hurry up evaluate your business now and then plan a change for surviving.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sovereign Debt

Now days, all media mentioned about 12 Sept,2012. It was seem like end of the world topic. All taking about the sovereign debt in euro countries continues burn. So, the wall street planning ahead before, they sold all US dollar and Euro in the market and forecast the QE3 as well as Euro center bank will buy in Euro bond from market.

They have over committed on such and then planning a good show in the market and make it happen. They also provide a lot of financial data to support the issues. The Federal Reserve also hint it before they going to push QE3 in the market.

They make it economic in the market face difficulties but on the hand, they also claimed that Apple is a company which is can't be replace. So, such a bullshit way of treatment of imbalance of economic situation make ordinary people confuse. They start worries about the day, they can't happy because of overburden on loan. 

Similar like every morning, every one spend some money to purchase a motor car and then make it jammed it on the road. So, every one holding a big car loan and do nothing on the road for few minutes to few hours. That's a sickness make every one not healthy in their life. Further more the hard earn money is cheating by all tycoon and those professional who stay in financial center by way of inflation plus investment theory.

Actually, that's a pool game. Nothing more tactic about that. Just see who can get a Joker in hand and then win the game in advance. The winner is only one and maybe sharing a little bit by few winner and funds support by loser.

Wall Street create a dream and then extend it to become ' American Dream". So, you still can see Chelsea' boss purchase a luxury thing to enjoy although that is many many time crisis had been happen in the world. Asia tycoon who is staying in Malaysia, use listed or de-listed way to manipulated the assets in hand and sell cheap things into market to collect more wealth for his pocket.

SC happy because of more jobs to do and bursa welcome such activities because make it more business. Why not? Malaysia dun have dreams like USA but can create a big funds for people. so, every one get corn and driving a same direction and then enjoy jammed again on the road.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Shanghai Index

Now, shanghai index hit this year low again, stood at 2064.50 point. As at today, it was lose total 6.13% when compared with year ended 2011. The move show all negative because of  6 days drop 4 days up. It make you confused. Most of drop points registered higher than up gain points.

The negative showed you are hardly run away because it slowly make you drop into trap. If the index fluctuation frequent. You are easy to know where is the support. But now it was started eat your skin and then when you are noted you has been loss bones.

Let us imagine, if one day shanghai index loss 300 points with 3 days. Is it the world market swinging? What is the main factor cause it drop so much? So, if you do not aware that and lack of information. That is a signal of kick off market up trend.

Friday, August 24, 2012


A man name 牛郎 loving 织女. Traditional story told us they only can meet once in the year. Now, both of them become very fat. So, yesterday night when they climbed the bird bridge cause the collapse. Both drop into river and called 911 rescue. Actually, now days two of them very happy because of popular of internet and facebook. They always can meet in day time. No need wait so long to meet once in the year. 

Yesterday, 织女 surfing from internet looking for slim body company to reduce her weight but that is too late. She was finally drop into water because of too heavy. A slim body company asked her to sign a contract be their spokesperson and offer her high remuneration per annum.

A dream with a culture make ordinary people spend money to buy product. An idea perfectly with product make everybody happy and joy. So, is it our shares market got such company and then base on creative to win the market sharing.

Nestle got nescafe, power root got alicafe. Old town got old town white coffee. I dun have such product to sell and then I should looking a brand to invest.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A House or Property?

Everyday read news found most of the article mentioned a developer going to launch a billion project or some place the value already increase about 25%. You hardly find a news saying that some location has been ignore.

Every one can stay at Dubai or London or maybe your country city center. So, riches man grab more assets because they have money to buy in advance and then follow by news reporter highly recommend such location.

Like a shares, everyday you open a paper can see some news about special issue. Like, how many people buy gold, how many people invest FB from IPO. Thus continue push you aim it and jealous. You life become not peaceful and steady.

A house for you to rest or invest? A house for you to accumulated wealth? A house for you to gather you friends and relative.When it was started make you crazy have many many houses in hand? So, a property counter make you happy because when you buy a share you may own many many house. Is it this a investment theory? or just make you dream you have many many properties in hand?

China crazy about the luxury thingy and so make a multi project in one time. Does it work for helping economic better? The closing up policy still is a big issue, it stop someone transfer a lot of money out from country but the government servant can use some power to do that. So, finally a lot of high level people rich in oversea but poor with steady in china. So, his son or daughter very rich but parent very poor.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

China's Shanghai Composite Index Alert

In the last day of July, China Shanghai Composite index hit the 52 weeks low and recorded at 2100.25 That is a bad signal.
All this time, the above said index standing at 2300 above. That is a check point for me to refer. So, if it was broke the support line. What is it never level of support? Normally, if the index broke support that have more than 20% to 30% adjustment. Would it be happen on Shanghai index?
Actually, I do believe that will happen. So, the second issue is that will affect world share market? Maybe this is a good time for investors to think over whether should keep stock or selling in hand stock.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Is it needed Monopoly?

