Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You can do a lot of things

Recently, a lot of cases happen within one week. That is definitely not terrorist attack? I do believe that will not happen in these country. Why it could be happen? Of course that will not bring any impact to shares market. But I believe help Inland Revenue collect more tax from that. Why our country can build up a rich man? Is it support by free interest loan from bank? Is it parent very rich and award someone so many assets as a gift.

Officer in IRB if apply some rule and regulation to investigate on that. That may found some fact to prove and maybe can use it to guide our population refer it to generate more income. That's indirect help money circulation fast and make economic grown up. Shares price more attractive and turnover increase because of business activities active.

If one day, a company declared one quarter hit 100 million profit before tax and said that free of tax. I do believe officer also interested to understand more details on that. How come a person can carry few luxury cars and spend money like water can easily avoid the tax. Why got such imbalance issue happen in world?????

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Ho Hup failed be a giant of construction. SP Setia worry other developer ahead them.LeeMan Brothers became bankruptcy, they success or fail because of change. Every company require a change. Changing is mean firm (no change) because every corporation may face the cost of sale increased and % of profit margin maintain as previous. That's mean the profit will drop substantially. If a corporation maintain the same staffs, it require to provide better benefit to them but normally those staffs only can delivery the same quality of works/production.

So, change means the value of staffs has been explored with quality. Change means help company maintain the better services to customers. If give a dollar to staff and the jobs quality maintain as 10 years ago. So, one day the corporation business slowly obsolete and then disappear.

A lot of business man think better dun change because of fears of loss business and hopefully the business maintain. So, normally fear of expanding with extra cost. Their dream with the pass history. It was created a bad signal to future because today business environment rapid changes by every second. Hence, the corporate head think not changing is a better way of maintain business, but actually this thinking is wrong. One day they may found every dollar earn from business require double cost/effort than previous. One day they may found turnover increase but profit worst than previous. 

Corporation head should aware, that is hardly looking a manpower to maintain the existing business as before. So, they require to pay double of salary to recruit a staff but finally found that also can't help company registered profit as previous. They are not understand without changing actually loss step in the market.

So, change means no changing. Change means better survive skill and standing firm facing the impact. When you need to think your business have to maintain as previous, that is a signal of change. So, hurry up evaluate your business now and then plan a change for surviving.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sovereign Debt

Now days, all media mentioned about 12 Sept,2012. It was seem like end of the world topic. All taking about the sovereign debt in euro countries continues burn. So, the wall street planning ahead before, they sold all US dollar and Euro in the market and forecast the QE3 as well as Euro center bank will buy in Euro bond from market.

They have over committed on such and then planning a good show in the market and make it happen. They also provide a lot of financial data to support the issues. The Federal Reserve also hint it before they going to push QE3 in the market.

They make it economic in the market face difficulties but on the hand, they also claimed that Apple is a company which is can't be replace. So, such a bullshit way of treatment of imbalance of economic situation make ordinary people confuse. They start worries about the day, they can't happy because of overburden on loan. 

Similar like every morning, every one spend some money to purchase a motor car and then make it jammed it on the road. So, every one holding a big car loan and do nothing on the road for few minutes to few hours. That's a sickness make every one not healthy in their life. Further more the hard earn money is cheating by all tycoon and those professional who stay in financial center by way of inflation plus investment theory.

Actually, that's a pool game. Nothing more tactic about that. Just see who can get a Joker in hand and then win the game in advance. The winner is only one and maybe sharing a little bit by few winner and funds support by loser.

Wall Street create a dream and then extend it to become ' American Dream". So, you still can see Chelsea' boss purchase a luxury thing to enjoy although that is many many time crisis had been happen in the world. Asia tycoon who is staying in Malaysia, use listed or de-listed way to manipulated the assets in hand and sell cheap things into market to collect more wealth for his pocket.

SC happy because of more jobs to do and bursa welcome such activities because make it more business. Why not? Malaysia dun have dreams like USA but can create a big funds for people. so, every one get corn and driving a same direction and then enjoy jammed again on the road.