Monday, November 2, 2009

Unusual trading in KLSE

This morning the KLCI down because of DJ Friday trend. This means market does not has anymore good incentive. But those penny stocks despite the negative trading of KLCI member and continue give more profit to trader.

After lityan release the PN4 and hit up about 120%. So, others bad companies also hope by investors can achieve the same trend of Lityan. They chase such stocks and finally pull up some speculating stocks move wild.
Time subsequently had registered the higher price than Timecom. It was reflected valuation on it has been chnaged. Notion tried again 54 cents and if this counter can close above 56 cents. My prediction of 70 cents on this counter soonest can achieve.
Another bad thing is DJ seems like continue registere lower at tonight. I hope it can sustain at this level, otherwise anytime we can see drop about 350 points in one of the trading day. So, on such day, people would name it again as "black".

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