Why monopoly is not good? Government always claim that we should control some resources to ensure the supply is enough. But such mind set has been bring some one can indirect control the government to adopt a good policy.
Like Wall street Financial people created a giant bond to threat government. So, the liabilities be population burden. So a lot excuse to rescue and then make a lot of unfair policy for them continue the monopoly.
In the Asean countries, we can see Power, water supply, wheat, sugar and oil control by few big tycoon. So, if the government lose the election, then this become a threat to all. Recently we could see a joke happen in State of Selangor, Malaysia. A full water cannot supply to user. Why this can happen?
The monopoly system stop good people can adopt a good system for population. So, state government should use in hand resources to take over the company. As a population, I think no one will blame the government use more than normal price to buy the shares from open market. It does not care your are from which politic parties. Every one in the state will benefit on that, at least stop some one earn higher salary and do nothing. 
Of course, such buying stake activities should follow by some ideal system, like all population staying in the state should own some controlling stake to ensure that, which is no one monopoly. State government should pass over such shares to all population by way of equal. No one is more than 5%. Maybe should consider, in the water bill charge another RM1 per month as share buying. maximum up to 1,000. Who do not paying bill can buying at 1 per month per share from government, maximum also 1,000.
If the system is work, then should apply to other type of resources. Then, the sharing resources become fair and discourage some business earn the extra from national. So, the minority riches cannot use our funds to expand the business, buy so many assets in the oversea for planning their own family migration.
We can see a group of company, from guarantee of supply electric to Tenaga already accumulated the cash in hand more than 12 billion. Then they are not shameful tell reporter they are very smart to do business in Malaysia. Not only one, that is few of them.
So, are you think the monopoly is necessary?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is it a qualify auditor?

How to read annual report? A lot of professional said read annual report help you select a good stock. You can find a company holding a lot of cash in hand or maybe find them whether is over borrowings. So, every one become a qualify auditor.
In my stupid opinion, how to value a company must refer the business whether is monopoly or selling the sole idea for people life. If someone create such a company, the value at least 50 time of P/E because that will not ahead by anyone. Furthermore I also must determine whether the business gain any pioneer status because that is not easy to step in by any new competitor. Normally, the company also can be valued higher and gain finance institution lend money to support the business. If the said business easily build up by cash, that this business become valueless. Like development of houses business, that is easy build up by cash. So, the offer price cannot set higher in the IPO. Banker also not easy finance big amount for the project.

Currently a lot of company management like to join in to bond market to call up additional funds for business and they also like to issue Islamic bonds to call up the working capital. How many people can tell me that KLSE's listed company already issued how many trillion of Islamic bonds? How many can sustain the repayment by such borrowing? Is it Central bank has been set a rules and regulation to control it? Is it auditors can summary the details and compile it as data base for reference. Such warning note should be highlighted into report. Not like someone said so, only read the report figure and comment something in the newspaper with no sense.
So, to be qualify as auditor not only must know the annual report. He/she also must well know the necessary or unnecessary thingy in the business. Not only claim someone borrow money, he also must know the repayment ability as well as the business in the company whether can last long or sustain.

Friday, July 20, 2012

How to be a good investors?

Some people thought read the company annual report, attend the AGM. It can be a good investors. If your are one of them, I could said that you are waiting the fruits drop from a tree, like a farmer employed few foreign worker to plant for you. You are just sitting there and do nothing people.

In my mind, shareholders or investors should be well know every business transaction in the company. He/she should be able inform the directors about their view on every project in the AGM. Of course such activities would be not encourage by management because they wanna to end the meeting in time.

So, as a management level should encourage putting a suggestion box in the meeting for future reference. It should a guidance to improve quality of investors in the company. The door gift for investors should awarded to such a good and quality investors.

Sometime the management will say, that is not necessary because our management people all capable than investors. That is a selfish thinking of them. The value or quality of investors upgraded actually is indirectly help company improve the company image. Rather than now most of the investors just aiming for gift given during the meeting time.

That is easily allow management allocate more funds of the company for self benefit and allow company facing the high risk on every investment. Simple like buy a luxury car cost about 800k per unit for director's used. In the AGM, the door gift maybe just cost about RM100k only. So, which one is more important? 

The quality investors bring healthy of culture to the company. Not only the company the benefit as well as the employee/staff also can proud of it. So, if you are the investors, Do you still care about voucher of 50 butt or company can registered as top 100 in the world. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012




Why Cyber limit down? Why AT up? Why Mtronic down? Is it a person manipulated the price? Is it so called investment risk? Is it no better way as investors? Is it you have mislead by media? Is it government really useless to set up a proper system?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big deal or small deal?

In order to ensure every transaction into proper manner. We should aware third party opinions is important. So, the criticise by anyone it can be solved easily. No one is happy when certain deal drop by a mouth.

A tycoon now manipulated some deal in the market. It seem like use public money to control a company. All fellow who follow his stocks get struck. So, how to defensive your hard earn money drop into their hand.

Actually when you are involved into his game which was controlled by him. You should aware that is a loss game. Not even a cent you can take away from that. 

