Monday, September 28, 2009

Projected Wrong

Today, the adjustment had arrived KLSE. But there are 2 counters given some profit, 3A and Jadi. In the discussion, I had commented 3A going back to 80 and Jadi would closed better than 22. The final result shown I was wrong.

Why I have been made such comment? Because base on the volume done up to 3pm. The Jadi is better than 3A. There are same group of people monitor it. In the bad market, normally hold the lowest cost stocks easy than high cost counter. This is normal circumstances.

I am believe there are several reasons behind make my prediction wrong: -

a) Most of the 3A shares under control.
b) There are not very sure the major shareholder intention of Jadi.
c) The margin account not ready yet for Jadi.
d) No support/specific news to allow them created for Jadi.

By the way, just be careful trade on this 2 counters. Because the funds might pull back by bank if the market continue adjust down in the coming months.

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