A big deal like Talam restructuring case like into trouble because of politic. A simple deal like this already observing by SC, Bursa, FIC and shareholders as well as bankers. From that if any deal scan through by such authority department also can drop because of someone said fishies. So what we can trust?     

I do not who is the big beneficiaries? But obviously is banker( those listed company also). Because all money go to them to settled the outstanding loans. Who is controlled the bank???? Is it KWSP & LTAT. KWAP, Tabung Haji or Khazanah Holdings all involved into that?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

兰花 Vs 木兰花



当冬天里"木兰花"开时,那冰冷的风, 白雪纷飞,那时很想问一问, 那时的妳,究竟在何方?

Sunday, July 8, 2012


入梦-------曾经可以入梦, 为何今夜难眠. 难解,难解. 期待下次的偶遇。不知道几时,不期求未来,只云现在。那桃花盛开时,或是向日葵朝阳时,这都令人忘怀。伊人何在, 芳踪隐然。心离身,痛悲惨。

Friday, July 6, 2012

Why should said that?

A politic talking a listed company in front of media. From his comments, we could noted actually he is lack of knowledge of corporate exercise. Very simple is if some one owe your some money, now he is trying to exchange his property with you at market value of 10% premium or discount. So, the price of purchase higher than loan amount, definitely we should pay the balance of the purchase price. That will bring 3 advantages :-

a) The loan has been settled
b) The property not use by loan borrower for other purposes.
c) Stop others creditors applied the court injunction on the piece of properties.

The settlement between the owner and lender. If this deal done by private company maybe we can say a lot of issues has been covered. For the listed company, I do believed and trusted the deal has been obtained approval from authority. the politician forgotten, most of the authority department is under their party. So, if he claimed such deal was wrong, he should bring back to his party and government to query them. That's also mean the authority never carry their duty in the proper manner. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

2 pigs on the road

Italy and Spain gain into Euro Championship football final. Do they can help the economic in their countries? In the past, a sport game actually never help a country economic improve and those game is controlling by strong country. Now, every sport game attached with commercial issue. Then, the chances of helping economic better is impossible.

The stability of market support by trading business stocks. Today is BAT, last week was Nestle. The trend of the market move around 10 points. So, what is the next move?

Entire world of the circulation of monetary and illegal funds take this chance to laundry the money be legal. So, helping direct and indirect way to improve a country be better. Nevertheless, after that the funds circulation out also is a impact to specific country. Like Greece, after organisation of Olympic games. Now, they need a lot of bailout. Country very poor, the rich man run away. 

So, the above situation is a good experience to developing countries. We can not build up some riches man by way of awarded the contract with zero risk support. We can not inject some money for specific society. 

Planning a long term austerity should attach with health and stability. The bursa stocks become a die pool for certain group of people and so encourage someone collect money and then run away. It was created a image encourage packing rubbish to sell into market. No one is happy except the seller. 

The listing and di-listing a company too frequent happen in the market bring unhealthy of stability. Today, sell at 1.00 tomorrow said is undervalue. The justification like a joke and funny. The quality of judgement must be very firm to value a company.     

Thursday, June 28, 2012

why now?

With the good prospect gain the good future life. If you has been passed away more than 20 years. Now only can received your identical card, how you feel???? " 首相纳吉今天宣布,政府正式承认拉曼学院超过70个文凭与高级文凭,作为送给拉曼学院的一项“好消息”。他承认之前因“技术问题”............" Suddenly, passed out such information to market. Those Human Resources Department in Private sector panic on this morning. They must quickly checking back all resume of the employees to double confirm who is qualify.Why can qualify to build the university for further study. That's a big shock...... Those people has been qualify be a professional now noted that medium education course is illegal. How they are feel.....????

Now, we have to identify which things is real & what's thing is wrong. Build a highway suddenly received an annoucement say now only qualify to use. If one day your are noted a public listed company have such issue for listing..... Who will pay you compesation?

Furthermore, Is it the dividend and bonus have been received must return?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Why I do not have?

Recently, Malaysia Government paid out a lot of money to people. Why I can't qualify? I am a tax payable, every year compulsory contributed few thousand to country. I do not have car and house, nor have any saving because my earning must share by 6 family members. Those austerity not even benefit me at all. Is it the tax system problem?

The 500 pay out you can see those people owned few shop lots also entitled, but they are not a tax payable. The tyre for taxi driver who is the beneficial, is Continental and Goodyear and those who have multi license companies. Why tax payable should bear such unreasonable distribution.

Government would said, because you are good enough to enjoy the high paid in your employment. But refer back my student time, I was ignore by education. I was started from ground and never enjoy any support from government.

I could not benefit any free text book nor any fees exempted because they said my parent earn from ground hawker. In my childhood time, I also must worked as construction worker during school holiday because that is my fees for next new semester.

I went to applied job from government but no one wanna to sign my form as reference. So finally I was disqualified. But now, I had sat a high post from my own effort but government still treat me like foreigner by way of high tax.

I can't study further and stopped school at form 5. Who will pretty me? I do believe during 1960an, a lot of people suffer on such a situation. But now, the big contributor to KWSP and Tax is this group of people. Why government need to ignore us?????

So, fairness is important than privilege. Who is entitle? Who is disqualify? Who is fully enjoy the resources? Government should aware.

From the unfair system, you can see now local tycoon had slowly transfer out some resources to enjoy the luxury life. The beautiful excuse is expanding the business. Who know the behind story?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why wanna to invest out of country?

Few big companies enjoy privilege granted by government. So they wanna use such fund to expand their business. They are trying hard to diversified the risk but the main reason is created a giant liabilities to social. So that they are not so worry the politic affected their wealth. Do you mind such deal?

Actually if you are refuse it but you also can't do anything about that. So, please do not hope government help you to do so? Such a deal should impose certain condition. Like if the extra gain from previous price more than certain percent, it should tax it accordingly. If they can private it and later on list again, the next public listing should pay some levy tax on that.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Invest?

Investment consist of multi theory inside. How to use such theory? First at all, that all attached with risk. Why got risk? Because that is due to timing. Right time buying and right time sell. Right time select the business category and right time invest into it. Right time manage plus right time arrange. Right time production with right time market.

So, the right timing reduce your risk of loss. Some products need spend time to allow people absorb it. The longer time spend bring such product more value. Change because time require and efficiency bring cost reduce. High cost because of delay. High production because of less burden of cost. So, how to invest bring how to manage. Manage your time and not allow someone mislead you on the wrong way. Like our investment on retirement funds, the local news show positive news at front page. The risk of investment hidden behind. Lend 420 million to buy a cost f property value about 370 million. Why? Wrong direction bring wrong timing.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Fears to extend the time of retirement because of already planning about 56 years old pass away. So that can withdraw all retirement funds and spent all out in the one year time. Not easy to achieve it and hope can do so.

Loss confident because the trading transaction about the local retirement funds too aggressive during this period of time. Bought some property but loan amount higher than value of property. Some how also worry the staffs enjoy most of the benefit from that although the contribution of effort is not there. Wondering they never public out the advertisement but the staffs keep on increase time to time. 

Recently we had saw a good show for tender a number. Maybe the next good show will out from there. The 12 billion dollar from local worker contributed and the out flow about 6.2 billion. One day the net flow be turn into negative because when 60an born population start retire. So, one way to turn it and maintain it only can apply a tactic like these " extend the retirement age"

From that a group of business man voice out, that is impossible and can't acceptable. The data shown we should not employed any foreign staff. Refer back to previous, is a same group of people voice out, the policy of foreign worker is bad and ask government help to employ some foreign workers. What is the funny show of them???? Be a good man, or wanna be a bad man.

For me, definitely I am dreaming to strike a 4d number. So, I can retire now. The foolish of banker now outsources the credit control to third party. The third party use such information to threat people and enter to any one account to check their balance in the bank. The smarter one also go to DIGI and EPF buy information of people and use it. I do not know what happen and when was it start such things can trade like that. They named it that they are carrying a super attendance job assigned by bank. They also have own multi purpose excess pass and legalise it so simple.

The bad things left behind and accumulated day by day. I do not know when it can become as a Bomb. Such explosion will kill the stability of market. The extension will be unlimited and destroy the roof of the country. So, as a good Parliament member should something to prevent it happen.




I do not have big ambition because any extra demand become luxury. So, i just hope can live until 55 years old and then withdrawn all retire money, follow by 56 years old can pass away. That is my little wish in my life.

Too long life become a burden because need to work for daily living cost. In my history, since i was twelve years old, I had started working. That's tired life. So, now a days i have try hard to share my experiences to my subordinate. Hope that in the short life of me can pass over something for new generation and wish them can survive better than me.

Actually I am fear enough while one day I am sleeping on the bed and then people force me sign some documents for transferring my little money to them before I am pass away. Of course that is too much of demand and wish of me on that and hope that this things would not happen in my life.

In the world that is nothing 100% can ensure that your wish will come true. But at least that is a dream. I am very worry when I was only 60 years old only can spend my money. Actually I am not confident on our local retired funds can good manage our money.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Not stupid because you have buy an unique number for your car. Not stupid because you are well know 2,700 people loss job because of Olympus bankrupt. So, why need to spend so much time published the number plate have been earn about 10 million, why wanna to spend time to explain. Because initially they thought the game rule control by them. Actually that is not.....

This way of tender should not encourage anymore. Every one will own a number when he is die. Nothing to worry about it. Definitely you have one number for you. If such number can trade it. So, one day I also wanna to sell my Identical number or maybe a new born kid need to tender a new number.

So, rich people just said he can paid about 23,000 to buy a number. So one day if you carry a number with 15, he will tell you:- do not take away my grandpa number. I wanna to keep it and i have got such right to own it because I am minister.

Now, do not wait, Just check it out whether you IC number got 15 or not. Maybe someone wanna to call you grandpa........... Is it stupid?

Monday I should search stock code with 15 or not, Maybe It can limit up............. Not stupid but fool only>>>>>>>>>

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is it good return?

Today all Malaysia local media reported country retirement funds achieved better result, it was about 7.7 billion. So that the high range officer come out to show off. But reading details of report, you could see an investment at London cost 350 million pound sterling but need to borrow about 490 million pound sterling. Why so funny? I thought normally we should pay some down payment on such purchase and then the loan amount normally lower than cost of purchase. So the difference of 140 million pound sterling use for what purpose?

That is so funny Malaysia retirement every month can registered net cash flow. Why we need to borrow? Is it the loan interest lower than our investment yield? Look at the results, maybe but not necessary. If the 7.7 billion can maintain at every quarter and they have about 170 billion funds in hand. That is about 18% return. Very good!!!!

Wondering is 18% return the contributor only can received about 6% interest. That is impossible. Where is the difference. Maybe use it to cover unnecessary loan, because the money has been misused. Just like London Investment. Maybe but not of course.

Sometime, they should think some other excuse before call for media conference. Otherwise, those unnecessary investment become a big mistake and let people loss confident on them.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A new number plate

A new economic theory said, if you wanna to well know by people or famous among your society. You must do something extra ordinary way. So, a paint can sell 100 million and a number can expensive than a house. Like we buy stock all by number code. Something unique cause you rich. Something old tale with the thing also more valuable.

Some people be a cartoon in youtube because they wanna show themselve unique.An advertisement spread over your life time with every second. Then, Google can earn more than it expect. A dictionary now can create million million dollar because they name it as search machine.

An economic must attached with a dream. An economic must support by people's likes and needs. So, in our share market, which stocks shown such behaviour. Is it Digi? No because they sell all people info to someone, the ethic is not there. Is it Tenaga? No, because it carry a social burden.

A new era with new economic soon out because traditional way of trading and business strategy all gone by crisis. If it refuse to change, the crisis is continue.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


RHB Cap offer take over bid to OSK Investment Bank from OSK Holdings Sdn Bhd. It could be a good offer because most of staffs indirectly service under KWSP. The KWSP offer a very good pay to his staffs. Every year 3 to 6 months bonus with 19% contribution of every month. Enjoying the General Hospital free service until you died. 

Imagine a corporation confirmed that all population in the country every month must contribute a certain sum to them. The sum registered as turnover and then tell public the employee very hard working should enjoy more profit than others. Is that fair?

I should said that is fair if they willing to show details to all contributor. If they only deliver the total sum of investment and total sum of yield. We really do not know whether the funds have been misuse it by someone.

The big corporation employee can manipulate the figure by way of use a good return business cover off the written off loss because they always can try luck to test it due to future funds non stop deliver to them. So that if one of the lucky investment can contribute more than 20% return, then can use it to written off few loss cases in hand. So that the final results still can given 5% yield for sharing. Is it that is expert?

Another way is the loss can be delay until one day the profit deliver. If the profit can't deliver, then the losses forever is cover. We only hope the bad results not declare in your life time, otherwise your retirement plan will gone.

At here, I wanna to say who ever is EPF staff should be awarded by difference format. Like, how many cases successful recover from bad employer. the certain percentage should be awarded to them, because in the first place, employee has been loss such money. 

I am always believe if we want our country be strong in future.  We should base on productivity to awarding to right person. It should not base on sharing concept. I am also believe if you are not good in this skill area, you should have another good skill in another area. Priority you should hard working and do not sit there to wait you luck come.

So, you can see now days my blog content has been changed a lot, because I do not wanna to carry gods' duty at here. Guess this stock price up or guess such stock price down. So, after reading my post here, you should able to know the stocks price should up or down.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just a simple thought

Think how to earn extra income for life, that is not so simple. Think how to purchase a stock got 3 times of limit up, that is not simple. Think like other people keep a stock then can earn million dollars after retire, that is not so simple. A thought so simple but easy to achieve, so the news in the media always misleading.

The information world build up in this century hardly to identify which is right which is wrong. So, a lot of artificial matter confuse you and me. Is that so simple to clarify it ?

Hard, so hard and too hard..............

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why you wanna go away?

A couple need his partner giving a support in his life. Now, the other one wanna to go away because she refuse to work to settle her debts. She wanna her husband pay everything for her. His husband trying print some new note and restructure her loan but set a condition to her. She refuse that and threaten wanna to leaving. The results can be very bad. A family will spoilt and such issue will spread over to others. Because the restructuring scheme had involved so many relative.

Now, her husband just ask Why you wanna leaving? She answer is simple. I wanna to keep my life in enjoy mood. Who care about others? As long I am human being, everyone should support me. This is democratic and government should do something about that

A person who have enjoy so many year, hardly to ask them come back to work. Government should think about a way. Who ever hard working in their life should get more benefit than others? Like who has pay taxation should enjoy better scheme of medical services.

Those work in their whole life and enjoy the lower scheme salary also entitle such benefit. Who ever work less than 30 years in their life should pay some fees to enjoy the facilities. This is fair to everyone.

Like some of my friends, They are hard working but never ever use the air port. Why should they contribute such to others? Why can't government looking at such issue to rectify more tax on those people? So, the big air port benefit to part of riches man only or maybe for politician and high range government servant. Some others own few shop lot in hand but they are never pay a single tax to government. Why Like that?

In the unbalance policy, people will demand more and more from government. I do believe if tax department set a counter at airport, the taxation revenue will double from now. Why they never do that? We encourage people relax but should not allow some people enjoy privilege like that. So, if the taxation effectively, the balance of resources become fair but in the first place it should imposed on all government servant as well as politician first to set it as precedent and example..

Friday, May 18, 2012


Yesterday at here, I was tell your are the signal cannot be trusted. Because when the issues/problems can be easily solve. That is not a problem. Over a night, if some one can solve the 10 years problem. I think he is super or wonder. The rebound show someone like to challenge the trend. The positive means someone do not aware what is happening in the market.

Signal was given to someone understand the issue. The smart people always claims by super hero say we are the speculator. That's why they always use down trend is a good opportunity signal to buy in and keep it forever. So that I am always said this type of people always have long life. They are lucky enough see the shares coming back in the future. They also can create a story tell you they buy in because of fundamental and that's value buy. But 95% of them has been pass away because the future price can't arise during they are alive. So that, you are always confused because only 5% can harvest the return and shown to you, they are good in investment.

I have predict or maybe I am not long life enough. So, I am always choose easy in easy out way. The market trend down I leave it and follow the up trend only. I do want to collect during the bad times, because I am really pity those people had loss their hard earn money. Of course I am not pity rich man at all. Because they loss 100 million like drop 10 cents.

Signal told everyone in the market, please do not collect during the bad time unless you have specific equipment to monitor the price up or down. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Shares market sometime could give you a wrong signal. Like last 2 days it was drop about 50 points and follow by next day it can up 12 points. Is it this signal told you yesterday you are sold at wrong time? How to justify right or wrong signal? Really confuse.

Some people may tell you, market drop give you a good chance to pick good shares. They further provide so many data about that good company and also provide you an analysis report about their future. It should not disappointed while market turn back.

Recently, I had read a report and found that the trade debtors more than 120 days registered big outstanding amount. On the same time their P & L, balance sheet all show steady. Is it a good company? Is it a good signal to buy in? I have no comment about that but I wanna to said, a good accounting people can table a very good report for you to analysis but actually the business is not that good.

Another company report also show everything positive but the investment does not really related to the turnover and profit. Because the main support is Human Resources. If one day the company can't recruit a group of talent people or existing manpower loss efficiency. The company may turn into negative. So, what kind of signal or data you should follow before you are decided to buy a shares.

Simple calculation like Warrant Buffet, choose a company monopoly the business. maybe you can gain some advantages. or maybe back to the future be a founder of google or apple. So that your return definite better than Warrant Buffet.

So, stupid and waste money investors always said drop 2 days is my chance to buy in. Smart people will spend the money for his own and help economic come back soon.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Information Technology

I do not really understand what is information technology. Is it talking about hardware or maybe is software? Maybe is I Phone or talking about data collection. So, in doubt on calculation and also in doubt on computing. So many question in my mind, How to be a good investor on IT stocks. The basic return like sell figure registered higher or production 100% only can help me know little bit on that.

In view of the above, I have recall my memory. A senior told me, a sky got a star. an earth is a human. Anything they link each other.

Do Not know , really do not know.......................

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Come????

Yesterday I had attended a meeting, found that most of the members dare to question someone. Is it I should afraid the such bad situation? The meeting more concern about IT product. Actually that is quite difficult because its concern some many technical issue and yet no one can solve it. The situation so bad because no one could give the proper direction how to solve the bad situation. Indeed, in the market also hard to locate a proper right people to meet such requirement. Like example: -

a) Copy write problem
b) Smoothy of the system
c) Bug of the computer
d) have to keep confidential

The above problem only are part of it. So, I am wondering why ACE market stocks or their company how to perform. On the fact, I noted that maybe they got specific skill on specific things. So they can list for public trading. But it shouldn't have any funds manager interested on that to buy in their stock.Last 3 months, most of them flying (Price up). Now, there go back to normal. Actually, I am a speculator type of investors. Such move I like it but how come i have never involved the party??????   

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bad Or Good

Bad thing is tomorrow you are married but now you do not know where is she? Some more you friend tell me your girl friend now with a guy. So bad such thing happen on you. Good thing is now you are with your ex girl friend and she wanna to married tomorrow. She at here because she can't forget you. A difference situation happen on the same time. Just like we are always choose a wrong stock to buy. Some other fly like rocket and I bought that one keep on registered history low.

What is going wrong?????

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Every company has its own goodwill. But sometime the changes of shareholders as well as the management make it some difference. In the past few years, SP Setia and Gamuda was your and me first choice to select as investment. Those day like it but have to change because recently you can see most of project launched by them is big. Hard selling the stocks become their burden.

To maintain the previous results bring them suffer. So big project deliver some bad things hidden behind. Is it the loan interest too heavy? Is it the quality  of man power maintain? Is it the marketing strategy need to improve? Is it they can't launching the small project with high profit. Is it the land buy in at high cost?

The above question bring me in doubt. So, I am not going to hold the stocks as Investment.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why to be?

An ordinary people always think to earn some extra money to against the inflation. So, the investment bank and Insurance agency created number of options to guide them. But eventually most of the investors become contributor to big company with zero cost for them to expand their business or maybe create few person become riches in the world.

So, actually they only applied an easy way to accumulated the funds and try hard to polishing the logo or trademark of the company. Finally, their name be registered into Forbes magazine. How to be? They tell reporter I have create a miracle and the group of companies already employ more than 20 thousand people as employee. I do so much of charity and have form a charity foundation for future. I be a chairman into the foundation and many people will benefit from that.

On the other hand stockname actually a poor man. Why said so? But I can said I contributed more than riches man because every month my salary only can keep until the last day of the month and those money has been spend out into market.So, my saving is negative. I have not do any charity but at least I won't keep any cent in my account. I have let my hard earn being circular into market again. I think this is a best way to share resources with everyone in the world. Rather than like riches man always claim they can donate 100 million as charity but on the other hand saving 10 billion into bank. Some more they also inform public he had donated so much and much in the past 10 years. But never tell you true actually his saving is about 100 times from the amount of donation. They create a foundation actually planning to escape the taxation. In their mind, they are not sincere to do any contribution to any charity because "they said I am smarter than ordinary people, Why should I  contribute any cents to society?" So, if your are rich Why wanna to be like that? Why you can't share the benefit with all of yours employee. Why should beauty it on such dirty way?

Monday, April 30, 2012

How to be?

Last 2 days ago, I had read an article talk about Investment vs Speculating. The article said that most of the investments are speculating because this game not control by ordinary people. He was gave a very good example, a developer sell a 1st phase of house always claimed that fully sold and use such excuse to increase price for launching the 2nd phase house. So, the price become not consistence then make a purchaser need spend unnecessary time to wait for the price up go back to ordinary level. Is that a fair game for investors? Such activities indirectly bring investors become as speculator.
Nevertheless some people still said I can hold until the price rise up but during such waiting period investors just can wait and then the return is zero. So, how to said this is a investment. The basic return for annual is negative and no steady income to against the inflation.

So, the article writer very smart. He is fully understand the theory of investment., I have to said I must respect him.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Culture

Century ago, a kingdom system as culture was popular. No one challenge it although that was outrageous. Most of the people were killed because a word from a King. During that time, every human classified themselves as maid to serve the only one, they named it as “KING”. That was a culture in the decade ago, no one dare to against it & compulsory everyone must obey any instruction from King. The KING some of the request or words normally not rationality and such demands always unreasonable.  So, just ask a question at here, do you agree to follow such culture?
With the improvement of civilization society, the kingdom culture was destroyed. The intelligent people applying enlightened, freedom & independent thinking replace it. There is no more compulsory must obey to follow. In year 1789, French’s revolution crisis & in year 1966, China culture revolution crisis guidance us a good experience. Finally we can see the population at above 2 countries had rejected obsolete culture.
The above two incident or cases tell us, follow is not an only way of doing thing because it means refuse new idea or not accept the new technology for self improvement. Normally, follow attitude slowly become as "obey culture" and then create a group of people hardly to say No to any bad things. If such culture continues, one day we all of us like sitting into broken boat and then drop together into the sea. So, I must tell everyone at here, we should have gut to say no to the bad company culture and do not obey or only follow the company culture. On the same time, if you have better idea to remove reluctant culture, please table it for discussion.
Nevertheless, we should have respect the old culture because during the period, it was helpful and needed. Normally, such culture has been turned it as sport or put it into museum for remembering.  Like ancient people take horse as transport and ride horse as travelling. Now such activities become as hobby or as a sport game. That is not a bad culture but just not suitable for current society. Hence, execute a culture or keep the culture also needed to consider the right timing and the right place.
Therefore, there are no advantages or disadvantages of company culture. It is only have a doubt on the meaning of follow. The main question are “ How to follow”, “What to follow” & “Why is it need to follow”. A good staff normally has accountability attitude to carry his/her duty. So that he/she normally understand or identify the existing company culture is it suitable for current market requirement. On the other hand, he/she also aware that changing is because of better, change because of surviving. Wiser people refuse to accept bad idea although that is existing company culture.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Is it Going to happen?

Last 2 months ago, I had wrote an article talk about oil.Please refer to .http://liqua2534.blogspot.com/2011/12/oil-usd-250-oil-palm-rm5000.html . Now, president of USA also think to release the reserve to reduce the cost. I am quite worry about my prediction come true. Because that time most of the living cost shut up and bring me can't survive in normal life.
Today, another statement talking about someone have special M & A in hand to incorporate the company to use the loan granted by government. In my knowledge, if bank granted a loan to someone he should able to well know the facilities in proper use. If not, bank got right to pull back all the loan although the said company in the M&A stated he got the right to do so. So, the argument points are: -

1) Is it government well know the funds have been misused?
2) Is it the special investment is a main object of this company? If not are they reported IRB?
3) Is it the loan agreement has over right the object of the company?
4) Is it the representative of government agree the resolution about the purchase?
5) If the M&A always can over right the special funds granted for special business, Why government never noted? and so, Why government wanna to take such risk? and then Why the loan should granted to one family only? How about the 13 million people who has eligible to take such loan?

Those questions brought more doubt to me. Actually government just can withdrawn the funds immediately and so concentrate on Oil price. Rather than always need to make answering to others and so wasting time to monitor the stupid answer by one family.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why we need more money for circulation?

Yesterday, I had claimed some one enjoying the funds support by government. Also mentioned the circulation of economic affected. So how to improve the circulation?
I am try hard buy some stock to earn extra because the employment income is restricted. Some more, tax on my income and use it to support those enjoying the big funds for buying luxury car and condo. I feel bad and so desperate. Why I am treated like that? So, when I am hear some explanation from those who have benefit said they are not wrong. I was damp angry.
Because in the first place, I think I can manipulate the said funds better than them. Although I am not that good but I should at least help the money circular into share market. That will bring more benefit than those people said they are knowing to invest into house, land & Condo and luxury car. I do know why I can't even tell bank/finance institution to loan such amount if I use the same proposal like them. I think bank will tell me off and kick me out from the bank. 
If there is a good project, how come no other specialist into the company? How come a family all inside one company as employee?
Let us analysis and base on current share market sentiment, I should invest into shares to get higher return and most probably can acquire a company and so be a CEO of the company. Maybe that time I can employ more professional and pay them high income to help up our economic.
When certain resources has been blocked by someone and manipulated by one family. The circulation become low density. The lower activities create someone rich and not population riches. So, why we wanna to block it? Why we want fair and equal? That's a reason why we need more money in the society rather than only keeping into a family.
As a government, not only face crisis and then print money for circulation. They should able know they can base on necessary basic rectify certain unfair circulation and so that can help everyone in the country eligible enjoy the benefit and allow proper circulation to ensure everyone full stomach with hard working.. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Economic Circulation Effect

Currently, in the country, a fund of 250 million is a hot topic for discussion. Why? I do not know why because in my mind if government is fair and equal minded, they should implemented a good system to improve national resources to be fully utilized for every one in the country. Not only for few people.

Let us imagine, if 250 million can use it for people does it bring a better effect for nation economic. Is it can help country improve the monetary circulation? Does it fair to others whom have same status like few people ? Few people are enjoying the resources but they can't (That is about 13 million people who have same status like few of them in the country). Of course, those who not have such privilege should not claim unfair because maybe government can said that is special allocation to special one. Actually no one angry about the privilege status but it should be fair distribution to everyone of them.  Everyone will happy because the circulation of asset fair and it automatic or indirectly improve the economic. Not like the above said case become low density effect on circulation.Let us imagine, if one day I can lend such money and use it as fixed deposit to earn interest and after few weeks refund immediately. The effect is next month I can have more money to spend. And so, the people who receive the loan from my refund also can do so. I do believe the effect definite better than now..
We also can imagine if someone receive such loan use it for acquisition, at least can create more position of employment rather than few people only receive a high amount of salary.
Of course, the argument point is government could claimed that is long term project for improving lifestyle of population. What so ever long term or short term, the distribution already bring bad effect on that and 13 million people are wondering why can't government select me as investor. So, maybe they prefer 250 million equal distribution to all 13 million people, at least such can bring economic/monetary circulation faster with good effect.  

Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to know who is corrupted

We can invite officer to one of the develop city to carry on the investigation rather than sitting at office just dreaming. They easily find  numbers of youngest living luxury life style in the said country. Follow by the question who giving them such money to spend. Finally, not only can find some one been corrupted and so also can know who never paying the taxation. A lot of people said in the country we had so many rule and act to protect us. But you and me well know, how many really executed and effective.

If officer just well know checking the employee income and enforce the tax on them. Why can't they spending some time visit the shop lot. He can easily detect some one never paid a single tax but living in rich man style. The people under employment although short reporting or paying less than normal, but at least they have been fulfill as tax payable. So many high income people hidden behind and in their life time they never pay a single cent of tax. Is it fair to ordinary employee?

Government always claimed that the subsidy given not appreciated by population? Why? Because the big beneficiaries are those business man. Every kilo of sugar subsidy absorbed by government the difference goto business man. So, why we should appreciated the subsidy? Because they never help us at all.

The Government officer never applied such rule to control the misuse of subsidy. Their duty is distribution the subsidy and do not care about the subsidy go where. They duty is spending out the budgeted figure and so can relax at office. So PM always wondering why the subsidy does not effect and so can turn it as support by ordinary people.